ODA Opens BimNv Licensing

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, Apr 16, 2020 – Open Design Alliance (ODA), leading provider of CAD interoperability and component technology, announced today the availability of new licensing options for its BimNv SDK. BimNv provides data access and visualization for Autodesk Navisworks files from any application on any platform.

“BimNv development was initiated by group of ODA members through our Special Interest Group (SIG) program,” commented Neil Peterson, ODA president. “With our new licensing options, we expect to see expanded usage of this technology, particularly among our members in Australia, where Navisworks support is mandated by certain government agencies.”

Sergey Vishnevetsky, ODA development director, said, “BimNv is also integrated with our Open Cloud technology for convenient web-based visualization and access.”

Write support for Navisworks files is in progress and will be available Q4 2020. The BimNv SDK, including a free 60-day trial version, is available for download at www.opendesign.com.

About Open Design Alliance

ODA builds SDKs for people who work with complex engineering data. We offer platform-agnostic solutions for proprietary and open engineering formats, including data access, visualization, cloud development, publishing and more.

Learn more at www.opendesign.com.

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