Program Development Releases GridPro v9.0

MIAMI, FL, May 22, 2024 – Program Development Company LLC, leading developer of robust, high quality, versatile, automatic grid generation for computational fluid dynamics (CFD), announces the release of version 9.0 of their GridPro product with significant enhancements in Geometry handling, block topology generation, grid generation, and automation.

“Our team has worked hard to provide significant enhancements for high quality meshes, and we are pleased to introduce these improvements in GridPro version 9.0,” said Dr. Peter Eiseman, CEO. “This version of GridPro is a major step forward in providing our customers with the best tool to generate high quality meshes for a broad range of geometries and CFD related phenomena in a timely manner.”

GridPro geometry handling has been enhanced in version 9.0 with multiple features, some of which are illustrated below.

  • improved STEP and IGES import
  • New surface import formats
  • New geometry creation tools
  • Updated geometry healing
  • Improved surface faceting quality
  • Multiple cut planes for sectional views
  • New GridPro CAD export format

Version 9.0 of GridPro also brings significant enhancements to blocking topology and grid generation, including but not limited to the following.

  • Advanced block topology smoother
  • New block topology macro for axisymmetric geometries
  • Mapping a block topology template to a new geometry
  • Clamped block nesting
  • 3D block topology array
  • Higher order based sizing & quality checker
  • Advanced boundary layer clustering
  • Enhanced grid block smoother
  • Faster grid smoothing

GridPro version 9.0 also introduces two new vertical applications for fully automated block topology and mesh generation.

About Program Development Company LLC

Program Development Company has been a leader in traditional structured grid generation with GridPro that has set the standard on high quality meshing. Contrary to other meshing approaches for CFD, GridPro focuses on automation and robustness without compromising mesh quality. GridPro customers come from different domains, including turbo machinery, oil and gas, aerospace, and others. PDC was founded in 1989 by Dr. Peter Eiseman to cater to the high-quality grid requirements of NASA’s Glenn Research Centre and has grown ever since to cater to the requirements of high-quality CFD for advanced applications worldwide. Program Development Company develops and markets GridPro worldwide with its headquarters in Miami, FL, USA, and an office in Bengaluru, India.

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