Zuken Announces Cloud Hosted Project Management for E3.series

WESTFORD, MA, Nov 16, 2022 – Zuken USA, Inc. has added cloud-based project management to its popular E3.series suite of products for wire harness and electrical cabinet design. Cloud Collaborator for E3.series is a plug-in that connects to Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure for project storage and management. Companies of all sizes can now take advantage of the convenience and security of cloud storage while using the E3.series design suite.

Cloud Collaborator for E3.series works with all E3.series design modules in single-user mode, including E3.schematic, E3.cable, E3.panel, E3.formboard, and more. The new plug-in also supports specialized modules such as Harness Builder for E3.series.

Enhanced user experience

Cloud Collaborator for E3.series is easy to set up and use with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Users can also directly connect to the Zuken Americas Community for quick access to articles, how-to videos, and user forums. The intuitive administrative options provide configurable settings for user password change, application theme color, iteration saving, language, version increment type, and more. Commercial cloud services provide on-demand scalability, robust security, and unmatched flexibility.

Easy project configuration

The Cloud Collaborator for E3.series desktop application provides robust project management for the entire team while reducing the administrative overheads typically associated with vaulting and access control solutions. Quickly add users, create groups, define user access privileges, set passwords, and define theme color and version increment type for E3.series projects.

Powerful data management

Enjoy powerful data management with the convenience and security of cloud storage. Complete design data check-in and check-out directly from E3.series. Cloud Collaborator for E3.series provides change history and the ability to compare versions, helping users visualize all changes in a clear, graphical representation. A release process is available to close the project for manufacturing when the project is complete.

Team design collaboration

Team design collaboration is more critical than ever. Cloud Collaborator for E3.series provides design data access across the E3.series project team. For better communication, project team members can access redlining, project status, and team messaging. Project changes can trigger an automated message or an email to stakeholders, keeping everyone updated. When the project is ready for review, users can generate PDFs for redlining and collaboration across the team.

Cloud Collaborator for E3.series is available today in North America and supports E3.series 2019 and later versions. To learn more, visit their website.

About Zuken

Zuken is a global software company delivering electrical and electronic design solutions. Founded in 1976, Zuken has a consistent track record of technology innovation and financial stability in the electronic and electrical design automation (EDA) industry. With its CR-8000 and E3.series product families, Zuken provides a robust lineup of system-level 2D/3D electrical and electronic toolsets complemented by comprehensive design data and configuration management capabilities.

Most recently, Zuken has embraced digital transformation and, more specifically, digital engineering as the way forward with its entry into the Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) industry. Today, Zuken delivers world-class design solutions combining MBSE products and services with a mature, proven electrical and electronic design suite to address the needs of a broad range of industries across the globe.

For more information about the company, visit www.zuken.com.

About E3.series

E3.series is a leading single platform solution used to design large, complex electrical cabling, control cabinet, and wire harness designs for advanced applications in the machinery, power, automotive, transportation, and aerospace and defense industries. The platform encompasses functional design, detailed schematics, wiring and complete manufacturing documentation and connects to leading MCAD design platforms and transforms product development with electrical data management solutions seamlessly connecting to existing PLM and PDM systems.

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