Rates and Specs

Rates are effective July 2014, and are based on a cost-per-thousand (CPM) pricing model. For example, 100,000 impressions at $20 CPM = $2,000. Rates are net.  Impressions are guaranteed based upon available inventory.

 Banner Rates CPM (cost per thousand)
Impressions All Sizes
To 99,999 $25
100,000+ $20


Several rotating banners can share the same space on a page. Banners can be either GIF, JPEG formats or Flash. We accept animated images in the GIF 89a format, but limited to 3 loops and we accommodate 3rd party ad serving.

We do not accept road block ads or ads that block content without user action.

Advertisers are encouraged to provide up to three versions of each banner to rotate during the campaign.

Allow 3 business days to post banners once received, providing materials are created in accordance to the above specifications.

All TenLinks Network banner sizes conform to the IAB/CASIE standard.


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