Ansys 2023 R1 Released for Simulation

PITTSBURGH, PA, Jan 27, 2023 – The software and service improvements in Ansys 2023 R1 concentrate and amplify the incredible advantages that engineering simulation provides to multidisciplinary engineering and R&D teams. Ansys 2023 R1 enables organizations to accelerate past complexity and integration challenges to design the next generation of world-changing products by taking advantage of performance improvements, cross-discipline workflow integrations, and innovative capabilities.

Ansys 2023 R1 includes updates to Ansys Fluent (pictured), featuring the full release of the multi-GPU solver for a broad spectrum of applications

“Simulation enables design teams to advance in the right direction by quickly and confidently making decisions that define market leaders,” said Shane Emswiler, senior vice president of products at Ansys. “Our latest advancements help engineers magnify their success through greater precision, streamlined workflows, and cloud scalability.”

Enhance Simulation Performance

The Structures product collection delivers new features and capabilities that allow users to perform more predictively accurate, efficient, and customizable simulation analyses. For example, a new capability within Ansys Mechanical enables users to leverage AI/ML to determine the computational spend and time required to run a simulation.

Ansys 2023 R1 also empowers users to run large, high-fidelity simulations more efficiently by overcoming hardware capacity limitations with high-performance computing (HPC) and by employing enhanced solver algorithms that take advantage of GPUs.

The full release of the multi-GPU solver in Ansys Fluent computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software unleashes the power of multiple GPUs for a broad spectrum of applications — substantially reducing solve time and total power consumption. This full release adds support for species transport, non-stiff reacting flows, and enhanced numeric for large eddy simulation (LES).

Ansys Gateway powered by AWS enables developers, designers, and engineers to manage their complete Ansys simulation and CAD/CAE projects from anywhere on virtually any device via a web browser. The new release allows design teams to create or resize virtual machines and HPC clusters quickly, while streamlining access for teams via AWS cloud subscriptions and flexible single sign-on features for access to company environments.

Integrate and Automate Workflows

Ansys 2023 R1 also builds on the capabilities of materials, simulation process and data management (SPDM), optimization, and MBSE to improve engineering efficiency by supporting intelligent workflow automation and collaboration. The Ansys Connect product collection boasts user experience improvements, new integrations, and ease-of-use features to connect the latest processes, tools, and data more readily for different engineering teams.

“We believe that the integration of Ansys simulation tools and MBSE gives us visibility into the entire design process, reducing development costs, improving engineering efficiency, driving innovation, and designing competitive products,” said Takeo Hashimoto, general manager of the MBSE Design Center at Hitachi Industry & Control Solutions. “With Ansys tools and Hitachi Industry & Control Solutions’ MBSE-focused engineering, we will support autonomous development in the automotive field and help customers solve their manufacturing issues in a more connected society.”

Engineers can boost efficiency faster with “one-click” Ansys optiSLang optimization of simulation toolchains to perform design studies that enable engineers to quickly explore optimal designs. Those same optimization algorithms run trade studies for MBSE in Ansys ModelCenter. Fluent users can also use optimizations from optiSLang along with smarter collaboration and data management using Ansys Minerva’s SPDM solution.

Innovate Across the Product Development Process

In semiconductors, Ansys continues to deliver 3D-IC multiphysics leadership with Ansys RedHawk-SC and RedHawk-SC Electrothermal included in TSMC’s 3Dblox Reference Flow for power integrity, signal integrity, and thermal reliability signoff. A new thermal analysis methodology for RedHawk-SC Electrothermal uses half as much memory so that complex designs can be handled more efficiently. New performance and predictive accuracy improvements are obtained with updated RTL power predictability in Ansys PowerArtist. A 30% reduction in RedHawk-SC’s database size enables engineers to solve complex designs more efficiently, and 2X faster transient simulations in RedHawk-SC speed time to solution.

Ansys Granta features material eco-data and tools that are now available on the cloud, which help optimize material selection for more cost-effective, sustainable products.

In the Ansys Electronics collection, users can accelerate finite-sized antenna array simulations by adapting individual 3D component cells in parallel. This remarkable technology is unmatched in the industry and will empower organizations designing antennas for satellite communications, automotive radar, and aerospace applications.

“Kymeta develops exciting and innovative product offerings in our pursuit of global satellite and cellular broadband communications on the move, and Ansys plays a key role in enabling technology introduction of new antenna and mechanical hardware ranging from microelectronics to thermomechanical structures,” said Paul Klassen, vice president of engineering at Kymeta. “We use the extensive toolset in Mechanical, Fluent, and HFSS to explore optimal designs, and are incorporating Granta and Sherlock into our product development process while optimizing designs for harsh vibration and thermal environments in industrial, commercial, and consumer applications.”

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About Ansys

When visionary companies need to know how their world-changing ideas will perform, they close the gap between design and reality with Ansys simulation. For more than 50 years, Ansys software has enabled innovators across industries to push boundaries by using the predictive power of simulation. From sustainable transportation to advanced semiconductors, from satellite systems to life-saving medical devices, the next great leaps in human advancement will be powered by Ansys.

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Roland DGA Expands TrueVIS Printer Family

IRVINE, CA, Jan 27, 2023 – Roland DGA Corp., a leading provider of wide-format inkjet printers, printer/cutters, vinyl cutters, and other advanced digital imaging devices has announced a major expansion of its best-selling TrueVIS line, with six new and innovative inkjets joining the product family. The newly launched models include the AP-640 resin printer, the LG-640/540/300 high-productivity UV printer/cutters, and the value-packed MG-640/300 UV printer/cutters – all offering unsurpassed TrueVIS quality, reliability, and performance. These new additions complement the four incredibly popular TrueVIS eco-solvent models – the VG3 and SG3 series printer/cutters – which were introduced in March 2022.

“The launch of Roland DG’s first TrueVIS in 2016 ushered in a new era of image quality, productivity, dependability, and ease of use.” said Roland DGA president Amado Lara. “It quickly became apparent to print professionals around the globe that TrueVIS technology would allow them to take their graphics production to a higher level. Now, we’ve expanded our award-winning product line to accommodate ever-changing consumer demand and the diversifying roles of print professionals. That’s what TrueVIS is all about – increasing the options available to those who demand the best, so they can choose the perfect solution for their specific applications and business needs.”

The TrueVIS family now includes models that use three different ink types – resin, UV, and eco-solvent – with each type offering the same outstanding productivity and unmatched reliability that has become synonymous with the TrueVIS brand. All TrueVIS inkjets share a sleek industrial design, durable construction, and state-of-the-art user features that maximize efficiency and convenience. Like the TrueVIS VG3 and SG3 eco-solvent printer/cutters, the new AP-640 resin printer and LG Series UV printer/cutters are equipped with 7-inch touchscreen control panels that make operation easier than ever. “The best thing about our expanded product family is that, regardless of which TrueVIS technology customers choose, they can expect the same high level of performance,” Lara points out.

The TrueVIS AP-640 resin printer combines the quick-drying and environmentally friendly qualities of resin ink with image quality and color that only a TrueVIS can deliver. This powerful combination makes the AP-640 ideal for a range of applications, including wall décor, indoor signs, retail displays, stickers and decals, banners and posters, vehicle wraps, and more.

Roland DGA’s product manager of Digital Print, Daniel Valade, notes the new AP-640 resin printer offers what competitors simply can’t provide. “The AP-640, with its dual staggered printheads, True Rich Color 3 preset, GREENGUARD Gold Certified TrueVIS TA Resin Ink, and special TA optimizer, consistently delivers vivid output with rich color and excellent detail. Plus, like all TrueVIS devices, it’s easy to use and extremely reliable.”

Equally impressive are the new LG and MG Series UV inkjets, which are built on the TrueVIS printer/cutter platform and boast superb image quality, versatility, increased productivity, and cost-efficient operation. With their White and Gloss specialty inks, they also allow users to incorporate stunning dimensional and textural effects. The LG-300, LG-540, and LG-640 models are professional-level UV printer/cutters featuring two staggered printheads, significantly higher print speeds (up to 343 sqft/hr. in draft mode), wide-gamut EUV5 inks with new Orange and Red options, new UV lamps for more efficient curing, a newly designed take-up system, and other advancements that maximize productivity and ease of use. The MG-300 and MG-640 printer/cutters combine UV image quality, wide-gamut EUV inks, and special effects capability with the user friendliness, efficiency, and dependability of a TrueVIS device at an affordable price.

“Both the LG and MG series printer/cutters image beautifully, accommodate many different types of media, and are capable of producing everything from labels, signage, and wall graphics to window coverings, interior décor, and POP displays,” said Roland DGA UV product manager Jay Roberts. “Whether you’re in the market for a top-of-the-line, high-volume UV printer/cutter that can help you take your business to the next level, or a value-packed model to start or build a business, you’ll find what you’re looking for in the new, expanded TrueVIS family.”

All TrueVIS inkjets include VersaWorks 6 RIP software – Roland DG’s most powerful, intuitive RIP to date – which incorporates HARLEQUIN RIP dual-core operation for even faster handling of complex files with drop shadows and transparencies, advanced nesting, variable data and color profiling tools, plus a host of additional features that help optimize production, ease of use, and convenience. TrueVIS users also have access to Roland DG Connect – a free app that enables you to gain a detailed understanding of your overall print operation. Roland DG Connect monitors device activity and instantly provides key performance data, allowing you to increase production efficiency and keep your machines running at top form.

In addition, every TrueVIS comes with world-class Roland DGA service and support as well as an industry-best two-year warranty for extra peace of mind.

To learn more about the new TrueVIS lineup, visit For more information on the complete selection of Roland DGA products, visit

About Roland DG Americas

Roland DG Americas serves North and South America as the marketing, sales, distribution, and service arm for Roland DG Corporation. Founded in 1981 and listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Roland DG of Hamamatsu, Japan is a worldwide leader in wide-format inkjet printers for the sign, apparel, textile, personalization and vehicle graphics markets; engravers for awards, giftware and ADA signage; photo impact printers for direct part marking; and 3D printers and CNC milling machines for the dental CAD/CAM, rapid prototyping, part manufacturing and medical industries.

About Roland DG Corp.

Roland DG Corp. is the world’s leading provider of digital printing solutions. The company’s inkjet printers, printer/cutters and cutting machines are widely used to create a broad range of promotional items including banners, signs, vehicle graphics, stickers, and labels, and to provide customization services for apparel and personal items like smartphone cases. Recently, Roland DG has embarked on a promising new digital transformation frontier with the launch of its cloud-based service called Roland DG Connect which improves customer satisfaction and success by providing a more comfortable and stable operating environment, improved workflow efficiency, increased business development and profitability. The company has also developed proprietary design and print management software which offers an unforgettable creative experience by enabling customers to design their own gifts, apparel, and treasured mementos.

Cadence Quantus FS Receives Certification from Samsung Foundry

for SF4, SF3E and SF3 Process Technologies

SAN JOSE, CA, Jan 27, 2023 – Cadence Design Systems, Inc. announced that Samsung Foundry has certified the Cadence Quantus FS solution for its SF4, SF3E and SF3 process technologies. During the Samsung Foundry certification process, the Quantus FS solution successfully demonstrated improved accuracy (tighter mean and standard deviation) versus foundry criteria, ensuring customers can achieve optimal design accuracy and performance. In addition, the certification included verification of capacitance and resistance of BEOL and FEOL, wire via resistance variation and litho bias modeling. Customers can immediately deploy the Quantus FS solution—for library IP characterization, AMS and interface IP, sensors, high-frequency analog and mixed-signal designs, and critical nets in all custom/analog designs—and sign off with confidence.

Included with Cadence’s Quantus Extraction Solution, the Quantus FS solution is a random-walk field solver, utilizing a massively parallel architecture that handles the largest designs, provides faster throughput and linearly scales up to 1000s of CPUs. The built-in 3D capacitance field solver is cloud-ready and production-proven, offering a flexible, scalable modeling platform that enables faster implementation of the Samsung Foundry’s advanced process technologies such as SF4, SF3E and SF3. The Quantus Extraction Solution and the Quantus FS solution are part of Cadence’s broader digital full flow and support the Cadence Intelligent System Design strategy, enabling system-on-chip (SoC) design excellence. For more information on the Quantus FS solution, please visit

“Our continued collaboration with Cadence has focused on delivering novel technologies to our mutual customers at advanced process technologies,” said Sungjae Lee, vice president of the Design Enablement team at Samsung Foundry. “Cadence’s understanding of the complex Gate-All-Around (GAA) modeling features combined with its deep engineering expertise, agility and collaborative approach is very complementary to our own approach in working with our customers. Cadence delivered on all of our accuracy and performance requirements, demonstrating tighter correlation with our golden reference data in a timely manner.”

“The best way to support our customers is to bring innovative products to market that provide efficiencies and speed time to market,” said Vivek Mishra, corporate vice president in the Digital and Signoff Group at Cadence. “We collaborated with Samsung Foundry during the initial technology development process to ensure all the requirements were met and implemented in the Quantus FS solution for easy, early customer adoption of the process technologies. The successful completion of the certification process is a win-win for Samsung Foundry and Cadence as well as for our mutual customers.”

About Cadence

Cadence is a pivotal leader in electronic systems design, building upon more than 30 years of computational software expertise. The company applies its underlying Intelligent System Design strategy to deliver software, hardware and IP that turn design concepts into reality. Cadence customers are the world’s most innovative companies, delivering extraordinary electronic products from chips to boards to complete systems for the most dynamic market applications, including hyperscale computing, 5G communications, automotive, mobile, aerospace, consumer, industrial and healthcare. For eight years in a row, Fortune magazine has named Cadence one of the 100 Best Companies to Work For.

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AMUG Announces Keynote Speakers for 2023 Conference

MILWAUKEE, WI, Jan 27, 2023 – The Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) announced its keynote speakers for the 2023 AMUG Conference, which will be held in Chicago, IL, from March 19 – 23, 2023. Co-presenters Robert Ducey of LAIKA Studios and Nicholas Jacobson of the University of Colorado’s Anschutz Medical Campus will take the stage on Tuesday, March 21. Max Haot of Launcher will address the audience on Thursday, March 23.

AMUG 2023 keynote speakers (from left) Robert Ducey (LAIKA), Nicholas Jacobson (University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus), and Max Haot (Launcher).

Ducey and Jacobson will present “Collaborations Between an Animator, an Architect, and a Surgeon: The Keys to Impactful Innovation in Medicine.” This collaboration has resulted in innovative designs for pediatric epilepsy, cardiology, and cleft palate. The co-presenters note that new ideas emerge daily. In their presentation, they will discuss the unique collaboration, provide a history of individual methods, dive into the innovations, and share their vision for future explorations.

Jordan Weston, AMUG director, education & conference, said, “This keynote presentation illustrates what the AMUG Conference is all about. On the one hand, we will hear about innovation fueled by additive manufacturing. On the other hand, we will hear how a connection made during the 2019 AMUG Conference prompted an unlikely collaboration.”

In a joint statement, Ducey and Jacobson said, “We connected over a little-known 3D modeling and printing technique called bitmap printing. We have leveraged our unique workflows and toolsets from that connection to develop new and exciting applications for 3D bitmap printing in medicine.”

They continued, “Throughout our talk, we hope to inspire people to think outside the silos of their fields and search for new ideas through untraditional collaborations. The key to a great innovation might be sitting right next to you.”

Robert Ducey, technical supervisor for the Rapid Prototyping department at LAIKA, has over 25 years of experience in visual effects and animation. His work with additive manufacturing began with LAIKA’s first feature film, Coraline. For that film, the team pioneered additive manufacturing for the facial animations of main characters in a stop-motion production, which demanded thousands of printed parts. This technique is known as replacement animation.

On every subsequent film, Ducey has been involved in the further development and expansion of the process, which received a Scientific and Engineering Award from the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences in 2016. He is responsible for integrating additive manufacturing technology with LAIKA’s production processes, which are used on the company’s sixth feature film, Wildwood.

Nicholas Jacobson, a member of the translational research faculty at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, is trained as both an architect and computational designer. His work involves the development of novel solutions for complex surgeries, leveraging disparate computational methods from fields including architecture, animation, fashion, regenerative medicine, and structural engineering.

Jacobson’s work focuses on patient-specific needs in diagnostics, prosthetics, and implants. He has worked with over 50 surgeons in operating rooms to understand the opportunities for new and creative designs first-hand. As an architect, Jacobson designed buildings for aerospace, residential, music, and medical uses.

Regarding the Thursday keynote, Jordan Weston said, “In early 2022, Launcher was big news with its successful E-2 liquid rocket engine test. A lot has transpired over the past 12 months. We are honored to have Max Haot take the stage to share updates on the company’s progress and innovations.”

Max Haot, founder and CEO of Launcher, will share an overview of the breakthrough additive manufacturing innovations in Launcher’s E-2 liquid rocket engine and the Orbiter space tug programs. The E-2 is a closed-cycle, high-performance rocket engine that contains multiple AM-produced, copper-alloy components. The engine can boost a 150 kg payload into low Earth orbit (LEO) using the company’s Launcher Light vehicle, which is scheduled for launch in 2024.

Haot has over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur and a lifelong passion for space. He founded Launcher, a Hawthorne, California, aerospace company, in 2017 to develop the world’s most efficient rockets and transfer vehicles for delivery of small satellites to orbit. Before Launcher, Haot was the founder and CEO of Mevo, a live-streaming camera maker that Logitech acquired in 2021. Before that, he was the founder and CEO of Livestream, which offered enterprise-level, live-streaming video software as a service (SaaS) and was acquired by IAC/Vimeo in 2017.

Rounding out the featured stage presentations are Insights and Highlights on Monday, March 20, and the Innovators Showcase on Wednesday, March 22. The keynotes and featured presentations will kickstart each day of the conference and set the tone for nearly 200 presentations, panel discussions, workshops, and hands-on training sessions.

Designed for novice and experienced additive manufacturing users, the AMUG Conference agenda topics range from technology basics to advanced applications to business considerations. Conference details and registration are available at

About Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG)

AMUG is an organization that educates and advances the uses and applications of additive manufacturing technologies. AMUG members include those with industrial additive manufacturing/3D printing solutions used for professional purposes from companies such as Dyndrite, GoEngineer, Nexa3D, Evonik, Tekna, DMG MORI, Stratasys, EOS, Würth Additive Group, Meltio, and ADDiTEC. AMUG meets annually to provide education and training through technical presentations on processes and new technologies. This information addresses the operation of additive manufacturing equipment and the applications that use the parts they make.

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Lockheed Martin Ventures Invests in Machina Labs

Machina Labs announced the completion of an investment by Lockheed Martin Ventures (LMV), the venture arm of Lockheed Martin Corp., a global security and aerospace company. Machina Labs combines AI and robotics to rapidly manufacture advanced sheet metal products. This latest funding brings the total raised by Machina Labs to $21.8M.

The investment will be used to accelerate company growth to meet customer demand, and to expand R&D into additional processes and metallurgical offerings.

Machina Labs uses robots the way a blacksmith uses a hammer creatively to manufacture different designs and material, introducing unseen flexibility and agility to the manufacturing industry. The companies’ manufacturing platform combines the latest advances in robotics and AI so great ideas can quickly and affordably turn to reality and businesses can benefit from rapid iteration to bring more innovative products to market, faster.

Machina Labs combines the latest advances in AI and robotics to deliver finished metal products in days – not months or years – and gives customers unprecedented time to market and competitive advantage.

Robotic sheet forming is the first process enabled by Machina’s patented manufacturing platform. Using material- and geometry-agnostic technology, the platform outperforms traditional sheet forming methods that rely on custom molds or dies.

About Machina Labs

Founded in 2019 by aerospace and automotive industry veterans, Machina Labs is an advanced manufacturing company based in Los Angeles, CA. Enabled by advancements in artificial intelligence and robotics, Machina Labs is developing Software-Defined Factories of the Future. The mission of the company is to develop modular manufacturing solutions that can be reconfigured to manufacture new products simply by changing the software.

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About Lockheed Martin Ventures

Lockheed Martin Ventures makes strategic investments in companies that are developing cutting edge technologies in core businesses and new markets important to Lockheed Martin. More than a source of capital, Lockheed Martin Ventures provides portfolio companies with access to our world-class engineering talent, state-of-the-art technologies, and research and access to the company’s international business relationships and supply chain.

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About Lockheed Martin

Headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, Lockheed Martin Corp. is a global security and aerospace company that employs approximately 114,000 people worldwide and is principally engaged in the research, design, development, manufacture, integration and sustainment of advanced technology systems, products and services.

Trimble Q4 Results, Conf Call on Feb 8, 8AM ET

WESTMINSTER, CO, Jan 27, 2023 – Trimble will hold a conference call on Wednesday, February 8, 2023 at 8AM ET to review its fourth quarter and full year 2022 results. The call will be broadcast live on the Web at Investors without internet access may dial into the call at (888) 660-6347 (US) or (929) 201-6594 (international). The conference ID is 1043223.

About Trimble

Trimble is an industrial technology company transforming the way the world works by delivering solutions that enable their customers to thrive. Core technologies in positioning, modeling, connectivity and data analytics connect the digital and physical worlds to improve productivity, quality, safety, transparency, and sustainability. From purpose-built products to enterprise lifecycle solutions, Trimble is transforming industries such as agriculture, construction, geospatial, and transportation.

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AIA, Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope Extend Partnership

WASHINGTON, DC, Jan 27, 2023 – The American Institute of Architects (AIA) and Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope announce the continuation of their strategic partnership in 2023.

The partnership will focus on fostering dialogue, engagement and innovation between Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope and AIA members.

“Working with Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope to enhance the products and resources our members have access to is a paramount priority,” said AIA EVP/chief executive officer Lakisha Ann Woods, CAE. “AIA’s work with Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope will not only help to advance our members business interests but will also provide more access and options to sustainable building solutions.”

The strategic partnership—in its fifth year—is the first of its kind for AIA and a building products company.

“OBE values our collaborative partnership with AIA and its member community and we’re proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish together,” said Bruno Biasiotta, CEO, Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope. “We’ll continue our support of architects with technology and tools such as OBE Academy and SystemSelect as well as our ongoing work with the AIA Manufacturers Council to accelerate environmentally sustainable design while improving the transfer of product knowledge between the building products industry and the architecture profession.”

Visit AIA’s website to learn more about its Corporate Partnership Program.

About Oldcastle Building Envelope

Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope, Inc is North America’s leading vertically integrated manufacturer, fabricator and distributor of architectural hardware, glass and glazing systems. Headquartered in Dallas, TX, OBE is a world-class building products company with significant presence in every major market in the U.S. and Canada. OBE manufactures high-performance architectural glass products and aluminum framing systems and distributes complementary hardware and glazing supplies. OBE delivers products to a broad customer base of architects, glaziers, contractors, and developers serving diversified residential and commercial construction end-markets. With approximately 7,000 employees, OBE operates 85 manufacturing and distribution facilities in six countries.

For more information, visit

About AIA

Founded in 1857, AIA consistently works to create more valuable, healthy, secure, and sustainable buildings, neighborhoods, and communities. Through more than 200 international, state and local chapters, AIA advocates for public policies that promote economic vitality and public wellbeing.

AIA provides members with tools and resources to assist them in their careers and business as well as engaging civic and government leaders and the public to find solutions to pressing issues facing our communities, institutions, nation, and world. Members adhere to a code of ethics and conduct to ensure the highest professional standards.

Hilti Introduces PLT 400 Digital Layout Tool

PLANO, TX, Jan 27, 2023 – Hilti North America, a global leader providing innovative tools, technology, software, and services to the commercial construction industry, introduces the PLT 400, a digital layout tool designed to help jobsite layout crews be more productive.

Application of the PLT 400 Total Station on a jobsite

With continued labor shortages and jobsite restrictions, single operator tools like the PLT 400 are essential. Hilti’s PLT tool technology allows layout to be completed more quickly, efficiently, and accurately. This tool also brings improved accuracy, faster layout speed, advanced prism tracking, auto calibration, and requires minimal training to use. The benefits of improved technology, fewer labor hours, and faster layout all combine to create a cost-saving and productivity increasing solution for jobsites.

Hilti PLT 400 Total Station for jobsite layout

The PLT 400 can take BIM (building information modeling) designed digital plans and lay them out, without the time consuming need to create points on the plans first. It can also be used during the building process to help keep your BIM model up to date, contributing to a highly efficient end-to-end workflow. Hilti’s digital construction software is also compatible with Revit, AutoCAD, and other professional layout platforms.

“We took customer feedback on our previous total stations and addressed those pain points with the launch of the PLT 400,” said Michael Haugtvedt, product manager for measuring. “This camera-based tool has enhanced prism tracking and upgraded communications making sure you stay connected and increase layout productivity on the jobsite, while a built-in calibration module helps ensure your layout is within spec every time you turn the tool on.”

The layout tool integrates seamlessly with Hilti’s full ecosystem of solutions including ON!Track and Fleet program. Beyond having high performing tools and the latest technology at their fingertips, Fleet customers also benefit from free verification of tool accuracy in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications, as well as theft coverage to reduce financial risk and unexpected expenses.

The PLT 400 is backed by an industry best Tool Warranty* and will be available later this month throughout the US and Canada. For more information, contact Hilti Customer Service. From the US, call Hilti, Inc., at 1-800-879-8000; from Canada, call Hilti (Canada) Corporation at 1-800-363-4458.

*Tool warranty. Some limitations apply. Contact Hilti for details.

About Hilti

Hilti supplies the worldwide construction industry with technologically leading products, systems, software, and services that provide construction professionals with innovative solutions and superior added value. In North America, there are more than 3,800 team members who share Hilti’s corporate culture based on integrity, teamwork, commitment, and the courage to embrace change. Hilti calls Texas its North American home since relocating its headquarters to Plano in 2015.

To learn more about Hilti, visit

Nextech AR Updates ‘Toggle3D’ AI Powered SaaS Platform

TORONTO, Canada, Jan 27, 2023 – Nextech AR Solutions Corp, a Metaverse company and leading provider of augmented reality (AR) experience technologies, wayfinding technologies and 3D model services is pleased to announce the launch of a major upgrade to its AI powered SaaS platform, Toggle3D, that enables the creation, design, configuration and deployment of 3D models at scale, using CAD files. In addition to the new modern look and design, the Company has launched an AI generated Physics Based Rendering (PBR) material creation tool which now allows for the scale of photorealistic materials. The company believes that this new AI technology will accelerate signups for the platform. The company is also on target for the spin-out IPO of Toggle 3D and will be annoucing updates shortly.

The new design, which includes a UX/UI lift, is geared towards improving the platform functionality by simplifying the 3D modeling workflow even further. The design improvements also give the platform a fun and modern appeal, making it popular among those new to 3D design or even among experienced 3D artists looking for a friendly interface.

With the usability and simplicity of the platform, Toggle3D is disrupting the Computer Graphics Market, which is projected to reach $160 billion by 2027. The market includes competitors such as Adobe, Autodesk, Solidworks, Nvidia, etc.

A pivotal new feature is the introduction of a new material template, which is now available as a feature in the Pro plan. The template contains three different AI-powered methods of creating high-quality Physics Based Renderings (PBR), the industry standard for creating photo-realistic materials, from scratch:

  • Method 1 allows users to create a uniform color material from scratch
  • Method 2 allows users to create a 3D material out of a texture swatch
  • Method 3 allows users to create a material by cropping a product reference photo

This means that users no longer have to create a similar-looking table top finish, but instead they can create its exact digital twin.

The advancements in the CAD converter also open up new use cases for manufacturers in product design, CPQ sales, product marketing, ads, and modeling. Manufacturers now have control of their 3D modeling needs and can do it all by themselves in Toggle3D with no experience or an in-house 3D modeling team required.

To try out some of these new and more advanced editing features, Toggle3D is offering a 30-day free trial on the Pro plan for a limited time.

Toggle3D is excited to offer an all-in-one solution for manufacturers, making 3D modeling easy and accessible for everyone, with no experience or in-house team required. With the new design, functionality, and features, Toggle3D is positioning itself as a leader in the industry and is well poised to take advantage of the growth in the Computer Graphics market.

About Toggle 3D

Launched in September, Toggle3D is an AR enhanced standalone web application which enables product designers, 3D artists, marketing professionals and eCommerce site owners to create, customize and publish high-quality 3D models and experiences without any technical or 3D design knowledge required. The company believes that Toggle3D is the first platform of its kind, and this break-through SaaS product is a potential game changer for the manufacturing and design industry, as it provides a viable solution to convert large CAD files into lightweight 3D models at affordable prices and at scale. According to BIS Research, the CAD market, quantified by the amount spent on the creation of CAD files, is projected to reach $11 Billion dollars by 2023.

Top Three Competitive Advantages of Toggle 3D Versus 3D Legacy Software Generating $11 Billion In Revenue

  1. No Learning Curve: What makes Toggle3D different from the legacy 3D design software is its ease-of-use and democratization of 3D design. The goal is for anyone with no prior technical or 3D design experience to be able to hop into the platform and create a high-quality 3D visual in minutes. This is unlike legacy 3D modeling systems, that require months to truly feel comfortable with. Users would first be required to learn and understand the industry lingo, learn what the tools do and then learn how to use them in the legacy software. Meanwhile, we have streamlined this process in Toggle3D by “humanizing” 3D design terminology, creating templates to guide creation and simplifying the tools using machine learning to transfer the complexity out of the user experience into the backend platform, and instead allow more room for creativity.
  2. Web-based: Toggle3D is a web-based design studio which means the user can access everything on the browser and start designing instantly. No desktop downloads involved, no updates to keep track of, and no system requirements to worry about. All the templates are organized into project panels that a user can access anywhere and seamlessly navigate between. This is different from how legacy software were built back in the day with the software package being broken out into multiple desktop apps that would require the user to understand system compatibility, download, sync, and learn independently.
  3. Collaboration: Toggle3D will allow advanced, in-app collaboration. These new sets of features will allow multiple users to work at the same time and on the same project resulting in quick feedback and decision making cross-department, and team. These tools will allow businesses to adopt 3D organization-wide and unlock the power of group iteration. Users could set up workflows, permissions, and version history to keep up with real-time design changes. These advanced collaboration cycles are harder to set up in desktop apps and may sometimes slowdown or isolate the design workflow.

About Nextech AR

Nextech AR Solutions is a diversified augmented reality, AI technology company that leverages proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) to create 3D experiences for the metaverse. Its main businesses are creating 3D WebAR photorealistic models for the Prime Ecommerce Marketplace as well as many other online retailers. The company develops or acquires what it believes are disruptive technologies and once commercialized, spins them out as stand-alone public Companies issuing a stock dividend to shareholders while retaining a significant ownership stake in the public spin-out.

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On October 26, 2022 Nextech AR spun out its spatial computing platform, “ARway” as a stand alone public Company. Nextech AR retained a control ownership in ARway Corp. with 13 million shares, or a 50% stake, and distributed 4 million shares to Nextech AR Shareholders. ARway Corp. is disrupting the augmented reality wayfinding market with a no-code, no beacon spatial computing platform enabled by visual marker tracking.

On December 14, 2022 Nextech AR announced its second spinout of Toggle3D, an AI-powered 3D design studio to compete with Adobe. Toggle3D is expected to be public in the first half of 2023.

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John Deere to Use Matterport’s Digital Twin Platform

SUNNYVALE, CA, Jan 27, 2023 – Matterport, Inc., announced that John Deere has agreed to use Matterport’s Digital Twin Platform and 3D capture technology to build a virtual Operations Center for remote management of over 60 facilities across North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. Matterport’s platform creates simulated digital replicas of John Deere manufacturing facilities, where teams can remotely track progress, plan for site changes, and collaborate remotely.

Utilizing Matterport’s Pro2 and Pro3 cameras, John Deere will capture spatially accurate, 4k resolution digital twins to optimize facility operations. With Matterport’s digital twin platform, John Deere employees can remotely access any facility’s digital twin to track assets and materials, monitor vehicles, and integrate real-time IoT data streams. Collaboration takes place in real-time within the digital twin to improve productivity while reducing the need for costly site visits.

“We’re proud to support John Deere on their journey to reinvent manufacturing operations,” said Jay Remley, Matterport’s chief revenue officer. “For global businesses with facilities spread across several regions and time zones, the ability to remotely optimize each space based on its own unique parameters is a critical unlock for operations management. Our digital twin platform enables companies to reap real productivity gains and cost savings by digitizing their operations for more efficient maintenance, remote monitoring, and improved decision making.”

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About Matterport

Matterport, Inc. is leading the digital transformation of the built world. Their groundbreaking spatial data platform turns buildings into data to make nearly every space more valuable and accessible. Millions of buildings in more than 177 countries have been transformed into immersive Matterport digital twins to improve every part of the building lifecycle from planning, construction, and operations to documentation, appraisal and marketing.

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