LORD Sensing Expands GX5 Sensor Portfolio

LORD Sensing, MicroStrain has expanded their GX5 portfolio to offer a lower cost option, providing customers with flexibility based on needed features.

The 3DM-CX5 inertial sensor fills a gap in the GX5 and the board mountable OEM CV5 package. Already successfully deployed on UAV and ground robots, intended applications include robotics and drones; platform stabilization and antenna pointing; as well as off-highway, marine and military vehicles. The compact, state-of-the art inertial sensors utilize LORD Corporation’s proven fifth generation high-performance industrial grade solid-state MEMS accelerometer and gyro inertial sensor technology.

According to Chris Arnold, LORD Sensing product manager, customers are increasingly looking for better attitude, heading and positioning accuracy under dynamic conditions for lower cost.

With compact chassis or board mount option for embedded application, the CV5 and CX5 are interchangeable with the same mounting footprint and communication protocol. Each sensor is fully calibrated and temperature compensated. Models offer:

  • Low-cost, compact size and full 360-degree measurement range about all axes;
  • Full accuracy over the entire operational temperature range of -40°C to 85°C; and,
  • Auto-Adaptive Extended Kalman Filter for optimal dynamic accuracy and on-vehicle performance.

For more information, visit LORD Sensing, MicroStrain website.

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