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LONDON, UK, May 24, 2018 – Viewpoint, the established global leader in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), project management and mobile solutions for the construction industry, today announced the availability of Viewpoint Team in the United Kingdom. Already a popular collaborative project management solution among North American clients, Viewpoint Team is a cloud-based platform enabling contractors to manage and collaborate on critical project processes with their extended teams of subcontractors, suppliers, architects and owners.

Viewpoint Team is a cloud-based construction platform enabling contractors to manage and collaborate on critical project processes with their extended teams of subcontractors, suppliers, architects and owners.

The launch takes place during the Viewpoint UK Customer Summit, a two-day conference held from May 23-24, 2018 at RIBA in London. The educational summit will focus on the deeper benefits of Viewpoint Team as well as Viewpoint for Projects and Viewpoint Field View, all of which further integrate contractor’s office, team and field operations – including solutions for BIM, document management and field productivity.

“Viewpoint Team is a powerful but easy-to-use toolset for planning, coordinating and achieving the tight project controls, data flows and governance that project managers have been asking for,” said Viewpoint EMEA vice president Steve Spark. “We’re helping companies focus on actually managing their projects and making critical decisions in real time rather than trying to navigate a sea of paperwork, coordinating multiple communication tools and struggling to make sense of stale project data.”

“You only need to look at the huge increase in BIM adoption over the past eight years and our Government’s legally binding commitment to BIM Level 2 to see the direction of travel: contactors must digitize project management or fail,” continued Spark. “Almost two-thirds of construction projects (59 percent) are not built on time and almost one-third of projects come in over budget (32 percent). However, many contractors operate on such wafer-thin margins that they need only suffer from a handful of problem projects to start experiencing financial difficulty. As BIM adoption becomes the norm, contractors who do not adopt digital construction will die a slow death.”

To combat this, Viewpoint Team provides a simple yet powerful project control and collaboration solution which integrates the features and functionality currently offered by Viewpoint’s strong portfolio of products, including Viewpoint for Projects – the ultimate in document, drawing and model control – and Viewpoint Field View – a highly flexible and configurable mobile-first application to manage jobsite processes such as quality and safety.

Viewpoint Team’s dashboards help managers and users prioritize their work while the portal enables quick navigation to Viewpoint for Projects and Viewpoint Field View. By bringing everyone involved in a construction project together through a comprehensive, easy-to-use and collaborative platform, Viewpoint Team keeps entire project teams up-to-date and accountable at every step of the process. It creates a permanent audit trail of “who did what and when” on key tasks such as RFIs, site instructions, technical queries, daily diaries and action items.

Smart project control and governance tools are built into Viewpoint Team for process transparency across the project ecosystem. Because Viewpoint Team is designed to be clear and simple to use, sub-contractors and individual project participants can use the system quickly and accurately – without extensive training – from any browser, or mobile application accessed via phone or tablet.

“By connecting our clients’ office, team and field operations with software solutions that give real-time answers that enable real-time decisions and true project transparency, we’re doing what no other construction management software company can do right now,” said Viewpoint chief product officer Matt Harris. “We are helping contractors modernise their operations by streamlining processes to realise untapped profit potential, and we’re excited to share that vision at our UK Customer Summit.”

About Viewpoint

Viewpoint is the leading global provider of integrated software solutions for the construction industry. They are trusted by nearly 8,000 customers to connect their office, team and field operations, improving project profitability, enhancing productivity, and effectively collaborating across the broad construction ecosystem. Their innovations transform construction by aligning financial and HR systems, project management tools, and mobile field solutions to minimise risk and increase efficiency. With clients in 28 countries, they serve more than 46 percent of the ENR 400, and more than a third of the ENR 600.

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