ProgeSOFT Releases progeCAD 2020 Professional

CHIASSO, Switzerland, June 7, 2019 – ProgeSOFT is delighted to present progeCAD 2020 Professional, the new version of its DWG/ DXF-native CAD for professional drawing with perpetual licensing solutions. The released version sports the new IntelliCAD 9 engine, digital signing of drawing files and is already gaining ground thanks to its improved performance and stability.

progeCAD Professional is the CAD platform for 2D and 3D design directly in DWG and DXF. Support of AutoCAD DWG versions 2.5 – 2020 ensures full compatibility for sharing DWG/DXF drawing files. Getting started with progeCAD is intuitive for those familiar with AutoCAD. Yet, progeCAD Professional does even more organizing better a CAD professional daily design routine thanks to its extra tools included for free, such as 3D PDF export, the PDF to DWG converter, the Vectorizer, the Block Libraries Manager, the EasyArch plug-in, the Artisan Render module, multiple file formats support to exchange data with other software applications and more.

Central to this major release is the integrated import of IFC and Autodesk Revit files which contribute to further collaboration possibilities opening up when data exchange with construction professionals is required. The new 2020 edition is also focused on the software general tune-up starting from its new engine IntelliCAD 9 and Teigha 4.3.2 with their input to greater software performance and stability, going to further enriching of the progeCAD existing functionality and finishing up with a series of new commands and options that are not missing in this edition either. progeCAD 2020 has improved DWG files open and save time and, as always, is compatible up to the latest AutoCAD DWG file format. The User Interface has been optimized adding new ToolPalettes for Blocks, Hatches and frequently used Commands; redesigning and rearranging menus; improving the display of texts for 4K monitors and more. The smart restyling of some software components involved also the Publish command which dialog was redesigned and beefed up with new features in the print settings. All this will ensure that progeCAD remains modern, stable and inclusive.

Some new features of the progeCAD 2020 edition:

  • Tool Palettes – Ready-to-use Palettes for Blocks, Hatches and frequently used Commands. Easily customizable
  • Recap Point Clouds – Improved support of PointCloud with ReCap (.rcp/.rcs) files and general formats like .pcg, .isd, .xyz, .ply, .las, .laz
  • The New Blocks Palette – An easy interface for inserting and editing of internal Blocks with Drag & Drop support
  • AEC, Civil, GeoMaps, Mechanical – Support for visualization and properties editing of Autodesk special objects
  • Construction Lines – The automated creation of lines through given points, oriented at a specified angle in the three-dimensional space
  • Improved Performance – Improved Open and Save time, the improved visualization of texts and entities using Anti-Aliasing technology and further optimization for 4K displays
  • Digital Signature To DWG – The electronic signing of drawings certifies the author of a file and indicates whether the file has been altered since the digital signature was applied
  • Formulas in Tables – Table Cells can contain formulas that do calculations related to the values in other Table Cells
  • Print 3D Hidden – Print 3D Hidden with silhouette. Clean 3D prints on curved solid parts in Hidden Visual Style
  • Block Editor – The BEDIT Command provides a special authoring area to enable free drawing and editing of blocks geometry
  • AREATEXT – The command calculates boundary area and places the text with the value in the center of the area
  • ADDSELECTED – The creation of a new object of the same type and general properties of a selected object, yet with different geometric values

“ProgeSOFT has readied its new progeCAD 2020 for the release trying to polish the software to a shine to comply with its status of one of the best and most affordable alternative CAD solutions. There’s always room for improvement, but the new version is better than it has ever been and continues to evolve,” commented Marco Lucini, CEO at ProgeSOFT SA.

To learn all progeCAD 2020 new features, please refer to the official website 
and the dedicated YouTube Channel

Explore progeCAD 2020 with a 30-day fully-functional trial to get a complete picture of the new version potential. Download a trial version here

About ProgeSOFT SA

ProgeSOFT SA is a private software company which is specialized in cost-efficient CAD solutions. With large experience of operation in the CAD industry, ProgeSOFT offers the versatile CAD platforms for Windows and MAC and applications for architectural, mechanical, electrical, GIS, HVAC/Piping and some other industries. ProgeSOFT is also a founder and executive member of the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium.

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