PlataineEdgeTM Launched for IIoT

WALTHAM, MA, July 3, 2019 – Plataine announced the launch of PlataineEdgeTM, an Industrial Edge computing application designed to optimize manufacturing operations by helping IIoT systems conduct data analysis locally to improve responsiveness, cloud-to-edge connectivity and reduced latency, as well as to slash data transmission and storage costs.

PlataineEdgeTM is a computing application deployed on the factory floor, at the customer’s site to enable onsite intelligent management of manufacturing data analytics. PlataineEdgeTM is acting as an intelligent gateway to the cloud, collects and analyzes data from industrial sensors and machines, and transmits it to the cloud only if necessary for further processing, or when more significant computing power is required, such as for machine learning or asset health monitoring, avoiding excess volume costs and resulting performance limitations. PlataineEdgeTM is manufacturing oriented and was developed to address Industrial IoT challenges: it is fully aware of all aspects of the customer’s production floor and is connected to local systems, sensors and mobile assets, constantly monitoring the relationships between them. It can integrate with most common coding languages and can interact with data from any device including sensors, industrial machines and robots.

One of the primary benefits of PlataineEdgeTM is latency reduction in industrial scenarios where time is of the essence, by running analytics locally. In addition, uploading massive data to the cloud results in significant cost for manufacturers deploying IIoT. Filtering and cleansing data locally mean significant savings and improved performance.

Michal Diga, vice president of product management at Plataine, says: “PlataineEdgeTM allows manufacturing companies to benefit from the most advanced Edge computing capabilities. The system takes advantage of its proximity to the factory floor, local systems and mobile assets, and understands the relationships between them. Plataine’s customers have already adopted PlataineEdgeTM which is rapidly becoming a vital component in Plataine’s product portfolio and are reporting significant benefits.”

Avner Ben-Bassat, president and CEO of Plataine, adds: “Edge computing is a key part of Industrial IoT and its relevance continuously grows. Industrial operations need to adopt both cloud and edge computing capabilities to get maximum value from their data in real time. PlataineEdgeTM maximizes customer efficiency through its unparalleled ability to analyze and understand when to transmit data to the cloud and when to apply edge-only solutions.”

About Plataine

Plataine is the leading provider of Industrial IoT and AI-based optimization solutions for advanced manufacturing. Plataine’s solutions provide intelligent, connected Digital Assistants for production floor management and staff, empowering manufacturers to make optimized decisions in real-time, every time. Plataine’s solutions are used by leading manufacturers, including Airbus, GE, Renault F1 Team, IAI, Triumph, General Atomics, TPI Composites, and AAT Composites. Plataine partners with Google Cloud, Siemens PLM, McKinsey & Company, Airborne, TE W&C, the AMRC with Boeing, and CTC GmbH (an Airbus Company), to advance the ‘Factory of the Future’ worldwide.

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