MediaTek Releases Rich IoT SDK v20.0

HSINCHU, Taiwan, Jan 7, 2020 – MediaTek, Inc. Rich IoT SDK v20.0, developed in partnership with BayLibre, supports i300A, i300B and i500 hardware platforms, allowing very easy development and deployment so device makers can integrate the latest features required for next-generation smart devices.

The Rich IoT SDK v20.0 supports Yocto 3.0 Linux and Android 10 to enable customers and 3rd party partners from the MediaTek ecosystem to develop a complete solution with Computer Vision algorithms, AI models and custom applications on top of the base layer functionality. The Rich IoT SDK keeps upgrading for compatibility with the most recent industry standards while MediaTek chipsets drivers are upstreamed into the mainline Linux kernel for long term support. SDK releases are available at a quarterly cadence, and include support for over-the-air (OTA) updates to bring features improvement as well as enable security patches. Security update and maintenance in the IoT market are critical for device manufacturers to patch vulnerabilities and protect end-users. Designed around an unified BSP for MediaTek’s i300A, i300B and i500 chipsets, the SDK v20.0 distributes the Edge Computing workload across the available processing units (CPU, GPU and APU) while leveraging MediaTek’s ultra-low power design to support the demand of next generation Edge AI devices, reducing the development cost and accelerating the time-to-market.

“We are continuing to expand our Rich IoT software so manufacturers can quickly and efficiently develop new types of smart connected products with innovative capabilities” said Stephane Le Provost, senior director of technology at MediaTek. “The Rich IoT SDK v20.0 enables graphics and AI acceleration to enhance drastically the Edge Computing capabilities of our Rich IoT chipset portfolio.”

The SDK supports the core technology needed for voice assistant devices based on Amazon Alexa Voice Services or Google Assistant, and is modular to enable other product categories requiring display, camera, motor control and cloud services. Additionally, there is no vendor lock-in, and the unified software can be deployed on multiple MediaTek platforms, providing more customer flexibility. The software will be available in Linux and Android builds, and will include pre-integrated third party services and solutions including Amazon AVS SDK, Vesper MEMS microphone array support, Spotify eSDK, Homekit mFI and Airplay2.

MediaTek’s Rich IoT SDK v20.0 key features:

  • U-Boot 2019.10
  • ARM Trusted Firmware 2.2 and OP-TEE 3.6
  • Linux Kernel 5.4 LTS
  • Yocto 3.0 including Wayland (i300A, i500)
  • Android 10 AOSP (i300A, i500)
  • DSP Concepts Audio Weaver
  • Graphics and AI acceleration for PowerVR GPU (i300A) and Mali GPU (i500)
  • AI acceleration for APU based on Tensilica Vision P6 (i500)
  • Enterprise OTA updates

Upon customer request, the Rich IoT SDK v20.0 is made available by MediaTek’s partner, BayLibre. “With MediaTek’s Rich IoT SDK v20.0 and hardware platforms, OEMs have the software, tools and go-to-market hardware platforms to succeed in developing smart, connected IoT products. In addition to leading the development of the Rich IoT SDK, BayLibre also provides comprehensive engineering services to customers building the next generation of intelligent devices based on the i300A, i300B and i500 platforms. The software development services available from BayLibre span from product concept through manufacturing and launch: from hardware validation & board bring-up to platform customization, support, and maintenance. BayLibre also manages key software partnerships and 3rd party integrations, including audio algorithms providers, AI & ML partners, cloud platform partners and more,” said Michael Turquette, CEO of BayLibre.

Rich IoT SDK v20.0 will support the new Pumpkin i500 EVK designed by OLogic which is expected to be available in Q1’2020. Pumpkin i500 is a single-board computer optimized for CV and AI Edge Computing and connected to Cloud services required in IoT targeted applications (Embedded, Industrial, Smart Home, Smart City, and Robotics). Pumpkin i500 will also be available on Seeed Studio like Pumpkin i300.

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