ODA Updates Meshing for 3D Solid Models, FEA

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, Jan 24, 2022 – Open Design Alliance (ODA), provider of complete interoperability solutions for CAD and BIM, announced the release of improved meshing in its full line of interoperability toolkits for engineering applications. Meshing is the process of subdividing a continuous geometric space into discrete geometric and topological cells. Applications of meshing include visualization of 3D solid models and finite element analysis (FEA).

ODA’s meshing support now generates more consistent meshes, where each border triangle within a mesh has an adjacent triangle with a common edge. This gives the resulting mesh a more uniform and symmetrical appearance.

The improved meshing is used across the full ODA product line to visualize 3D solids from DWG files, Autodesk Revit files, IFC and STEP models, and more.

“ODA is committed to high-quality visualization,” said Neil Peterson, ODA president. “Our improved meshing is a small part of this commitment, which includes high performance, efficient handling of large CAD and BIM models, and superior visual fidelity.”

Availability and Pricing

ODA’s improved meshing is available in all its interoperability SDKs, version 22.12 and later. ODA SDKs are available for download by ODA members at opendesign.com.

Pricing for ODA memberships and components can be found at opendesign.com/pricing.

About Open Design Alliance

ODA develops complete interoperability solutions for CAD and BIM. Their SDKs provide data access, creation, visualization, Web collaboration and publishing for a wide range of engineering file formats. ODA is supported by more than 1200 member companies, including software developers, manufacturers, government entities, AEC firms, major retailers and other organizations spread across every engineering discipline.

For more information, visit www.opendesign.com.

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