STYLY Gallery Released for Virtual Reality

TOKYO, Japan, Mar 14, 2018 – STYLY, a cloud and browser-based service for developing virtual reality (VR) content, has released ‘STYLY Gallery,’ which is a place where users can share and experience each other’s works.

STYLY Gallery TOP (PRNewsfoto/Psychic VR Lab)

It offers more than 1,000 VR scenes in forms such as music videos, art and fashion exhibitions, and visual storytelling. Not only can you experience them, but you can share your own creations with other creators from around the world via STYLY Gallery.

How to experience in VR:

Step 1: Access ‘STYLY Gallery
Step 2: Click on the VR scene that you like
Step 3: Click the HMD icon in the bottom-right corner
Step 4: Dive into VR

To experience the VR scene, you also need to download STYLY VR VIEWER here.


Functions Added

  • VR Camera Function

A camera function has also been implemented, which now allows users to take photos from within their VR scene and then within seconds share those photos online by posting them to the Gallery.

The photos taken from within VR are automatically saved in the STYLY VR VIEWER under the ‘My Photos’ tab. Users can then select which photos they want to post to the gallery site.

Users can also share the photos on Twitter or Facebook with a simple click from the STYLY Gallery page.

Let’s become VR photographers and share our pictures with the world.

  • WebView is ready

To allow people who do not have a VR headset to also enjoy VR content, WebView audiovisual is now available. You can view scenes in WebView by clicking on the cube icon in the bottom-right corner of each page on STYLY Gallery.

About  STYLY

STYLY, developed by Japan’s Psychic VR Lab, is a cloud and browser-based service for creating and distributing high quality, beautiful VR content without any coding.  Through drag-and-drop or importing from 10+ tools such as Blender, Maya, and Sketchup, users can build and share worlds that stretch the limits of the imagination and actual reality.

For more information, visit STYLY official site

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