Tartabit, Quectel Partner for Microsoft Azure IoT

BARCELONA, Spain, Mar 4, 2022 – Tartabit LLC announces the availability of new Quectel BC66 low-code solution templates within their IoT Bridge to enable an easier, frictionless pathway into Microsoft Azure. This new update to the IoT Bridge, in collaboration with Quectel, a leading IoT solution provider, demonstrates Tartabit’s commitment to easing integration between LPWAN IoT devices and Microsoft Azure and provides important new capabilities for the LPWAN IoT marketplace.

As LPWA IoT based solutions rapidly expand from a design and deployment point of view, the Tartabit IoT Bridge Quectel BC66 helps developers, OEM device makers and enterprise customers seamlessly onboard LWM2M or optimized UDP protocols into Azure IoT Hub, IoT Central and other services, with the ability to integrate the vast portfolio of Quectel-enabled LPWA devices in minutes.

Reducing friction for IoT developers and OEM device makers so that they can benefit from the global scale and market reach of Azure is a key mission for Tartabit. As such, the company is also pleased to announce participation along with Microsoft in the Quectel Masterclass Series scheduled for March 29, 2022, which provides an opportunity for the IoT developer community to learn more about the end-to-end capabilities of the combined offerings.

In keeping with their objective to be the easiest LPWAN IoT service to find, use and deploy, the IoT Bridge is available from the Azure Marketplace with a 30-day free trial to any developer connecting Quectel LPWA modules to Azure.

“We are excited to announce the next steps in the collaboration with Quectel during MWC. The announcement reinforces our combined dedication to helping customers onboard LPWAN devices into Microsoft Azure,” Fred Yentz, CEO and co-founder, Tartabit. “IoT Bridge provides Quectel customers with an easy to use and quick to deploy solution to be used in combination with Microsoft Azure in order to achieve hyperscale based IoT offerings.”

“Tartabit’s IoT Bridge enables Quectel’s OEM device maker customers to effortlessly benefit from the capabilities of Microsoft Azure,” says Norbert Muhrer, president and CSO at Quectel, “Getting closer to our customer’s needs is important to Quectel as demonstrated by our move into the CaaS business in Europe. Collaborating with Tartabit and easing integration with Microsoft Azure is another example of Quectel’s objective to provide end to end service options to our customers.”

“Tartabit’s support of the Quectel LPWA IoT simplifies development for IoT solution providers and enterprise customers working on LPWA IoT based offerings,” said Tony Shakib, partner general manager, Microsoft Azure IoT. “The Tartabit IoT Bridge provides a fast path – enabling a wide range of solutions that can be addressed by the combination of the low-power IoT partner ecosystem and Microsoft Azure services.”

About Tartabit LLC

Tartabit is a Next Gen Things (IoT) enablement company founded by a team of experienced IoT executives and practitioners who share a passion to provide easy to use tools and services capable of accelerating the adoption of IoT globally. Our vision is to radically increase the ability for enterprise and OEM customers to leverage next generation IoT device data by offering the easiest to use, buy, deploy, and manage LPWAN Cloud Gateway Service to bridge next generation IoT device data with industry leading Cloud Services. IoT Services built for IoT Developers by IoT Developers.

For more information, visit www.tartabit.com.

About Quectel

Quectel’s passion for a smarter world drives them to accelerate IoT innovation. A highly customer-centric organization, they are a global IoT solutions provider backed by outstanding support and services. Their growing global team of over 3,000 professionals sets the pace for innovation in cellular, GNSS and WiFi/BT modules, antennas and IoT connectivity. Listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (603236.SS), their international leadership is devoted to advancing IoT across the globe.

For more information, visit www.quectel.com.

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