LivingHomes Unveils LivingHome AD1

SANTA MONICA, CA, July 24, 2018 – LivingHomes, one of the top sustainable home design firms in the nation, unveiled the LivingHome AD1, a versatile Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) designed to fit either in backyards or as a main structure on an empty lot.

The LivingHome AD1 was designed with flexibility in mind, with various finish options. AD1 is available now for $99,000 and comes complete with all finishes, fixtures and appliances. With site and utility work, permits and other fees, a complete AD1 can cost as low as $160,000 in the Los Angeles area.

“Thanks to Governor Brown, ADUs are now permitted in all cities in CA,” said LivingHomes CEO Steve Glenn. “This means that if you have a single family home anywhere in the state, you can add an accessory dwelling unit to your property, which you can use for additional housing or rental income. We designed the AD1 to offer an affordable, practical, complete and fast solution. The AD1 requires minimum site prep and we can build them at our factory in only one month.”

Measuring 14’-6” W x 29’-6” L, the LivingHome AD1 maximizes the use of its available 400 square feet space, featuring a living room, full bedroom, kitchen and full bath. The LivingHome AD1 is designed to be hooked up to all utilities, and can be installed and finished in one day or less. Finish options include three packages for interior and three finish packages for the exterior, giving owners a total of nine standard configurations to choose from.

Note: Pricing is for base unit. Upgrade pricing is not yet included here. Renderings show optional 10′ slider and additional millwork which are available as upgrades.

Other features of the LivingHome AD1 include:

  • LEED Platinum level environmental package and performance
  • Steel and wood frame hybrid
  • High performance envelope
  • Optimized for Seismic Categories E and F, and can be installed in most lots in CA
  • High efficacy LED lighting, high efficiency forced air HVAC system, tankless water heater
  • Durable metal roof
  • Option for Photovoltaic system
  • Option for whole unit emergency battery
  • Helical pile foundation system to eliminate the inconvenience of a construction site for weeks of conventional foundation construction. (The helical pile system can be installed in a day prior to installation, where helical pile is feasible.)
  • High fire hazard severity zone compliant

The LivingHome AD1 is available for purchase now. More information is available at where you can configure the AD1 with finishes and fixtures.

Benefits of ADUs in Today’s Housing Landscape

  • Create a secondary rental income
  • More affordably increase the occupancy on land already owned and lived on
  • Increase quality of life with greater multi-generational communal living options, while providing privacy and autonomy

From an urban planning perspective, ADUs provide more access to desirable neighborhoods already established withshops, schools and other resources.

As highlighted in a recent Wall Street Journal article, attitudes around smaller homes are changing both at personal and political levels. In the past, cities discouraged homeowners from building small, separate additions on their properties through zoning ordinances that made it virtually impossible to have them in areas designed for single-family homes. Today, however, cities ranging from Boston to LA are leveraging ADUs and inclusionary options for first-time homeowners and larger, aging families. With ADUs, more people are able to live comfortably within city limits.

It has been a busy year for LivingHomes. The company was featured on the cover of the May/June issue of Dwellmagazine for a residence the company designed for Will Arnett, known for his roles in Arrested DevelopmentLEGO Batman and Flaked. The home also received a Housing Award at the Los Angeles Building Council (LABC) Architectural Awards on June 1.

About LivingHomes

LivingHomes, a subsidiary of Plant Prefab, designs modern, prefabricated homes that combine world-class architecture with an unparalleled commitment to healthy and sustainable construction. The first LivingHome, designed by Ray Kappe, FAIA, was installed in eight hours. It became the first home ever to receive a LEED for Home Platinum rating. Twenty-eight LivingHomes have been or will soon be certified LEED Platinum and one LEED Gold, making the company one of the most experienced designers of homes at the highest level of LEED certification. LivingHomes have garnered significant industry recognition including the AIA’s top sustainable award, Green Builder Magazine’s Home of the Year, Business 2.0 “World’s 11 Coolest Products”, Business Week’s “Architectural Wonders of the World”, and the Sustainable Quality Awards Grand Prize. LivingHomes are available in standard or customized configurations to builders, developers and individuals. LivingHomes are built by Plant Prefab, which builds high quality, custom, sustainable, prefabricated homes, out of Plant’s 62,000 square foot factory in Rialto, CA.

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