TT Electronics Expands in Canada

Xtronics to grow portfolio presence in specific areas

WOKING, UK, May 26, 2017 – TT Electronics, a global provider of engineered electronics for performance critical applications, has announced that with immediate effect, Xtronics Inc., a top tier representative firm for manufacturers based in Canada, will lead market and customer development initiatives for TT Electronics in the region.

Highly respected and well positioned to cover the whole of Canada, Xtronics will operate with an emphasis on the opto-electronic (Optek), potentiometric (BI Technologies) and flow and pressure measurement (Roxspur) portfolios from TT Electronics.

Among others, Xtronics will engage with high end industrial, medical, military and aerospace consumers providing engineering and commercial support. They will also work closely with the authorized group of TT Electronics channel partners.

TT Electronics’ David Kertes, VP global sales and marketing industrial sensing & control/passive components, commented, “TT Electronics is very pleased to have representation of the calibre of Xtronics supporting specific, market driven initiatives. Xtronics provides instant credibility to current and potential customers, meaning that engineering and commercial support will be more readily accessible to consumers and channel partners. Moreover, our market presence will enhance brand awareness and drive the growth of product ranges throughout Canada.”

Claude Hajji, president, Xtronics said, “Xtronics is well established and highly respected in the market. The breadth of Xtronics’ OEM coverage and multiple touch points will provide an avenue for TT Electronics to expand in the Canadian marketplace.”

Hajji added, “Our company has an excellent working relationship with, and an awareness of, the distribution community. Considering much of the market is supported via that channel, this relationship will allow TT Electronics to enhance its level of partner satisfaction, speed up the communication process and eliminate obstacles to growth.”

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About TT Electronics plc

TT Electronics is a global provider of engineered electronics for performance critical applications. It works with market-leading customers in the transportation, industrial, medical, and aerospace and defence sectors.

With headquarters in Woking, UK, TT Electronics employs approximately 6000 staff and operates from 27 locations around the world. It has four divisions: Transportation Sensing and Control, Industrial Sensing and Control, Advanced Components, and Integrated Manufacturing Services.

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Janeiro Digital, PTC Partner for Industrial IoT

BOSTON, MA, May 26, 2017 – Janeiro Digital has announced a new collaboration with PTC as development partners. This collaboration is expected to benefit organizations looking for ways into the burgeoning IoT market. The complementary technology platforms from both companies – the ThingWorx Industrial IoT platform from PTC and Janeiro Digital’s XFORM – together will empower transformative digital development projects that enable the IoT journey.

The collaboration enables Janeiro Digital to develop custom integrations of ThingWorx with the XFORM platform, based on the needs of the customer. Together, these offerings make it possible for organizations to develop smart, connected products and solutions faster and more efficiently in support of new enterprise technology infrastructures.

“Janeiro Digital brings a valuable expertise to the Industrial IoT space,” says Catherine Kniker, chief revenue officer, Platform Business, PTC. “Companies that are building complex enterprise applications can benefit from the complementary nature of the XFORM platform and ThingWorx. We are pleased to have Janeiro Digital as part of the ThingWorx partner ecosystem.”

“Connected devices are only one piece of the IoT puzzle. How all of those pieces come together within your enterprise ecosystem is the key to driving positive business outcomes,” says Jonathan Bingham, CEO of Janeiro Digital. “You need a strategy that drives these outcomes and a technology approach that makes them feasible. The combination of ThingWorx and XFORM can enhance a company’s strategy and accelerate its time to value, and we’re really excited about the possibilities.”

Janeiro Digital’s XFORM is a foundational technology platform for rapidly bringing new solutions online and connecting them with existing enterprise assets in a standardized, efficient, scalable way. With XFORM, organizations are able to:

  • Speed up modular development by leveraging industry best practices and enterprise patterns with a set of core modules.
  • Establish a clean, nimble, and scalable application architecture able to support the most challenging scenarios.
  • Rapidly build or augment custom enterprise solutions with an emphasis on integration and consistency.
  • Provide extra context to be sure the infrastructure works for every business unit without displacing existing integrations.

The ThingWorx Industrial IoT platform from PTC delivers the functionality, flexibility, and agility that companies need to quickly develop and deploy Industrial IoT apps and cutting-edge augmented reality (AR) experiences. This includes industrial connectivity, analytics, application enablement, orchestration, and codeless AR experience authoring.

About Janeiro Digital

Janeiro Digital is a digital business consultancy solving mission-critical business objectives with innovative technology solutions. Through a unique transformative approach, Janeiro Digital provides sustainable and diverse service offerings that drive the products, processes, and performance of its clients to meet their needs and better serve their customers.

Janeiro Digital’s approach, rooted in the scientific method, uses Rapid Alignment, Design, and Development (RADD) to ensure calibration with its clients’ objectives at every stage. Janeiro Digital works with clients from a diverse set of industries, from the raw startup to the Fortune 500. The company was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Boston, MA with three domestic offices and one international office.

Maplesoft Release Maple 2017 for Mathematics

WATERLOO, Canada, May 26, 2017 – Maplesoft announced a major new release of its flagship product, Maple, the mathematical software that makes it extremely easy to analyze, explore, visualize, and solve math problems. The result of over 30 years of development, Maple already has comprehensive mathematical coverage and extensive usability features, but with continuous development efforts, this release includes a large number of useful improvements that existing customers will welcome.

Maple 2017 provides numerous improvements in mathematical power, visualizations and deployment that will appeal to a variety of users.

As always, there are constant improvements in the mathematical engine, implementing new algorithms and adding more flexibility and efficiency to existing ones. New abilities include finding exact solutions to more PDEs with boundary conditions, finding new limits, solving more integrals, performing new graph theory computations, analyzing data in new ways, and much more.

In addition, with Maple 2017, customers can:

  • Extend Maple’s power through user-created packages, with instant, seamless access to a rich collection of packages written by customers and shared in the MapleCloud.
  • Construct even complicated plots easily using a redesigned Plot Builder Assistant that makes it even easier to create and customize a wide variety of plots, simply and without knowing a single plot command.
  • Password protect Maple documents while still allowing access to the procedures they contain, so users can share their work without sharing their intellectual property.
  • Expand their worldview with new map visualization tools and a geographical database for exploring and understanding world data in a highly visual way.

Other enhancements include new visualizations, additional tools to support algorithm and application development, tools to enhance engineering computations, more comprehensive handling of user-supplied assumptions about a mathematical problem, which Maple takes into account when finding solutions, and speed-ups in fundamental computation routines.

“Maple 2017 has a wide variety of advances that appeal to the broad spectrum of our users,” says Dr. Laurent Bernardin, chief operating officer and chief scientist at Maplesoft. “Some will be very pleased with the ability to easily access customer-authored packages, and maybe even share their own. Some will appreciate the new Plot Builder and how quickly they can create and customize their plots without worrying about commands and syntax, while others will love all the extra information and practical examples they get from the Engineering Portal. Many will have fun exploring world map projections. And everyone will benefit from the under-the-hood computation and performance improvements, even if they don’t know it.  While no single feature will ever be relevant to every customer, we made sure there is something for everyone”.

Maple is available in several languages including French, Simplified Chinese, and Brazilian Portuguese. A Japanese version of Maple 2017 will be available in a few weeks.

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To learn more about the increased benefits of easy-to-use math software, please read this whitepaper.

About Maplesoft

Maplesoft has provided mathematics-based software solutions to educators, engineers, and researchers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) for over 25 years. Maplesoft’s flagship product, Maple, combines the world’s most powerful mathematics engine with an interface that makes it extremely easy to analyze, explore, visualize, and solve mathematical problems. Building on this technology, the product line includes solutions for online assessment, system-level modeling and simulation, and online STEM courseware. Maplesoft products provide modern, innovative solutions to meet today’s challenges, from exploring math concepts on a smartphone to enabling a model-driven innovation approach that helps companies reduce risk and bring high-quality products to market faster. Maplesoft products and services are used by more than 8000 educational institutions, research labs, and companies, in over 90 countries. Maplesoft is a subsidiary of Cybernet Systems Group.

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3DR Launches Perimeter Scan for AEC

BERKELEY, CA, May 26, 2017 – 3DR, makers of Site Scan, the leading drone data platform for engineering and construction, announced Perimeter Scan, a brand new flight mode on the Site Scan Field iOS app.

Image courtesy: 3DR website

Perimeter scan is the first of its kind in the commercial drone industry: it enables AEC professionals to capture vertical and oblique structures and façades with autonomous drone flights. This provides a fast and cost-effective way to perform as-built surveys as projects evolve over time, in addition to simplifying the ways we measure stockpiles, inspect infrastructure, and much more. Simply choose the area you want to scan and Site Scan automatically generates the flight path, ensuring the whole site is captured effectively.

3DR customer, Argyle Asia, used perimeter scan for an as-built survey, making their workflow 5X more productive and creating a rich, detailed 3D mesh and point cloud. “I think perimeter scan is the first of its kind,” James Hadden, director of property development & construction management services at Argyle, said. “No other commercial drone solution provides the ability to autonomously scan vertical structures at this level of detail.”

Image courtesy: 3DR website

“Perimeter scan marks an important next step in the evolution of Site Scan,” said Chris Anderson, co-founder and CEO of 3DR. “For too long, the vertical dimension of a jobsite has been difficult to capture: the flight path was too complex to perform autonomously, which limited a drone’s ability to collect accurate data for 3D modeling. Now, with perimeter scan, we’re enabling users to capture a new dimension of their jobsite, making their meshes and point clouds more detailed than ever before.”

In addition to perimeter scan, last week 3DR released an all-new version of Site Scan Manager, their web application. Site Scan Manager 3.0 has a redesigned interface that’s simpler and more intuitive, and makes it easy to track progress over time, measure stockpile volumes, and more.

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About 3DR

3DR makes drone technology easily accessible to the construction industry for use in data analysis, 3D modeling and more. 3DR’s flagship product, Site Scan, is a complete drone-to app-to cloud system that makes it safer and easier than ever for enterprise and commercial users to collect and process aerial data, perform inspections and improve business operations.

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IMAGINiT Earns Autodesk BIM 360 Authorization in US, Canada

OWINGS MILLS, MD, May 26, 2017 – Rand Worldwide, a global leader in providing technology solutions to organizations with engineering design and information technology requirements, announced that its IMAGINiT Technologies division has earned BIM 360 authorization from Autodesk.

“We’re thrilled to have validation from Autodesk that our talented team of building design experts in the US and Canada have demonstrated excellence around the BIM 360 products and as such have received BIM 360 authorization,” says Tim Johnson, senior vice president, IMAGINiT Technologies. “IMAGINiT’s strategic approach to BIM always focused on the entire building lifecycle, but with the addition of Autodesk’s BIM 360 tools we are better armed to help general contractors and construction companies mitigate the risks of both time and cost overruns. Whether it’s the design, construction or facility management phase of the building lifecycle, IMAGINiT’s expert team is well positioned to solve our customers’ toughest challenges.”

As an Autodesk platinum partner, IMAGINiT has in-depth experience with Autodesk model-based design, collaboration and project management software. Combine this expertise with IMAGINiT’s proprietary Scan to BIM and Clarity software, and AEC customers receive valuable insights at every stage of the building lifecycle providing them with an unrivalled competitive advantage.

For more information on how BIM 360  can help your firm collaborate and coordinate, accelerate delivery schedules and routine tasks, visit or talk to an IMAGINiT expert at 1-800-356-9050.

About IMAGINiT Technologies

IMAGINiT Technologies, a division of Rand Worldwide, advances the way architects and engineers design, develop, and manage projects. Customers of this leading professional services and technology company include organizations in the building, infrastructure, manufacturing and facilities management industries. Organizations of all sizes work with IMAGINiT Technologies to gain competitive advantages through expert technology consulting, implementation, training, and support services. As one of the world’s largest integrators of Autodesk 3D design and engineering software, the team leverages unrivalled industry experience to design systems that accelerate innovation while improving project quality and profitability.

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GoEngineer, Desktop Metal Partner for Metal 3D Printing

SALT LAKE CITY, UT, May 26, 2017 – GoEngineer, a leading reseller of SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software, Stratasys 3D printers, Creaform 3D scanners, CAMWorks, and Oracle’s Agile PLM, announced its partner agreement with Desktop Metal, a company committed to making metal additive manufacturing accessible to manufacturers and engineers.

“We are proud to partner with GoEngineer,” says Desktop Metal’s CEO and co-founder Ric Fulop. “GoEngineer will be a key partner to help us fulfill our mission to make metal 3D printing more accessible, and we are excited to have such a respected team supporting our products and customers.”

In April, Desktop Metal launched the Studio System and Production System, covering the full product lifecycle – from prototyping to mass production – which mark a fundamental shift in how products will be developed and brought to market (watch video). The Studio System is the first office-friendly metal 3D printing system for rapid prototyping. The Production System is the fastest 3D printing system for mass production of high-resolution metal parts today.

“We are excited to be delivering metal 3D printing capabilities to our customers who have been asking for an innovative metal 3D printing solution,” says GoEngineer CEO Brad Hansen. “This is the perfect complement to our Stratasys 3D printing technologies because we can now enable our customers to accelerate time to market by producing both plastic and metal prototypes.”

GoEngineer continues its three decade mission to provide leading technology solutions so its customers can improve manufacturing processes to outpace their competition. “Our customers didn’t just want metal printing technology,” says Tyler Reid, GoEngineer’s manufacturing application manager. “They wanted metal printing that was as simple, affordable, safe, and easy to use as plastic printing – and now we have it!”

About GoEngineer

GoEngineer delivers software, technology, and expertise that enable companies to unlock innovation and deliver better products faster. With more than 30 years of experience and thousands of customers in high tech, medical, machine design, energy, and other industries, GoEngineer provides best-in-class design solutions from SOLIDWORKS, Stratasys, CAMWorks, Creaform, and Oracle’s Agile PLM. GoLive is a registered service mark for GoEngineer. GoEngineer is a multi-year winner of top awards for Stratasys sales and customer service agreements, as well as a Five Diamond Partner.

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About Desktop Metal

Desktop Metal, Inc., based in Burlington, Massachusetts, is accelerating the transformation of manufacturing with end-to-end metal 3D printing solutions. Founded in 2015 by leaders in advanced manufacturing, metallurgy, and robotics, the company is addressing the unmet challenges of speed, cost, and quality to make metal 3D printing an essential tool for engineers and manufacturers around the world.

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