1. Why would I advertise on the TenLinks Network instead of or any other CAD, CAM or CAE site?
    You want to reach a specific audience. Our TenLinks Network contains sites for the exact audience you want to reach — instead of CAD, CAM and CAE in general. Or, you would like to reach a bigger audience — bigger than any one site can provide.
  2. How can I make sure my ad does not show up on a objectionable site?
    Trust us to know the best websites in the industries — as well as ones that are safe. We pick our TenLinks Network members very carefully. We can also customize a list of sites just for you from within our TenLinks Network members.
  3. Who are your current TenLinks Network members?
    The TenLinks Network is still growing. You can find current members here.
  4. Do I have to interact with individual TenLinks Network members?
    We handle interfacing with each TenLinks Network member. You will have only one point of contact (us) and we take care of interacting with each TenLinks Network member to display your ads.
  5. How do I know what sites my ads will be appearing on?
    You will have complete information about the sites your ad campaign will be on. You can see how each site is performing and we can make changes at any time.
  6. I own a CAD, CAM or CAE website or blog. How can I find out more about joining the TenLinks Network?
    Just fill out a 1-minute form at Joining the TenLinks Network and we’ll be in touch.