Copia Unveils Industrial DevOps Platform

Copia Automation launched the Copia Industrial DevOps Platform, a cloud-based Git solution that serves as an operational technology (OT) control center. The platform provides a clear view of all code within industrial operations to eliminate unexpected disruptions resulting from coding errors.

Industrial operations gain a strategic advantage with continuous quality control, production optimization, and preemptive crisis management to minimize product recalls, downtime, and safety or cyber threats, saving millions of dollars in lost productivity.

Amazon recently deployed Copia’s technology at its warehouses and expects an 80% reduction in unexpected downtime due to unapproved control changes — a significant increase in the scalability of code improvements — and a 25% improvement in high-severity issue resolution time. Copia has raised $30 million from investors since 2020, and has been adopted by more than 1,500 developers at 100 companies globally.

Industrial Automation Challenges 

  • Operational outages are common occurrences, causing severe disruptions that can halt plant operations and jeopardize the integrity of entire industrial systems. When a Toyota computer system in Japan malfunctioned in August 2023, production was halted in 14 factories for a full day, costing the company an estimated $356 million in revenue.
  • Quick-fix engineering updates and localized modifications to automated manufacturing processes are commonly used as short-term solutions but there is no way to detect and validate these ad hoc code changes.
  • With no way to trace or account for these changes, conflicting operations can occur leading to expensive production failures that require huge amounts of time to investigate and resolve.

Copia brings many of the concepts, tools, and best practices that helped DevOps revolutionize the IT industry (e.g. visibility, automation, validation, and quality control) to the operational technology industry. Mitigation with Industrial DevOps, modern practices and toolsets provide unprecedented visibility and control over industrial code in development, production, and management throughout project lifetimes. As coding at scale increases at industry sites, Copia offers enhanced code visibility to:

  • Enable greater collaboration among coders
  • Provide a one-stop platform for all files and upgrades
  • Boost efficiency by standardizing code and upgrades across multiple sites
  • Supply actionable visibility and control, and immediate disaster recovery

About Copia Automation

With its headquarters in New York City, Copia Automation is a member of the World Economic Forum as a Technology Pioneer in Manufacturing.

The Copia platform provides a reliable single source of truth for code across various devices, languages, and locations to eliminate system malfunctions and downtime, expedite disaster recovery, and facilitate effortless quality control to optimize operations and increase revenues.

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Farnell, Würth Elektronik Partner for IoT Connectivity

through RF Excellence

LEEDS, UK, June 14, 2024 – Farnell has announced a collaboration with Würth Elektronik (WE) to highlight the many benefits of high-quality RF components, which play a key role in ensuring reliable wireless connectivity for a huge range of consumer and industrial applications.

Farnell product segment leader for Würth Elektronik, Josh Ahern, said, “This ‘WE connect dots!’ campaign is designed to inspire design engineers to fully appreciate that high quality RF components are ultimately what will enable them to deliver devices that can be counted on to perform at the highest level. It is in their interest to fully explore what WE can contribute to their success.”

The WE product portfolio includes all necessary components for IoT devices such as RF inductors and capacitors; chip and rod antennas; chip filters and baluns; and coaxial connectors and radio modules required for the assembly of any kind of wireless interface.

Chip antennas provide very good performance in a compact design with little design modification. Rod antennas offer performance with value for those who are not as constrained by space limitations. For the very experienced design engineer, PCB antennas are also available for highly miniaturized applications.

Customers can also purchase antenna matching design kit for their antenna selection and matching needs.

As for baluns and filters, WE offers the WE-LPF and WE-BPF multilayer chip low-pass and band-pass filters that feature low insertion loss and high attenuation in the stop-band with guaranteed performance characteristics. The WE-BAL multilayer chip balun is a 2W, low-loss SMT balun with balanced impedance of 50 to 200 Ω, able to operate over a wide temperature range.

Capacitors from the WE range include the low-capacitance, high-tolerance WCAP-CSRF high frequency MLCC; hermetically sealed WE-XTAL crystals (both SMT and THT models); and a wide collection of configurable coax connectors.

RF inductors include compact and small size RF Inductors, WE-MK multilayer ceramic chip inductor and WE-TCI thin film chip inductor, along with the high performance WE-CAIR air core inductor and price-performance balanced WE-KI wire wound ceramic inductor.

Farnell’s Josh added, “The success of IoT is largely down to robust and reliable RF connectivity, and Würth Elektronik has a depth of expertise that we are proud to make available to our customers.”

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About Farnell Global

Farnell Global is a fast and reliable distributor of products and technology for electronic and industrial system design, maintenance and repair.  From research and design through prototype to production, Farnell helps its customers access the products and services they need 24/7.  With more than 80 years of experience, 47 localized websites, and a dedicated team of over 3,500 employees, Farnell provides every component its customers need to build the technology of tomorrow.

Farnell Global has been part of the established global technology distributor, Avnet, since 2016. Today, this relationship allows the company to support its customers at every stage of the product life cycle, offering a truly unique distribution model, as well as expertise in end-to-end delivery and product design.

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L-com Launches Bulgin Wired Connectivity Products

for Harsh Environments

IRVINE, CA, June 14, 2024 – L-com, an Infinite Electronics brand and a supplier of wired and wireless connectivity products, has just added a variety of Bulgin wired connectivity products for harsh environments. They consist of power entry modules, circular power connectors, circular data connectors, push-button switches, battery holders and fuse holders. Bulgin is a renowned designer and manufacturer of environmentally sealed connectors and electronic components.

Most of L-com’s new Bulgin products are made to withstand harsh environments, with ingress protection ratings such as IP69K, IP68 and IP66. This makes them ideal for applications such as industrial, commercial, marine/wastewater, transportation, medical, agricultural and food processing.

The flange-mount power entry modules (PEMs) are C14 style AC outlets with a choice of 6.3 mm quick-connect or 2.8 mm solder terminal connections. Each has a spare fuse-holder for immediate replacement when needed.

The Bulgin circular power connectors come in mating plug-and-socket pairs, with options for 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 12 or 25 contact configurations. They have either an IP68 or a food-processing-grade IP69K rating with waterproof wiring. They handle up to 12 amps and 277 volts.

The circular data connectors are inline or chassis-mount and come in Ethernet or USB versions. They have either an IP68 or IP69K rating with waterproof wiring. Other advantages include a damage-resistant alignment feature and EMI protection for noise immunity.

The Bulgin panel-mount push-button switches are panel-sealed to IP66 or IP68 specifications. They are a single-contact push design, have integral supply resistors and TVS protection, and are vandal-resistant. Their bright daylight LEDs come in several color options and LED ring illumination.

The removable/latching drawer-style battery holders include options for AA, C, D, or nine-volt (PP3) batteries, and they can be wired in series or in pairs. Mounting options cover PCB, panel or base. There are multi-up versions for holding multiple batteries at once.

The snap-fit-mount Bulgin fuse-holders handle fuse sizes 5 x 20 mm and protect them with panel-sealed IP68 or IP66 ratings. They feature a captive drawer, integral protection against electric shock, and bayonet screwdriver release.

“You get the best of two worlds with this wide new offering,” said Product Line Manager Dan Rebeck. “You get products made by Bulgin, which is renowned for its designs that stand up to severe environments. And you get L-com’s unrivaled fast delivery and customer service.”

L-com’s new Bulgin wired connectivity products for harsh environments are in stock now and available for immediate shipment.

About L-com

L-com, a leading manufacturer of wired and wireless connectivity products, offers a wide range of solutions and unrivaled customer service for the electronics and data communications industries. The company’s product portfolio includes cable assemblies, connectors, adapters, antennas, enclosures, surge protectors and more. Headquartered in North Andover, MA, L-com is ISO 9001:2015-certified and many of its products are UL recognized. L-com is an Infinite Electronics brand.

About Infinite Electronics

Infinite operates a global portfolio of leading in-stock connectivity solution brands. The brands help propel the world’s innovators forward by working urgently to provide products, solutions and real-time support for their customers. Backed by Warburg Pincus, Infinite’s brands serve customers across a wide range of industries with a broad inventory selection, same-day shipping and 24/7 customer service.

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Siemens, Samsung Foundry to Expand 3D-IC Enablement Tools

PLANO, TX, June 14, 2024 – Siemens Digital Industries Software today announced that, in collaboration with Samsung Foundry, they have developed compelling new capabilities for the manufacture of multi-die packaged designs at advanced nodes and achieved a host of new product certifications for many of Siemens’ industry-leading IC design and verification technologies.

“Our expanded collaboration with Siemens EDA will help us deliver advanced design enablement solutions that address the evolving needs of our customers,” said Sungjae Lee, vice president and head of Foundry PDK Development Team at Samsung Electronics. “By aligning our roadmaps and optimizing the entire design flow, we can drive advanced packaging innovation across key markets like 5G, automotive, and AI.”

Siemens and Samsung: boosting 3D-IC manufacturability

Siemens and Samsung Foundry recently collaborated to update process design kits (PDKs) that seamlessly integrate into Siemens’ Xpedition Substrate Integrator (XSI) software and Xpedition Package Designer (XPD) software – an achievement that allows Samsung to deliver robust PDK updates to mutual customers with minimal disruption to design processes. Siemens’ XSI software empowers engineers to construct a comprehensive digital twin model of an entire multi-die device, enabling seamless design integrations capable of driving all downstream design, analysis, verification, and signoff activities.

Samsung also successfully evaluated Siemens’ digitally integrated High Density Advanced Packaging (HDAP) flow for the foundry’s MDI (multi-die-integration) packaging process. Siemens’ Calibre xACT 3D software and Calibre xL parasitic extraction tools, which quickly and accurately extract register clock parasitics in complex 2.5D and 3D packaging configurations, are now certified for Samsung’s most advanced process nodes, as part of Siemens’ larger Calibre nmPlatform tool. The parasitic extraction tools within Calibre support signal integrity-aware analysis of entire high bandwidth memory (HBM) channels implemented on 3.5D silicon interposers. Samsung has also qualified decks (4nm technology) for the dies with through silicon vias (TSV) and validated the capability and accuracy of the Calibre parasitic extraction tools for TSV extraction and TSV coupling extraction tasks.

Samsung certifies multiple Siemens EDA product lines and reference flows

Among the many additional recent achievements of the Siemens EDA/Samsung partnership are:

  • Siemens’ Calibre nmPlatform software for integrated circuit (IC) verification signoff, which includes Siemens’ new Calibre DesignEnhancer software, is now fully certified for Samsung Foundry’s latest and greatest process technologies. More specifically, Samsung has qualified Siemens’ Calibre xACT parasitic extraction tool for the foundry’s multi-bridge-channel FET (MBCFET), an optimized version of Gate-All-Around (GAA) transistor technology. Siemens used novel methodologies for the efficient technology description and accurate extraction of parasitics of advanced transistor technologies beyond 3nm.
  • Samsung and Siemens have also leveraged AI-powered custom IC verification technologies such as Solido Design Environment and Solido Characterization Suite software to enhance variation-aware verification and characterization, as well as Solido Crosscheck software for comprehensive IP quality assurance.
  • Samsung has qualified Siemens’ Analog FastSPICE (AFS) platform for the foundry’s latest processes for SPICE accurate applications. Siemens’ AFS platform is now certified across Samsung Foundry’s FinFET, Extreme UltraViolet (EUV) and GAA fabrication processes (SF4X, SF3P, SF2). AFS is also now qualified for Samsung Foundry’s fully depleted-silicon on insulator (FD-SOI) LN18FDS process technology. With these certifications, mutual customers can now verify their designs using Siemens’ AFS platform with SPICE accuracy and high performance.
  • The two organizations have successfully continued their collaboration around open model interface (OMI) development with Si2’s Compact Model Coalition (CMC). OMI, the industry-standard platform for enabling aging modeling and reliability analysis, is now supported by Siemens’ AFS platform across Samsung Foundry’s processes from 14nm to 2nm.
  • Samsung has also certified Siemens’ Aprisa software for digital implementation for the foundry’s SF3P process node. With this certification, customers using Aprisa for digital implementation tasks can design projects at SF3P with fully certified technology, proven correlation with Siemens’ Calibre sign-off tools and support for all the design rules and features of Samsung Foundry’s advanced GAA process technology platform.
  • Further, Samsung and Siemens have created new design implementation solutions that improve power structure robustness and reduce design cycle time. Calibre DesignEnhancer, which is part of Siemens’ Shift Left initiative, takes the foundry’s rules and automatically performs layout optimization tasks that enhance the customer’s design. Calibre DesignEnhancer currently has three use models that use the Calibre platform to deliver DRC clean results, and multiple customers have successfully proven all three Calibre DesignEnhancer use models.
    • DE Via, which maximizes via insertion to minimize IR drop,
    • DE Pge, which inserts both vias and parallel interconnects that optimize the power structure to achieve EMIR targets, and
    • DE Pvr, which can save hours by effectively inserting DCAP and Filler cells that are required to run physical verification.
  • From an IC Test perspective, the partners have established a new design methodology reference flow that supports high-quality testing and precise diagnosis for Samsung’s advanced nodes. Built on DFT technology in Siemens’ Tessent software featuring Siemens’ Tessent TestKompress software, CellModelGen and Diagnosis engines, the solution generates comprehensive fault models, enabling physical defect-based Automatic Test Pattern Generation (ATPG) and scan diagnosis. Covering a wide range of defects, including cell-internal bridge, open, transistor, and port defects, as well as critical area-based interconnect bridge and open and inter-cell bridge defects, this advancement addresses zero DPPM and diagnosis challenges for inside cell and interconnects.

“In today’s fast-paced IC design and fabrication landscape, synergy between partners is essential to meeting the increasingly challenging and complex requirements of our mutual customers,” said Mike Ellow, CEO of Silicon Systems for Siemens Digital Industries Software. “Our collaboration with Samsung Foundry epitomizes this synergy. Together, we’re working to deliver the power, performance and area advantages of 3D-IC architectures for our mutual customers. These advances, together with a raft of new Siemens EDA product certifications and novel design innovations, are now available to help our mutual customers differentiate and win in exceedingly competitive global markets.”

About Siemens Digital Industries Software

Siemens Digital Industries Software helps organizations of all sizes digitally transform using software, hardware and services from the Siemens Xcelerator business platform. Siemens’ software and the comprehensive digital twin enable companies to optimize their design, engineering and manufacturing processes to turn today’s ideas into the sustainable products of the future. From chips to entire systems, from product to process, across all industries. Siemens Digital Industries Software – Accelerating transformation.

nLIGHT, EOS Form Joint Strategic Cooperation

CAMAS, WA and KRAILLING, Germany, June 14, 2024 – nLIGHT, Inc., a leading provider of high-power semiconductor and fiber lasers, and EOS, a global leader of additive manufacturing (AM) technologies, today announced an executed Letter of Intent (LOI) to pursue a joint strategic technology cooperation, making nLIGHT’s beam shaping lasers available in EOS’ metal AM systems.

The cooperation between nLIGHT and EOS includes the implementation of a series of complementary laser-based technologies to optimize the AM light engine for robust industrial 3D printing production. nLIGHT and EOS plan to make beam shaping and light engine optimization capabilities available digitally, enabling customers to access different beam profiles via EOS software to activate higher productivity printing. AMCM, an EOS Group company focused on customized AM solutions, has already made the programmable AFX laser available in its metal AM systems. The LOI between nLIGHT and EOS represents an evolution of this relationship.

nLIGHT’s programmable AFX laser offers seven different beam profiles in a single laser, ranging from an 85 micron spot size for maximum precision contours, to a 210 micron ring profile for faster printing, improved process stability and reduced soot and spatter. nLIGHT AFX lasers deliver printing speeds up to three times faster for 316L steel and aluminum compared to a standard 400W process.

“EOS is an industry leader in additive manufacturing, and nLIGHT is proud to partner with a company that shares our vision for bringing significant improvements to the additive manufacturing landscape,” said Scott Keeney, CEO of nLIGHT. “The teams and technologies at nLIGHT and EOS are highly complementary; we are excited to build on the early success with AMCM to integrate our laser technologies into the wider EOS portfolio.”

“We are always researching industry leading technologies to advance the industrialization of additive manufacturing to meet the emerging application demands and exceed customer expectations,” said Marie Langer, CEO of EOS. “The flexibility and performance gains of nLIGHT’s beam shaping and laser technologies gives us an unprecedented advancement in metal AM systems and will allow our customers to unleash a new level of productivity.”

nLIGHT and EOS plan to make the AFX-enabled machines available to customers in late-2024.

About nLIGHT

nLIGHT, Inc. is a leading provider of high-power semiconductor and fiber lasers for industrial, microfabrication, aerospace and defense applications. Their lasers are changing not only the way things are made but also the things that can be made. Headquartered in Camas, WA, nLIGHT employs over 900 people with operations in the US, China, Finland, Korea, Austria and Italy.

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About EOS

EOS provides responsible manufacturing solutions via industrial 3D printing technologies to organizations around the world. Since 1989, EOS has shaped the future of manufacturing by enabling its customers to innovate and differentiate through expert guidance, technology and services, leveraging its end-to-end additive manufacturing (AM) industry partnerships. From strategy to education to production, EOS is the leading global partner for both metal and polymer AM solutions, accelerating time-to-market for its customers through high-quality production efficiencies and sustainable solutions.

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TraceAir, PermitFlow Partner for Construction

SEATTLE, WA, June 14, 2024 – TraceAir, a leading provider of site intelligence software for homebuilders and land developers, today announced a strategic partnership with PermitFlow, a leading construction permit application and management software for builders and owners. This collaboration will transform the homebuilding and residential construction industries by streamlining workflows and simplifying the regulatory navigation process.

The TraceAir and PermitFlow partnership will address critical pain points in the construction industry. TraceAir’s customers can access PermitFlow’s innovative permit management solutions, making it easier to comply with complex regulations. Similarly, PermitFlow’s users will benefit from TraceAir’s advanced land development tools, enabling more efficient project planning and budget management.

“We are excited to partner with PermitFlow to offer our clients a comprehensive solution that addresses their needs throughout the entire construction lifecycle,” said Maria Khokhlova, co-founder of TraceAir. “Together, we are committed to empowering builders and contractors with the tools they need to succeed in today’s competitive market.”

The partnership marks a significant milestone in the effort to enhance efficiency and productivity in the homebuilding and residential construction sectors. TraceAir and PermitFlow are well-positioned to lead a new era in construction project management by leveraging each other’s technologies and expertise.

“This partnership with TraceAir represents a pivotal moment for the construction industry,” added Francis Thumpasery, co-founder and CEO of PermitFlow. “By partnering with TraceAir, we are setting a new standard for efficiency and reliability in project execution. We believe our combined efforts will make a substantial difference in managing construction projects, paving the way for a smoother, more streamlined process that benefits all stakeholders.”

The strategic partnership between TraceAir and PermitFlow exemplifies their shared commitment to innovation and their dedication to improving the construction industry.

About TraceAir

TraceAir is the premier provider of construction site analysis and management solutions, revolutionizing the modern approach to land development and homebuilding. TraceAir’s platform captures valuable 3D project data and empowers construction teams by significantly saving time and reducing the risk of costly errors and delays. TraceAir’s diverse team of technology enthusiasts, engineers, drone pilots, project managers, and software developers is driven by a passion for construction and a commitment to advancing the success of clients across the globe.

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About PermitFlow

PermitFlow is the first construction permit application and management platform for builders and owners. Founded in 2021 by Samuel Lam and Francis Thumpasery, they are on a mission to streamline and simplify construction permitting in the United States, unlocking more value in the $1.6 trillion construction market. Their software reduces time to permit while standardizing municipalities’ building permit submittal process in a single platform. They support permitting end-to-end including permit research, application preparation, submission, and monitoring. With their nationwide coverage and deep, local municipal expertise, PermitFlow helps builders permit whether in a single municipality or across multiple states.

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Manitou Introduces Online Configurator by PARTsolutions

CINCINNATI, OH and WHITE BEAR LAKE, MN, June 14, 2024 – Manitou Manufacturing, a leading provider of stamped steel bearing housings and bronze bushed bearing assemblies, has launched an advanced online product configurator, created by CADENAS PARTsolutions. This transformative tool enables customers to seamlessly customize and download CAD files for Manitou’s renowned ball bearing mountings and agricultural bearings directly from the company’s website.

With a focus on high-volume production and unparalleled precision, Manitou Manufacturing specializes in delivering flanges to meet the diverse needs of OEMs, distributors, and design engineers. The newly introduced configurator revolutionizes the procurement process by offering customers instant access to customizable CAD files, eliminating the need for manual requests and reducing turnaround times.

“Our main product line consists of ball bearing mountings, which serve as integral components across various industries,” stated Naomi Mamer, the production manager at Manitou Manufacturing Co. “With the introduction of our online configurator, design engineers and procurement professionals can effortlessly access CAD files tailored to their specifications. The ease of use helps to make the design and procurement process more efficient.”

Prior to the implementation of the configurator, customers typically relied on manual requests via email or phone to obtain CAD files. The introduction of the online tool not only enhances accessibility but also addresses the evolving preferences of modern buyers, who seek streamlined solutions for sourcing product data and specifications.

“By offering a user-friendly interface and seamless integration with existing workflows, Manitou aims to elevate the customer experience and empower design engineers to bring their visions to life,” added Mamer.

In addition to customizable CAD downloads, the Manitou configurator provides comprehensive PDF data sheets, catering to the increasing demand for detailed product information. This new approach ensures that customer have access to all necessary resources to make informed decisions and integrate Manitou’s products directly into their projects.

About Manitou Manufacturing:

Manitou Manufacturing is a leading manufacturer of stamped steel bearing housings and bronze brushed bearing assemblies, serving diverse industries with precision-engineered solutions. With a commitment to quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, Manitou Manufacturing continues to innovate and set industry standards in bearing mounting solutions.

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About CADENAS PARTsolutions

CADENAS PARTsolutions provides 3D part catalogs and product configuration solutions, helping industrial component manufacturers increase sales leads and ensure that components get “designed in” to OEM products.

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Sev1Tech Joins Digital Twin Consortium as Contributing Member

BOSTON, MA, June 13, 2024 – The Digital Twin Consortium (DTC) announced that Sev1Tech, a leading provider of information technology, engineering, and mission support services for government and commercial entities, has joined the Consortium. Sev1Tech joined the DTC to collaborate on research, testing, and standards for digital twins, digital threads, MBSE, AI/ML, and the intersection of the technologies. In addition, Greg Porter, Principal Solutions Architect at Sev1Tech, will join the DTC Steering Committee.

“We’re excited to have Sev1Tech’s Greg Porter join the DTC Steering Committee and to the guidance he will offer, based on his extensive experience working with the government and private sector on digital twins and related technologies,” said Dan Isaacs, DTC’s GM and CTO. “Sev1Tech’s move to the Steering Committee level continues their strong commitment to bringing forward their leadership and innovation. Their practical expertise and combination of Digital Twins, Reality Capture, and AI knowledge with their multi-agent approach, as presented at prior Quarterly member meetings, proves to be a valuable addition to DTC working groups, advancing the level of work product.”

“Our new Digital Twin Platform Solution represents a significant leap forward in harnessing the power of data to drive innovation and efficiency. By providing a comprehensive, real-time digital replica of physical assets, we empower our clients to optimize operations, reduce costs, and enhance decision-making processes,” said Greg Porter. “By being part of the Digital Twin Consortium for this groundbreaking technology reflects our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers in a rapidly changing digital landscape.”

At Sev1Tech, Greg sets strategies and builds technologies around artificial intelligence, machine learning, data engineering, digital threads, and digital twins. He has spent the last decade assisting clients across many different government and commercial entities in designing and implementing these technologies. For the past two years, Greg worked with NASA on the creation of the Industrial Metaverse, a dynamic twin-of-twins platform capable of incorporating all of NASA’s campuses and manufacturing into a single digital domain. You can find more information on Sev1Tech’s Digital Twin capabilities and platform here (

Sev1Tech is a trusted IT consulting firm dedicated to transforming and securing critical missions for U.S. government agencies and major commercial organizations in classified and unclassified environments. We specialize in IT modernization, cybersecurity, cloud services, network solutions and engineering and manufacturing support.

Sev1Tech supports a wide range of government missions, including those for the Air Force, Space Force, Army, Navy, NASA, Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and other Department of Defense (DoD) and commercial aerospace.

With a strong emphasis on corporate responsibility and service excellence, the Sev1Tech team of experts ensure innovative solutions are delivered to their customers.

View the complete DTC Steering Committee.

About Sev1Tech

Sev1Tech provides IT modernization, cloud, cybersecurity, engineering, training and program support services to U.S. government agencies and major commercial organizations. Headquartered in the Washington D.C. metro area, Sev1Tech is a trusted contractor supporting critical missions across the defense, intelligence, homeland security, space, and health markets. Sev1Tech delivers excellence through highly qualified people, CMMI SVC 3, ISO 9001, ISO 20000, ISO 27001 and ISO 27017 certified processes, and cutting-edge technology.

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About Digital Twin Consortium

Digital Twin Consortium is The Authority in Digital Twin. It coalesces industry, government, and academia to drive consistency in vocabulary, architecture, security, and interoperability of digital twin technology. It advances digital twin technology in many industries, from aerospace to natural resources.

For more information about Digital Twin Consortium, please visit

MongoDB Joins Digital Twin Consortium as Member

BOSTON, MA, June 13, 2024 – The Digital Twin Consortium (DTC) announced that MongoDB has joined the consortium. MongoDB‘s developer data platform helps organizations drive innovation at scale by providing a unified way to work with data that addresses transactional workloads, app-driven analytics, full-text search, AI-enhanced experiences, streaming data, and more. Adding MongoDB to the consortium simplifies access to its developer data platform for DTC’s network, creating digital replicas of physical assets, processes, and systems through bi-directional data and information synchronization.

“Joining the Digital Twin Consortium and its network of industry leaders allows MongoDB to help more organizations leverage real-time data and AI for improved decision-making, optimization, and innovation,” said Dr. Humza Akhtar, principal of industry solutions for manufacturing and motion at MongoDB. “MongoDB’s developer data platform can play a part in enhancing the development and prevalence of digital twin technology to ensure the technology solves real-world challenges and powers smarter applications across industries.”

“We’re excited to have MongoDB join the DTC,” said Dan Isaacs, DTC GM, and CTO. “MongoDB’s distributed scalable architectures and diverse data type management are ideally suited for a wide range of digital twin applications.  Their experience in streamlining software development and AI-infused applications will help to further the adoption of digital twins.”

About Digital Twin Consortium

Digital Twin Consortium is The Authority in Digital Twin. It coalesces industry, government, and academia to drive consistency in vocabulary, architecture, security, and interoperability of digital twin technology. It advances digital twin technology in many industries, from aerospace to natural resources.

For more information about Digital Twin Consortium, please visit

VTG Acquires Clear Cloud

CHANTILLY, VA, June 13, 2024 – VTG, an industry-leading national security solutions provider, announced that it has acquired Clear Cloud, LLC, strengthening its digital transformation capabilities and accelerating its Intelligence Community-focused growth strategy. Based in Northern Virginia, Clear Cloud delivers software, cloud, and data engineering solutions and services to US Intelligence Community customers and missions.

John Hassoun, VTG president & CEO

“We are excited to welcome Clear Cloud and its remarkably talented cadre of developers, engineers, and technologists to VTG,” said John Hassoun, VTG president and CEO. “The acquisition of Clear Cloud enables VTG to address emerging challenges to national security and highlights our commitment to investing in the software-oriented capabilities and expertise our Intelligence Community customers need most.”

Clear Cloud was founded in 2018 to provide innovative, secure, and scalable cloud solutions for enterprise-level and mission-critical national security programs. The Company’s customer-centric approach and differentiated expertise in custom Intelligence Community cloud environments have earned Clear Cloud a high-performance reputation for developing and deploying specialized applications, optimizing cloud operations, and ensuring mission success.

Clear Cloud co-founder and CEO, Dr. Charles Thomas, Jr. said, “I am extremely excited for the Clear Cloud team. This milestone is a testament to their dedication and exceptional talent, and a direct reflection of the outstanding contributions of each team member. VTG shares our commitment to the pursuit of excellence and our passion for creativity and innovation. We are thrilled to enter the next phase of our journey with such a great partner.”

The acquisition of Clear Cloud underscores and accelerates VTG’s software-oriented Intelligence Community growth strategy. It is VTG’s second acquisition since receiving a majority investment from private equity firm A&M Capital Partners in September 2023 and follows close on the heels of VTG’s April 2024 acquisition of digital transformation innovator Vana Solutions.

About VTG

VTG delivers modernization and digital transformation solutions that expand America’s competitive advantage in the modern battlespace. Headquartered in Chantilly, VA, VTG provides full lifecycle engineering for naval, aerospace, network, and digital requirements. Whether at sea, in the air, on land, or in cyberspace, VTG delivers Tomorrow’s Transformation Today.

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About A&M Capital Partners

A&M Capital Partners is Alvarez & Marsal Capital’s flagship investment strategy focused on middle-market control transactions in North America with total commitments under management of $4.0 billion. A&M Capital Partners has a strong and referenceable track record of serving as a trusted partner to founders, corporates, and management teams, providing the capital and strategic assistance required to take businesses to the next level of success. A&M Capital Partners invests in businesses across a wide range of sectors including business services, industrials, manufacturing, food & beverage, healthcare, consumer & retail, government services, financial services and energy services.

About Alvarez & Marsal Capital

Alvarez & Marsal Capital is a multi-strategy private equity investment firm with approximately $5.9 billion in commitments under management across its funds and accounts. The firm is led by a highly experienced investment team, which is augmented by a strategic association with Alvarez & Marsal (“A&M”), one of the largest operationally-focused advisory firms in the world. Alvarez & Marsal Capital combines a focus on middle-market private equity investing, with deep operational expertise, industry knowledge and global corporate relationships, making Alvarez & Marsal Capital an attractive partner to management teams and business owners. Alvarez & Marsal Capital is headquartered in Greenwich, CT with offices in Los Angeles, CA and London, England.

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