maxon Introduces POS4 Micro 24/5 CAN Controller

maxon is launching a miniaturized controller with a size of 32 mm x 22 mm as part of its line of positioning controllers.

The functionality, operation, software, and accessories of the controller are derived almost directly from the existing products in the EPOS4 range. The device is suitable for use with both brushed DC and brushless EC motors (BLDC) of up to 120 W and has comprehensive feedback options such as Hall sensors, as well as digital incremental and SSI absolute encoders. Concepts such as Dual Loop, Field Oriented Control (FOC), feed forward, and observer control allow optimal control in a variety of applications.

The existing digital and analog inputs and outputs are freely configurable and matched to the numerous functions and operating modes of the CiA-402 positioning controller. The EPOS Studio start-up software, as well as libraries and programming examples for integration in a variety of master systems, are available free of charge. A plug-and-play EvaluationBoard (EB) is provided for initial commissioning.

The first derivative of this new micro design is the CANopen version, which can also be addressed via RS232 or USB. In spring 2020, the EPOS4 Micro 24/5 EtherCAT will follow as a second product of similarly small size.

For more information, visit maxon website.

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