Email List Rental

Maximize your marketing efforts and generate more sales leads with TenLinks Network’s email list rental. Send your message to our list of over 500,000 active subscribers, directly to their inbox.


The fee for the first 47,000 contacts is $2,500, with additional increments available on a CPM basis after that, depending on volume and desired geo-targeting

How to Rent a TenLinks Network Email List 

Please send an email to with the following information:

  1. Content of the email message, as follows:
    HTML format preferred (we do not accept Word documents)
    Subject line should not exceed 35 characters
    Graphics can be included: preferably hosted on customer site, or may be provided to TenLinks for hosting
  2. All email content subject to approval by TenLinks
  3. Date and time email shall be sent
  4. Prepayment is required for new advertisers, See Payment. Visa, Master Card, AmEx and PayPal are accepted.

TenLinks makes all reasonable efforts to accommodate list suppression requests. We are not responsible for incomplete or incorrect email information that is supplied to us.

See full Email-List-Terms-and-Conditions