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RewAir Selects Plataine’s AI-Based Solution

WALTHAM, MA, Dec 1, 2022 – RewAir, a global provider of engineering services to the wind turbine supply chain, selected Plataine’s AI-based solution to optimize its wind blades production operations. RewAir will benefit from reduced production costs, improved material utilization rates and greater flexibility in its quoting and operational processes. Plataine’s AI based technology was chosen due to the company’s extensive experience at working with the wind energy sector, bringing value to its clients, and impacting the bottom line of the business. All this, while offering complete remote implementation and the strongest of aftersales support.

RewAir needed a flexible solution that allowed them to run an optimal production process on a variety of production lines. Their production lines operate three primary processes: “cut to package”, “cut to shelf” and a hybrid of the two. The flexibility of Plataine’s manufacturing optimization software was therefore a key consideration. Plataine’s FabricOptimizer allows RewAir to optimize mix of material and operational costs for each of their different production lines.

The seamless implementation process at RewAir was conducted entirely remotely. Plataine’s remote deployment option helps to maintain compliance with recent health regulations and reduces downtime during the rollout phase.

Jens Rewers, CEO of RewAir, says: “Plataine’s solution matches all our requirements and preferences to give us the most optimal production sequence in our various production lines. Plataine software runs various scenarios in a short time and offers the optimal cut plan. The result is improved material utilization and efficiency, leading to a significant reduction in costs, as well as increased production flexibility.”

Avner Ben-Bassat, president and CEO of Plataine adds, “We are very excited to work with RewAir, and we are confident that our solution will allow them to increase their material utilization and slash production costs. It’s great to be able to play our part in the wind industry, which is a critical component in the global agenda to minimize carbon emissions.”

About Plataine

Plataine is the leading provider of Industrial IoT and AI-based optimization solutions for advanced manufacturing. Plataine’s solutions provide intelligent, connected Digital Assistants for production floor management and staff, empowering manufacturers to make optimized decisions in real-time, every time. Plataine’s patent-protected technologies are used by leading manufacturers worldwide, including Airbus, IAI, Triumph, MRAS (an ST Engineering company), Alestis, Kineco-Kaman, IFS, Light & Strong, Kanfit and Ethan Allen. Plataine partners with SAP, Siemens PLM the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) with Boeing, and CTC GmbH (an Airbus Company), and is also a part of the UK National Composites Centre (NCC) membership network, to advance the ‘Factory of the Future’ worldwide. For this work, Plataine has received Frost & Sullivan’s 2021 Global Technology Innovation Leadership Award for its AI-Based Digital Assistants for Manufacturing and Innovation Awards from JEC. Plataine also Received the SME 2021 Excellence in Composites Manufacturing Award and other awards from CompositesUK organizations. Plataine is ISO 27001 certified for compliance with information security management requirements.

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About RewAir

RewAir is part of the global wind turbine supply chain and a trusted outsourcing partner to wind blade manufactures. RewAir provides engineering services that improve the efficiency of composite application manufacturing in wind turbine blade production. Further, RewAir supply value-added structural reinforcement solutions e.g., glass fabric preforms, stacks and kits, auxiliaries such as vacuum consumable kits, and blade and root-end cover. RewAir is headquartered in Denmark and has a multinational production set-up certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018.

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Verusen Partners with Silver Birch Finance

NEW YORK CITY, NY, ATLANTA, GA, and LONDON, UK, Nov 30, 2022 – Verusen, an innovator in materials intelligence, and Silver Birch Finance, a specialist working capital advisory and execution firm, unveiled their partnership addressing supply chain visibility and working capital optimization. The companies announced their partnership at this week’s Global Trade Review’s GTR US 2022 Conference in New York City.

Verusen and Silver Birch will collaborate to help corporations optimize the management and financing of their inventory positions. Verusen’s specialized AI platform and 360-degree approach to helping multinational companies optimize their supply chains, results in increased visibility on material inventory, spend and risk, and trends that enable enterprises to maximize their inventory positions and financing requirements. Silver Birch’s experienced team – brought together from across industry, finance and professional services – bridges the multi-trillion-dollar trade financing gap between global corporations and international financial institutions by delivering high-quality working capital solutions in a format that is simpler to finance than has traditionally existed.

Silver Birch will offer Verusen’s technology to corporate clients to provide additional insight into their inventory requirements and enable informed decision-making on strategic inventory financing decisions. The combined offering provides actionable working capital solutions underpinned by quantitative and qualitative data to support prioritization and effective resource allocation. As a result, organizations benefit from additional, increasingly efficient capital liquidity that enables sustainable growth initiatives while bringing improved levels of control, transparency, and resilience into supply chains with enhanced counterparty relationships.

Verusen’s AI platform provides us and our clients with materials intelligence,” said Sean Hanafin, CEO Silver Birch Finance. “These insights significantly enhance Silver Birch’s value proposition to corporate clients and financial institutions by providing increased transparency and enhanced decision-making capabilities. This further reinforces our capabilities in the inventory space and, as a result, measurably enhances the value proposition for our clients.”

“Verusen’s global partnership with Silver Birch Finance is a big win for large corporations looking to propel their businesses by optimizing inventory, spend, and working capital,” said Paul Noble, founder & CEO of Verusen. “By providing one single view across systems, processes, and people, enterprises can expect a simple, configurable, and sustainable solution to help customers optimize their working capital and reduce risk across their supply networks. We have great synergy working with Silver Birch Finance, where our technology complements the unique financing options that Silver Birch brings to hundreds of different companies.”

About Verusen

Verusen is a leading supply chain materials intelligence provider focused on helping global manufacturers streamline their supply and materials management strategy. Verusen utilizes advanced data science and artificial intelligence to harmonize disparate material data across multiple enterprise systems to provide complex supply chains with material truth for supply and inventory planning and procurement intelligence. This helps organizations reduce risk, optimize working capital, and ensure production uptime to meet customer needs. The result is a foundation that organizations can trust to fuel digital transformation and support supply chain maturity initiatives. Headquartered in Atlanta, Verusen has been named one of Georgia’s Top 10 Innovative Technology Companies.

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About Silver Birch

Silver Birch brings together experience from industry, finance and professional services to deliver working capital advisory and execution solutions to global corporations. Silver Birch adopts a solution-oriented approach to delivering commercial transactions for corporations, banks and alternative investors. Corporations engage us to develop strategic financing solutions that provide liquidity for sustainable growth initiatives, bring control and resilience into supply chains, and build superior customer and supplier relationships. Banks and investors work with us to manage the structural complexity around financing these solutions to enable them to deliver for their clients and increase their trade finance activity efficiently. Headquartered in London and serving clients out of Frankfurt and Miami, Silver Birch is owned and controlled by TDR Capital, a committed and long-term investor focused on building strong, sustainable businesses.

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Innodisk Launches `EXMU-X261` FPGA Machine Vision Platform

Innodisk has announced its latest step into the AI market, with the launch of EXMU-X261, an FPGA Machine Vision Platform. Powered by AMD’s Xilinx Kria K26 SOM, which was designed to enable smart city and smart factory applications, Innodisk’s FPGA Machine Vision Platform is set to lead the way for industrial system integrators looking to develop machine vision applications.

Automated defect inspection, a key machine vision application, is an essential technology in modern manufacturing. Automated visual inspection guarantees that the product works as expected and meets specifications. In these cases, it is vital that a fast and highly accurate inspection system is used. Without AI, operators must manually inspect each product, taking an average of three seconds per item. Now, with the help of AI solutions such as Innodisk’s FPGA Machine Vision Platform, product inspection in factories can be automated, and the end result is not only faster and cheaper, but can be completely free of human error.

Innodisk’s FPGA Machine Vision Platform comes with 1GbE LAN, 4 USB 3.1 Gen1 ports, 2 M.2 slots, and a series of other expansion and connectivity options. Thanks to the platform’s 0° to 70 °C operational temperature support, and optional industrial temperature support from -40° to +85°C, EXMU-X261 is tough enough for the harshest of industrial environments. In addition, EXMU-X261 features support for Innodisk’s InnoAgent out-of-band remote management module, allowing the platform to be remotely managed from anywhere, even during a system crash or an in-band network failure. This is important for any automated system, as it allows for it to be completely unmanned, which further reduces manpower and maintenance costs.

Customers can take advantage of AMD’s Xilinx Kria K26 SOM’s ability to quickly get applications to market thanks to EXMU-X261’s full support for Innodisk’s AI Suite SDK. The suite includes an FPGA Model Zoo, as well as Innodisk’s in-house software solutions, such as iCAP (Innodisk Cloud Administration Platform), and iVIT (Innodisk Vision Intelligence Toolkit). iVIT for example, provides a deep learning environment for efficient development and deployment of “no-code-operation” solutions.

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ClariPi Joins Siemens Healthineers Digital Marketplace

CHICAGO, IL, Nov 23, 2022 – ClariPi Inc. announced that its ClariCT.AI software will be released on Siemens Healthineers’ Digital Marketplace, which provides an open and secured environment for a wide range of healthcare stakeholders to share, access, and analyze data. It is the entry point for connecting users with an ever-growing portfolio of applications from solution partners and Siemens Healthineers, covering clinical, operational, and financial functions in healthcare delivery, and enabling them to get the most out of users’ healthcare data.

ClariCT.AI is an innovative CT image denoising solution that produces superior CT images by removing noise and enhancing image clarity based on deep-learning technology for a more efficient workflow. It is both FDA-cleared and CE-marked and offers superior CT image quality over existing technologies, even with ultra-low-dose CTs in many clinical studies. The Clarity Engine preserves a natural image texture while clearing quantum noises, thereby providing a comfortable observation with enhanced image clarity.

Siemens Healthineers is a medical device company including CT manufacturing that has 66,000 employees across more than 70 countries. Siemens Healthineers’ Digital Marketplace is a one-stop place for intelligent and integrated imaging for all key clinical specialties and tasks. It provides a broad AI-driven portfolio across multiple modalities. The Digital Marketplace can be accessed in syngo.via, an intelligent and integrated imaging software which streamlines the processes around reading and reporting. It unifies and centralizes intelligent tools in a powerful diagnostic workflow to make every day routine tasks more convenient and efficient.

“We are pleased to announce that our ClariCT.AI solution is now available through Siemens Healthineers’ partnership. With the launch on the Digital Marketplace, we are one step closer to our vision – implementation is simplified, providing easy access to ClariPi’s AI innovations,” said Jong Hyo Kim, CEO/CTO of ClariPi Inc.

Providing access to the ClariCT.AI through Siemens Healthineers’ Digital Marketplace on syngo.via will allow a large user base around the world to explore, trial and deploy the application much more easily.

“ClariCT.AI has gone through a rigorous integration process that gives its users the ability to produce noise-cleaned images without repeated scanning. By requiring lower radiation doses than typically needed for scanning, CT exams paired with ClariCT.AI is safer for patients’ health, particularly for pediatric and oncology patients. It also is a good complement to annual ultra-low-dose lung cancer screenings,” said Harry Park, president of ClariPi USA Inc.

About ClariPi Inc.

ClariPi Inc. is a key provider of artificial intelligence-based medical imaging solutions to provide innovative solutions for the unmet needs in medical imaging fields through the convergence of intelligent big data computing and medical imaging technologies. Their products were born through long-term collaboration research between engineering and medical experts and were designed to help medical imaging experts make confident decisions with clearer information and convenient decision guidance. ClariPi is providing innovative solutions to help medical experts cope with the rapidly changing landscape of 21st-century healthcare services.

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