Number One Releases Easy-PC v24

TEWKESBURY, UK, Sep 17, 2020 – Number One Systems, a technology-leading PCB design solution company, announced the release of Easy-PC version 24, with over 50 new enhancements based on user requests from professional PCB designers.

“We are a very customer centric company and welcome our customers’ input on how to help them achieve their design goals more quickly and efficiently,” said Fiona Colman, marketing manager at Number One Systems. “In addition to the many new product enhancements, we provide an online library resource of over 15 million parts to support our customers with their productivity.”

Easy-PC delivers performance in schematic capture and PCB layout normally associated with products at ten or even twenty times the price, and was designed to be simple to learn so that board designers can be productive within a short amount of time. Frequently, new customers report they are producing their first board within hours of installing the software. This latest version with over 50 new features and enhancements was developed in direct response to feedback from the many thousands of customers that use Easy-PC on a daily basis. Number One Systems is committed to ensure that their customers’ investment in the software design tools that they use are kept current and incorporate the latest changes in technology.

A few of the new enhancements found in version 24 of Easy-PC include:

  • One of the Manufacturability Enhancements that has been added to enhance copper pour areas and thermal spokes on pads enables the control of thermal spokes on individual pads or pad styles. This means pads on the same net can be allocated to different thermal spokes depending on their size.
  • Dockable Nets Bar showing details of the nets in a PCB design can dynamically display Net Name, Net Class, Total Track Length, Min/Max Length Values and Rules, Via Count and Test Land Count.
  • Intelligent Design Backups option has been enhanced to operate based on ‘Work Time’ rather than a hard, absolute time. This ensures that a meaningful amount of work is done between each backup regardless of how frequent the design is saved, meaning that saves can be done as often as desired without “filling up” the set of cyclic design backups with tiny incremental differences.
  • Number One Systems has partnered with Ucamco enabling them to embed the New Online Gerber Viewer into the Number One website so that designers can now drop Gerber files or zip files onto this interface for free viewing.

For the additional 45+ Easy-PC enhancements found in version 24, go to The summer Easy-PC upgrade offer ends September 30 – any upgrade for $117 and new purchases starting at $457.

About Number One Systems

Number One System has been developing Easy-PC for over 24 years,- and it is used by engineers in over 105 countries throughout the world. The Easy-PC developers understand the importance of high quality and fast response times, and with this focus and determination produce quality products and services that are unsurpassed anywhere else in the EDA industry. All products are both easy to attain and affordable with a simple upgrade policy. The philosophy at Number One Systems is and always has been to make the customer the central focus of the company: be it the features, product quality, or service.

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