OnLogic, EdgeIQ Partner for IoT Orchestration Devices

SOUTH BURLINGTON, VT, Apr 16, 2020 – OnLogic, has partnered with device management software specialists, EdgeIQ, to create a line of hardened, small form factor IoT orchestration devices that offer simple installation wherever they’re needed, including plug-and-play setup and activation.

“IoT deployments are complicated enough, so we’ve worked with EdgeIQ to create zero-touch hardware that’s ready to deploy right out of the box,” said OnLogic solution architect Johnny Chen. “Users can have their hardware shipped to any location where any technician, even one unfamiliar with the software, can plug it in and have the device immediately appear in their account control center. IT never needs to handle or setup the device, which can save significant time and money and removes any potential for human error, particularly when deploying a large number of devices.”

Designed for the challenges of the modern factory, OnLogic IoT orchestration solutions leverage EdgeIQ software and AWS IoT Core for feature-rich device management at the edge and in the cloud. With this integrated solution, edge processing, serverless computing, machine learning, event and container management and secure data federation for device networks of any size is available in a single pane of glass.

OnLogic has worked with EdgeIQ to pre-certify a range of industrial hardware platforms for EdgeIQ software, reducing the technical expertise required to set up a new device to almost zero. Users are able to monitor the overall health of large scale deployments and centrally manage software updates and installation for all of their connected devices.

“OnLogic hardware already offers superior connection flexibility, high reliability and low power draw, all while providing impressive computing power,” said Michael Campbell, EdgeIQ chief executive officer. “When combined with EdgeIQ software technology, customers get powerful out-of-the-box management with zero-touch configuration capabilities, all shipped directly to them, ready to go. Add seamless connectivity to AWS IoT Core and comprehensive management of AWS IoT Greengrass or other applications, and you have device management capabilities that simply weren’t possible even just 6 months ago.”

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About OnLogic

A global industrial PC manufacturer and solution provider focused on hardware for the IoT edge, OnLogic designs highly-configurable computers engineered for reliability. Their systems operate in the harshest environments and power innovation in the evolving Internet of Things. Fueled by a unique direct-to-customer business model that combines vertical integration, modular product design and a powerful online platform, OnLogic offers computers “designed to last, built to order, and delivered in days.” Founded in 2003 as Logic Supply, the company has served more than 70,000 customers. OnLogic has offices in the US, Netherlands, Taiwan and Malaysia.

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About Edge IQ

EdgeIQ is CRM for Machines and the leading provider of device management and orchestration software for edge devices and connected products. EdgeIQ is an API-first platform that allows organizations to invest their resources on product innovation and operational efficiency – not building undifferentiated infrastructure software. EdgeIQ is used by leading product manufacturers, enterprises, ISVs and service providers to deploy, monitor, manage hundreds of thousands of devices and their data into their powerful, distributed value chains.

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