Enhanced PR

Turn your press release into a powerful lead generator with TenLinks Enhanced PR                  

TenLinks now offers you a way to embed your ad graphic of video within your press release, maximizing the lead generation potential of your standard press release efforts.


How Enhanced PR Works

  1.  Email your press release to news@tenlinks.com
  2.  Attach your ad graphic (up to 500 pixels wide)
  3.  Include a link to your lead generation form, or we can create one for you

Order Your Enhanced PR Today!

News Ad
News Ad $500.00 USD

Enhanced PR Program Tips and Guidelines

  1. Relate Ad to PR Content.  The ad message ad must be relevant to your release news. 
  2. Be Quick About It.  All material must arrive ready for processing by our daily news deadline of 8 AM US Pacific time. This includes the press release, graphic, any code or link, and payment. Delays will cause news to slip to the next day or we could link to the news if it appears elsewhere on the Web.
  3. Graphic Size and Placement. Ads can be up to 500 pixels wide, and will be displayed prominently in the press release, labeled as advertisements. Graphics may be resampled to reduce file size.
  4. Embedded Videos.You can send code for embedded videos, such as YouTube videos. However, the clicking on the link should play the video immediately. so please note an embedded video will not allow for a lead generation form.
  5. Make Your Offer Attractive. Your ad should promote a compelling call-to-action so the reader will click. Some effective offers include:
  • free software
  • time-sensitive offer
  • chance to win a prize

Example: First 100 readers to download our software will be eligible to win the new iPad!