ZWSOFT Releases CADbro 2019

GUANGZHOU, China, Jan 28, 2019 – ZWSOFT, an innovative supplier of CAD/CAM solutions and service provider, today announced the availability of CADbro 2019, a powerful 3D CAD viewer, allowing online cloud service to view 3D model on the go, on any device, which accelerate the design collaboration and product development.

With CADbro 2019, users from different departments can simultaneously view and annotate files of 25+ formats, as well as analyze the manufacturability of product structure and assembly, more rapidly and cost efficiently.

Read on for highlights on these exciting new additions.

Value-added CADbro Cloud

The newly added CADbro cloud supports uploading, management, and sharing of 3D models anytime anywhere. It aligns your teams without extra complex CAD/CAM solutions.

No downloads, installations, license keys, service packs or compatibility issues – everyone can open the files, check the section view, show/hide components, measure the distance via one link. For security, users can also set the password and validity to protect the data.

Enhanced 3D Viewing Experience

Besides supporting 25+ mainstream file formats, CADbro 2019 also got improved in the import quality of Quick View. Now, CADbro has better performance for complex and large-size 3D models’ visualization.

It not only enables users to import graphic data including shape, face and edge, but also allows selecting, measuring and adding dimensions in graphic data. Faster viewing leads to quicker decision making, which speeds up the productivity.

Updated Comparison Analysis

The updated solid part comparison can intuitively display the modifications and easily export the results.

A few usability updates are deployed to make our platform more powerful and versatile than ever, like more types of view addition in 2D drawing, more dimension types output in 3D PDF, DWG file import with 3D model, etc.

“Among the rapidly growing market, CADbro 2019 provides anyone with access to design data based on cloud service. With this simple, interactive and intuitive 3D viewer, 3D design and collaboration become easier and the production and profit margins are raised,” said Kingdom Lin, the vice president of ZWSOFT.

About CADbro

CADbro is one of the competitive products of ZWSOFT, a world-renowned CAD/CAM solutions provider. With 20 years’ experience in CAD/CAM industry, ZWSOFT products have been sold well to over 550,000 users from more than 80 countries and districts by 170+ global partners.

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