SHINING 3D Launches Wireless FreeScan X5+, X7+ 3D Scanners

CHICAGO, IL, Sep 11, 2018 – SHINING 3D, the industry leader in 3D digitizing and 3D printing industries since its foundation in 2004, is excited to announce the introduction of brand-new Wireless FreeScan X5+ & X7+ metrology 3D scanners at IMTS 2018.

As SHINING 3D’s first wireless laser handheld 3D scanners, the Wireless FreeScan X5 & X7+ are redefining the portability of handheld 3D scanners, offering users an entirely new 3D scanning experience.

“SHINING 3D is very excited to bring these new and groundbreaking wireless metrology 3D scanners – the Wireless FreeScan X5+ & X7+ – to the market. Customers now can enjoy complete freedom of 3D scanning,” said Oscar Meza, VP of global sales at SHINING 3D, “there is now no need to use cables to connect with computers, thus scanning large-size objects or scanning in challenging conditions become more simple and easier.”

The Wireless FreeScan X5+ & X7+ incorporate the “AirMaster” wireless computational processing unit, with a built-in heterogeneous multi-core SOC processor, which offers calculation of image data completely driven by the hardware. Further, the Wireless FreeScan X5+ & X7+ feature light-weight design and easy operation, supporting real-time data display on your smartphone or tablet.

Additionally, the Wireless FreeScan X5+ & X7+ provide up to 3 hours of continuous operation, and 12 hours of standby time, for trouble free prolonged time of operation. Backed by class-leading technology, the Wireless FreeScan X5+ & X7+ are truly capable in completing diverse challenging tasks in automobile, aerospace, mold and die and other industries.

For additional information, please visit These 2 new systems are now available for pre-order, for shipping starting as soon as November 2018.


SHINING 3D, founded in 2004, rapidly became China’s first listed OTC stock company in the 3D digitizing and printing industries segment. SHINING 3D develops, manufactures and commercializes a wide range of 3D technologies, including 3D scanners for multiple industries and applications, 3D printers for both consumer markets and additive manufacturing, 3D materials, offers 3D design and manufacturing services, and a 3D network cloud platform. SHINING 3D offers a position of strength in the market, excellent positioning, and capacity to handle large sales volumes, the richest 3D technology offering, and service support capabilities. As the leader among Chinese 3D printing companies, SHINING 3D has currently exercised a strong international influence with customers in more than 70 different countries in Asia, the US, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

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