Alin Vargatu

vargatu_sAlin is an Elite AE and an avid contributor to the SolidWorks Community. He has presented at SolidWorks Worlds, Technical Summits, and SWUG meetings, while being very active on the SolidWorks Forum. You can read Alin’s articles on the Javelin Technologies blogalinv/.
Alin has used SolidWorks since 2002, earning a CSWP in 2009 and a CSWE in 2010. He was awarded Elite Applications Engineer status in 2010. As an Elite AE, in addition to the CSWE, he had to pass Technician and Instructor grade certifications in SolidWorks, Simulation, EPDM, Sustainability and Composer.
Alin is very active in the SolidWorks Community, presenting at SWUG meetings, SolidWorks World and participating heavily in the SolidWorks Forum. He will deliver 3 break-out sessions and one hands-on lab at SolidWorks World 2014.
Alin has been publishing articles on a regular basis in the Javelin Technologies blog, with over 160 to date, most of them containing short video tutorials.
He is in the process of writing a new SolidWorks course about custom properties.