A webinar is a great way to introduce your new product or service. Viewers can learn, participate and ask questions. 

TenLinks Network webinars are conducted by an industry leading expert and feature your company, product or service.

Sponsors are guaranteed leads and access to all opt-in registrant information: name, company, title, and email address.

Webinars are stored on our site, so even if a customer cannot attend a live webinar they can view the webinar at their convenience.

Advantages of TenLinks Network Webinars

  • Independence and credibility provided by TenLinks, a trusted industry source of information since 1999
  • Experts who are highly regarded by our industry and their peers
  • One source for entire webinar, from planning to production to follow through. We handle it all.
  • Reach more people at a fraction of the cost of trade shows.

What You Should Do:

  • Supply subject material and webinar content. We can also work with you to develop this.
  • Provide description we can post to promote the webinar, as well as any banner ads we can use to promote the webinar to our audience.
  • Supply “talent” if we using your product manager or other expert.
  • Provide incentives to attend. Not only should subject matter be compelling, but a prize or special offer can provide a big boost. Examples: trade show type giveaways or drawing for iPod or similar.
  • Promote the webinar to your audience. Reach out to your current customers, potential customers.
  • Attend rehearsals.
  • Participate in webinar.

What We Do:

  • Work with you to create subject material and webinar content. We either supply all the material ourselves, such as with an analysis, trend report, success story, interview with company executive, etc., or work with your content
  • Register attendees
  • Send reminders
  • We promote the webinar on TenLinks websites and eNewsletters, including TenLinks.com, TenLinks Daily, CADdigest.com and CADdigest Weekly. Promotions include your logo and message
  • Supply Industry expert who moderate the program or conduct the whole program
  • Schedule rehearsals
  • Conduct the webinar
  • Archive webinar and list it in our websites. Archived webinars continue to generate leads

Popular Webinar Subjects

  • What’s new – new releases of software
  • New technology
  • Tips and tricks
  • How to’s and tutorials

Webinar Rates

Pricing begins at $5,000 for 60 minute live event, including hosting and technical support.