PTC Ships Punditas AI Platform with Creo Parametric 8.0

WAKEFIELD, MA, June 21, 2021 – Punditas LLC, a PTC Partner and a recognized leader in AI, has announced that the latest release of Punditas is available and embedded within PTC Creo 8.0. Punditas AI is the world’s only AI Platform that helps app users and partners accelerate adoption, expansion, and usage of Enterprise Applications such as PTC Creo, ThingWorx, Vuforia, and others.

“We are excited to be partnering with PTC to deliver Punditas AI platform for Creo 8.0. Over 200,00+ PTC Creo users have leveraged Punditas AI within the last 10 months to get real-time guidance within Creo environment. PTC users are finding that a single source of Creo knowledge is just one click away with Punditas. Our AI platform is powered by Punditas Product Genome, which discovers, curates, and delivers Creo knowledge that is personalized for each Creo user based on their personal style and preferences” said Madhavi Ramesh CEO and founder of Punditas.

“Over the past year, we have more than doubled the number of users to over a quarter million active users. Punditas AI platform enables users to discover, share and collaborate on Enterprise Applications knowledge. Since it is highly sought after by our users, we are looking forward to exponential growth in 2021.”

Punditas AI Platform is leveraged by

  1. Application end users (e.g. Creo Users)
    2. Business Admins or App Admins (e.g. Creo Admins)
    3. Partner ecosystem (e.g. PTC and PTC Partner network)

Punditas AI offers real-time guidance for Creo Users

Knowledge about PTC Creo is distributed across 100’s of sources, within customer’s internal repositories (Wikis, SharePoint Servers, File Systems, etc.), external sources (YouTube, PTC e-support portal, Online communities, SlideShare etc.) and within each PTC partner’s website (Partner Training offerings, Products and Services complementary to Creo). The answers required when working with Creo Software is not easily accessible since it is buried in disparate repositories mentioned above.

Punditas AI provides real-time guidance as users work in Creo environment. Contextual information on “how to use” a feature in Creo, and best practices for working with Creo or the available training, services from PTC Partners are presented based on the user’s context and personal preferences. This removes the unproductive guesswork or the endless search for such information. Punditas AI platform unlocks the value of Creo data stored in disparate repositories, and allows Creo Users to design faster, and with greater confidence.

Punditas AI offers Creo Admins with insights to deliver targeted Training & Knowledge

Punditas AI allows Admins to monitor the knowledge needs of Creo users across the organization. Punditas Knowledge Needs module identifies users pain points, and also provides visibility into areas where users need assistance. Punditas Knowledge Paths module helps deliver targeted and contextual product training based on users area of interest, skill level, and their personal style. Customers leveraging Punditas AI are seeing increased user engagement leading to on-time delivery of projects and cost reduction.

Punditas AI enables PTC Partners to showcase their offerings and accelerate sales

Punditas AI platform is integrated within Creo environment. It enables PTC Partners to promote and showcase their products, services, training, webinars and events directly inside the Creo environment. Punditas AI offers deep insights into PTC users behaviors, preferences and the knowledge needed to help partners position their solutions for success.

If you’d like to see a short demo of Punditas AI for Creo, follow this link

About Punditas

Punditas has been helping companies increase employee productivity through contextual use of AI technologies that enables enterprise users to search, share and collaborate.

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