ModuleWorks Acquires Celeritive Technologies

ModuleWorks has announced the acquisition of Celeritive Technologies, Inc., the developer of VoluMill.

Through dramatically reduced cycle times and cutting tool costs, VoluMill helps manufacturers become more profitable, flexible and competitive, and maximize the return on their capital investments.

Both Celeritive and ModuleWorks have been strategic partners to many of the world’s leading manufacturing organizations for many years. By combining the strengths of both companies, these organizations will benefit from many natural synergies, covering everything from technology to sales and support. It is expected that this will enable more technology to be made available to both sets of customers in the near future. This will help to reinforce ModuleWorks’ position as a global leader in the provision of toolpath and simulation components for digital manufacturing systems.

About ModuleWorks

ModuleWorks is at the forefront of manufacturing software, playing a key role in enabling the efficient production of increasingly complex parts in an environmentally sustainable way. As a strategic partner to leading CAD/CAM vendors, CNC control makers, machine tool builders and cutting tool manufacturers, ModuleWorks develops software that powers solutions throughout the manufacturing industry which contributes to 16% of global GDP worth $16 trillion per year. Founded in 2003, ModuleWorks has grown to over 200 employees and already invested 1,700 person-years of software development in toolpath and simulation technologies that form the core of manufacturing processes. In the CAD/CAM area alone, ModuleWorks has a market share of 90%, enhancing the performance and quality of over 500,000 installed seats of CAD/CAM and CNC software worldwide.

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About Celeritive

Celeritive Technologies, the developer of VoluMill, is the world’s leading innovator of platform independent, science-based toolpaths for the manufacturing industry. Celeritive develops and markets economical and simple-to-implement toolpath technology that enables CNC machine tools and cutting tools to operate at peak performance. Through dramatically reduced cycle times and cutting tool costs, manufacturers become more profitable, flexible, competitive, and maximize the return on their capital investments. Located in Moorpark, CA, Celeritive Technologies was founded by industry-leading experts in machining, programming and software development.

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