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DeGen Medical Launches Impulse AM

FLORENCE, SC, Feb 22, 2022 – DeGen Medical, Inc., a spinal implant manufacturer focused on augmented reality and patient specific solutions, announced the commercial launch of Impulse AM, a 3D-printed porous titanium implant for posterior interbody fusion. Impulse AM is the first 3D-printed spinal implant to utilize a different type of titanium material (Puri-Ti) with a proprietary manufacturing process.

“After researching the traditional material and post processing methods, we identified a number of pitfalls that can cause sterility issues and device breakage. We brought the entire process in house while creating our own unique material composition and building method,” said Craig Black, CEO and founder of DeGen Medical. “As a result, we now have a clear pathway to deliver patient specific implants with minimal lead time at a reasonable cost.”

Impulse AM represents the first interbody device to the DeGen Medical 3D printed Puri-Ti™ portfolio. This initial product release provides implants and instrumentation designed for PLIF and TLIF fusion procedures. Impulse AM comes in a variety of sizes and anatomical designs to accommodate a wide range of patient anatomy.

Highlights of the Puri-Ti Technology Include:

Proprietary “Green” Manufacturing Process: Throughout the entire manufacturing and post processing steps no cutting oils, fluids or heat treatment is required. This in conjunction with the Puri-Ti proprietary material is a completely “green” process that will shorten lead times for patient specific implants. It took three years to perfect the laser parameters and chemistry to create the Puri-Ti material. DeGen Medical is first company to break the mold and create a game changing process and material in medical device additive manufacturing space.

Patient Specific Implants: DeGen Medical will be able to create patient specific implants at a fraction of the time and cost of current products. Currently available products are utilized as one-off’s and not for everyday surgical interventions. DeGen Medical plans to change this and become a market leader in patient specific solutions.

About DeGen Medical

DeGen Medical, Inc. is a medical device development company motivated to innovate and develop better products to enable surgeons to improve patient quality of life with complex spinal disorders. DeGen Medical is patient centric and constantly strives to alleviate pain and improve outcomes of spine surgery. They are driven to treat complex spinal diseases by providing world-class implants and intuitively designed instrumentation.

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