New Matter Announces MOD-t 2nd Gen Desktop 3D Printer

PASADENA, CA, Oct 19, 2017 – New Matter, Inc. a leading desktop 3D printing company, announced the MOD-t (2nd Gen). New Matter revolutionized the 3D printing industry only three years ago by crowdfunding and successfully delivering the highest quality, most affordable desktop 3D printer ever seen. The MOD-t (2nd Gen) builds on that foundation by delivering the industry’s best user experience, latest technology, and exceptional print quality. No other desktop 3D printer in the world provides the MOD-t (2nd Gen)’s unique combination of ease of use, performance, and elegant design. The new MOD-t will begin shipping in Spring 2018 with preorders beginning today through Kickstarter.

The New Matter MOD-t (2nd Gen) Desktop 3D Printer.

“Today, we take another major step toward making the magic of 3D printing accessible and affordable for every home and classroom,” said Steve Schell, chief executive officer and cofounder, New Matter. “With the MOD-t (2nd Gen), we’re raising the bar for desktop 3D printers the world over – especially for the next generation of critical thinkers and problem solvers. We were humbled by the outpouring of support for our original record-breaking crowdfunding campaign and are excited to bring the new MOD-t to the community through this new campaign.”

With the introduction of the MOD-t, New Matter pioneered cloud-based software for desktop 3D printing, transforming the user experience. Now, New Matter continues to break down the barriers that kept 3D printing technology out of the hands of consumers. My New Matter, the printer’s new cloud-based software, gives consumers real-time wireless control of their printer along with the ability to create and share 3D designs with the online community. This new innovation makes the 3D printing experience easier than ever before.

“New Matter has always emphasized what others in the industry overlook – that ease of use is at the heart of practical value,” noted Ethan Imboden, vice president, head of Venture Design, at design and strategy firm frog. “They provide a seamless path from digital creation to tangible build, and are always looking for opportunities to improve this experience. frog and New Matter’s shared commitment to human centered design is at the heart of our partnership in making elegant, simple and affordable 3D printing solutions available to all.”

The MOD-t (2nd Gen) features include:

  • Lightning Fast Processing Power – Vital printing tasks like motor control, trajectory planning, and data transfer are independently addressed, managed, and improved through all-new dual processing architecture.
  • Excellence, Perfected – Dual, independently working fans optimize thermal performance, making 3D prints the highest quality possible and improving layer adhesion throughout. In addition, the new cooling system makes for a significantreduction in operating noise compared to the already remarkably quiet MOD-t.
  • Ingeniously Simple – When introduced, the MOD-t boasted a revolutionary patented XY motion system that completely eliminated the need for manual calibration and bed leveling. In the MOD-t (2nd Gen), New Matter improves on this design with an attached build tray, making for higher resolution prints and a near perfect print success rate.
  • Elegant Design – Designed by frog, the MOD-t is widely recognized for its simplistic beauty. The MOD-t (2nd Gen) carries forward the same aesthetic with the addition of a completely sealed printing environment, eliminating draft, containing heat, and reducing the overall printing noise.
  • Designed For a Wireless Future – Improved networking technology inside the MOD-t (2nd Gen) provides a completely wireless experience from start to finish, and allows control from any device including Chromebooks, tablets, and smartphones.

“We have deployed the New Matter MOD-t across the entire Archdiocese of Baltimore and our 3D printing initiative is now ubiquitous among all our schools,” said James B. Sellinger, chancellor of education, Archdiocese of Baltimore. “The printer’s reliability, robustness, ease of use as well as the high level of support provided by New Matter have all been nothing short of excellent. Our fleet of MOD-ts has proven to be quiet enough to operate while classes are actually in session, especially when compared to a variety of printers we’ve piloted. Can’t wait to see what exciting things the MOD-t (2nd Gen) will bring!”

“New Matter has made tremendous progress since the launch of the original MOD-t and we’re thrilled to build on that momentum with the Kickstarter campaign,” said Bill Gross, cofounder, New Matter, and, founder, Idealab. “We’re particularly excited that educators across the country are recognizing that the MOD-t is the simplest, most reliable way to adopt 3D printing into the classroom. We’re exhilarated at the opportunity to bring the MOD-t (2nd Gen) with all of its new features to even more educators and consumers alike, all of whom will undoubtedly come to appreciate its simplicity, reliability, and the elegance of its design.”

Pricing and Availability

When released in Spring 2018, the MOD-t (2nd Gen) will further New Matter’s mission to make 3D printing affordable and easy to use for consumers and educators alike. Beginning today, preorders for the printer are being taken through the company’s Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.

Pricing for the MOD-t (2nd Gen) pre-order:

  • Super Early Bird: $149 (First 100)
  • Early Bird: $199 (250)
  • General: $249
  • Bundle: $299

About New Matter

New Matter makes the benefits of 3D printing accessible and affordable to every classroom and home by providing the best, most seamless user experience of any desktop 3D printer. The award-winning New Matter MOD-t is the most elegantly simple printer for both educational institutions and consumers, delivering the highest quality and reliability in the industry. The company is backed by leading venture capital firms and is an operating company of technology incubator Idealab.

New Matter and MOD-t are registered trademarks of New Matter, Inc. in the United States.

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