Keysight Introduces RFPro Circuit

SANTA ROSA, CA, Apr 19, 2024 – Keysight Technologies, Inc. introduces RFPro Circuit, a next-generation radio frequency (RF) simulation tool targeting the complex, multi-physics requirements of today’s RF integrated circuit (RFIC) designers. Wireless, automotive, and satellite designers can now deliver robust designs that overcome performance challenges in dense 3D packaging, taking advantage of interoperability and automation to form complex workflows.

Keysight’s new W5600E RFPro Circuit provides advanced, multi-physics simulation support for today’s RFIC designers working in Cadence Virtuoso and Synopsys Custom Compiler.

Keysight’s W5600E RFPro Circuit features a new modular architecture that ensures a consistent, streamlined environment for multi-physics co-design across Cadence, Synopsys, and Keysight electronic design automation (EDA) platforms. Optional electromagnetic (EM) and electro-thermal simulators also plug into this new environment, enabling faster design and troubleshooting of wireless RFICs.

Typically, RFIC designers perform sequential, single-domain verifications using expert tools, but have a difficult time identifying and troubleshooting multi-domain design issues until the end of the design process. Designers are often required to become domain experts, shouldering the overhead of setup and database manipulations for each tool. With the new RFPro Circuit simulator, these tools are more tightly integrated into highly automated and efficient workflows.

In addition to EM and electro-thermal simulators, Keysight provides RF-aware analyses for stability, system-level modulation and waveforms, and simulator settings. For example, designers can optimize a sophisticated 5G-Advanced power amplifier for error vector magnitude (EVM) while loaded with EM package parasitics. As 3D designs become denser and move into new millimeter wave frequencies, Keysight now offers a path to efficient design flows that are not only robust, but reliable enough to be used for training tomorrow’s artificial intelligence and machine learning automation in leading-edge microwave applications.

RFPro Circuit features include:

  • Standard DC, AC, S-parameter, Harmonic Balance Transient, and Envelope Transient simulation modes
  • High accuracy modulation analysis; Winslow stability analysis; optimization; and faster one-time netlist parsing
  • Compatibility with Keysight’s extensive catalog of silicon and III-V compound semiconductor foundry process development kits (PDK). Advanced support for III-V processes, mixed hierarchies for 3D heterogeneous integration and packaging, and validation against system-level modulation.

Beyond RFPro Circuit’s numerous technical improvements, Keysight offers a flexible licensing model that gives RFIC designers greater simulation freedom and instant access to the latest features, in order to adapt to changing workflows on a daily basis. RFPro Circuit is available for immediate download for the Cadence Virtuoso and Synopsys Custom Compiler environments. Availability for the Keysight ADS environment is expected in late 2024.

Joe Civello, Director of RF/uW Products, Keysight EDA, said, “Keysight has a long and successful history providing industry-leading circuit simulation for RFIC and module designers. On top of speed and robustness, we’ve built RFPro Circuit to be the EDA industry’s most designer centric RFIC simulation tool, striving for flexibility, application orientation, and context awareness between multi-physics, high-performance compute, and integration into the major vendor workflows. Designers using RFPro Circuit can accelerate their engineering cycles and shift left more of their verification effort from physical into virtual prototyping where it’s easier and less costly to fix problems.”

About Keysight Technologies

At Keysight, they inspire and empower innovators to bring world-changing technologies to life. As an S&P 500 company, they’re delivering market-leading design, emulation, and test solutions to help engineers develop and deploy faster, with less risk, throughout the entire product lifecycle. They’re a global innovation partner enabling customers in communications, industrial automation, aerospace and defense, automotive, semiconductor, and general electronics markets to accelerate innovation to connect and secure the world.

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Altair Acquires Cambridge Semantics

TROY, MI, Apr 19, 2024 – Altair a global leader in computational intelligence, acquired Cambridge Semantics, a modern data fabric provider and creator of one of the industry’s leading analytical graph databases. Cambridge Semantics’ graph-powered data fabric technology accelerates the creation of comprehensive enterprise knowledge graphs, integrating the complex web of structured and unstructured enterprise data together into a single, simplified view.

Bringing together Cambridge Semantics’ transformational knowledge graph technology with Altair’s leading tools for data analytics and data science offers organizations a solid foundation for building advanced analytics ecosystems that inject artificial intelligence (AI) into day-to-day business operations.

“Knowledge graphs are key pieces of data fabrics. They put the right data in the right hands at the right time. We believe Cambridge Semantics brings the fastest and most scalable knowledge graphs to organizations who have significant data volumes and deep questions,” said James R. Scapa, founder and chief executive officer, Altair. “Additionally, knowledge graphs are critical for successful generative AI applications as they provide the business context necessary to ground generative AI models, eliminate hallucinations, and dramatically improve response quality.”

Cambridge Semantics’ technologies will be integrated into the Altair RapidMiner platform, adding knowledge graph, data governance, data virtualization, and data discovery technology to the platform’s existing data preparation, ETL, data science, business intelligence, MLOps, workload management, and orchestration tools.

“Joining Altair is a natural transition for Cambridge Semantics as we seek to accelerate the pace of our technology adoption,” said Charles Pieper, chairman and chief executive officer, Cambridge Semantics. “Cambridge Semantics has historically been successful with Fortune 500 government, defense, life science and manufacturing organizations. Bringing Cambridge Semantics to Altair’s broad customer base through the Altair Units business model – and integrating it into Altair RapidMiner – is an exciting prospect for us and for our customers.”

Cambridge Semantics was founded in 2007 by an innovation and engineering team from IBM’s Advanced Technology Group with a shared belief that semantic graph data models were a transformational technology destined to help organizations exploit their data in unprecedented ways: fueling analytics, revealing new insights, and enabling strategically important, competitive differentiation. Its technical team was fundamental to the development of data warehouses IBM Netezza and Amazon Redshift and represents one of the largest single collections of knowledge graph experts in the world.

“This acquisition adds deep data warehousing expertise to our already strong analytics and data science team, creating an enhanced core group of engineers that understand the entire data lifecycle – from data creation to real impact,” said Srikanth Mahalingam, chief technology officer, Altair. “We are all excited about where this combined team and technology will take us.”

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About Altair

Altair is a global leader in computational intelligence that provides software and cloud solutions in simulation, high-performance computing (HPC), data analytics, and AI. Altair enables organizations across all industries to compete more effectively and drive smarter decisions in an increasingly connected world – all while creating a greener, more sustainable future.

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ENGYS Releases HELYX v4.2.0

ENGYS has announced the release of HELYX version 4.2.0. HELYX v4.2.0 empowers engineers worldwide to tackle complex fluid dynamics challenges with confidence.

What’s New in HELYX v4.2.0

HELYX v4.2.0 introduces several new capabilities and improvements, including:

  • Advanced Automation: enhanced Python Journaling system and Macro Library for seamless automation of simulation tasks.
  • New Geometry tab: to load, manage and manipulate CAD files and suface data in the GUI prior to meshing.
  • Improved Mesh Generation: new Multi-Mesh interface for generating complex meshes by combining multiple grids into single-region or multi-region domains.
  • Extended Unified Solver Framework: new solver models and extended physics to enable modular multi-physics simulations for complex engineering problems.
  • New Boundary Conditions: for more accurate and realistic simulations, enhancing simulation fidelity.
  • Enhanced Visualization: new Turbo post-processing tools for detailed turbo machinery design and analysis, including a dedicated interface to CFturbo.

Accessing HELYX v4.2.0

Existing users of HELYX can access version 4.2.0 by logging in to the ENGYS Customer Portal and navigating to the Downloads section. Installation files are available for Linux and Windows operating systems.

Learn More about HELYX v4.2.0

To learn more about HELYX 4.2.0 and its features, join us in this on-demand webinar where we discuss the new features and demonstrate how they can benefit your CFD projects.

Explore HELYX v4.2.0 at ENGYS UGM 2024

Discover more about HELYX v4.2.0 at the ENGYS User Group Meeting (UGM) at Brooklands Museum, UK, from October 23 to 25, 2024. Join us for a full-day HELYX workshop session and two days packed with presentations, insights, and networking with CFD experts. Registrations are free and can be completed on the ENGYS UGM website.

About ENGYS:

ENGYS develops, supports, and delivers best-in-class, enterprise CFD software solutions based on open-source technologies. Their main software products include HELYX and ELEMENTS, along with specialized add-on modules for adjoint-based optimization and advanced flow simulations. ENGYS operates globally through a network of offices and distributors, serving engineers and researchers worldwide.

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