Lockheed Martin Space Selects ESTECO’s VOLTA

TRIESTE, Italy, Jan 24, 2022 – ESTECO announces that Lockheed Martin Space has selected VOLTA as the integrated analysis tool for its Total System Model (TSM) framework, as part of its overall digital engineering transformation.

Developed by ESTECO, VOLTA is a server-based, innovative enterprise platform for simulation process and data management (SPDM) and design optimization. Its advanced data management and collaboration capabilities will play a vital role in supporting Lockheed Martin Space’s initiative for an integrated digital tool ecosystem.

Their TSM framework is coming into place to support the company’s product development efforts and accelerate the delivery of engineering artifacts to downstream consumers. This “ecosystem” is composed of a mix of heritage tools – proprietary internal and COTS – and new capability to fulfill their digitally-connected vision. The TSM will be the single source of truth for design information  in which model data are available and integrated across disciplines. This  enables continuous design evolution and synchronization while model data drives the delivery of engineering scope across the full program life cycle.

Modern and secure, VOLTA was chosen as the platform that weaves together the digital models, operational procedures, and engineering practices that create an integrated digital thread.

“We are very proud that Lockheed Martin Space has selected VOLTA for its Total System Model initiative,” said Roel Van De Velde, vice president of aerospace and defense for ESTECO. “Digital Engineering transformations can only be successful if all stakeholders are part of that transformation, and have an easy-to-use framework at their disposal that will democratize capabilities that used to be in the hands of a few experts. VOLTA’s modern web interface allows for real time collaboration on integrated analysis and multidisciplinary design optimization. Through its tiered access, it’s easy to version control, share and re-use data across teams or between individuals. We are looking forward to supporting Lockheed Martin Space in their Digital Engineering transformation journey.”


ESTECO is an independent software company, highly specialized in numerical optimization and simulation process and data management. With more than 20 years of experience, ESTECO supports over 300 international organizations in excelling in their digital engineering experience, accelerating the decision-making process and reducing development time. Ford Motor Company, Honda, Lockheed Martin, Toyota and Whirlpool are just a few of the major companies relying on ESTECO technology.

ESTECO is the owner of VOLTA, the innovative enterprise platform for simulation process and data management and design optimization, and modeFRONTIER, the leading software solution for simulation process automation and optimization in the engineering design process.

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