progeSOFT Releases iCADMac 2018

CHIASSO, Switzerland, Dec 14, 2017 – ProgeSOFT SA announces the release of iCADMac 2018, the new version of a 2D/3D DWG/DXF-native CAD for general technical drafting on the MAC platform. This major release is an exciting moment long-awaited by MAC users who won’t renounce the AutoCAD look-and-feel, nor perpetual licensing solutions. iCADMac 2018 offers a host of new features, commands and options (see new features here) which have extensively extended CAD drawing capabilities combined in the CAD package with a series of handy add-ons, included for free, such as the PDF to DWG Converter, Block Libraries with over 20.000 blocks, 3D PDF export, Traceparts and Cadenas portals integration with free access to thousands of blocks etc.

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The new version reads DWG 2018 and supports MAC OS from El Capitan to High Sierra. iCADMac 2018 users will have a great experience with the user interface design optimized with lighter dialog boxes, which make the software easier to use; improved menus for more efficient drafting with far less clicks, especially, thanks to more complete and functional context menus. And, finally, enjoy the new Dark theme!

Numerous enhancements will impress all iCADMac users. Designers will discover a dozen of new commands only in the ExpressTools menu to improve their text editing, create shapes based on specified entities, merge sheets to get a single layout, scale blocks, just to name a few. The whole list can be consulted on the official website A set of new options to the array commands have a special appeal: the array commands are now also command-line driven and beefed up with the brand new Array along a path option. Simply select a Line, PolyLine, Arc, Circle, Ellipse, or Spline as a path of an array and then align entities to get the desired appearance.

“ iCADMac 2018 is evolving to offer more CAD functionality and to fine-tune the existing features and commands so as to make your design process easier and more efficient also in the MAC environment,” commented Marco Lucini, CEO at ProgeSOFT SA.

Some of the iCADMac 2018 new functionality:

  • Speed up work with the new AutoComplete function with a suggestion list
  • Quick and easy in-place geometry editing through Multifunctional EntityGrips with contextual shortcut menus
  • New options in polyline editing (to taper the width of a polyline, to reverse its direction, to insert an additional midpoint vertex, to convert a polyline segment to an arc or a line)
  • Default layer for hatches and dimensions through the HPLAYER and DIMLAYER system variables
  • Trim hatches and gradients with the Trim and PowerTrim commands (trimmed hatches remain associative and behave as a single entity)
  • Create hatches out of images, blocks, external references and wipeout objects with the new SuperHatch command

To see the whole list of new features go to, you can watch a video presentation of iCADMac 2018 on YouTube here, while to download a 30-day fully functional trial version, please visit download page here.

About ProgeSOFT

ProgeSOFT SA is a private software company specializing in cost-efficient CAD solutions. With large experience of operation in the CAD industry, ProgeSOFT offers the versatile CAD platforms for Windows and MAC and applications for architectural, mechanical, electrical, GIS, HVAC/Piping and some other industries. ProgeSOFT is also a founder and executive member of the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium.

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