Indoor Reality Updates 3D Mobile Mapping Solution

BERKELEY, CA, Jan 11, 2018 – Indoor Reality announced the latest update to its 3D mobile mapping solution – multi-acquisition mapping – which can be used to rapidly capture a large area by using multiple devices in parallel, or the same device multiple times.

“Reality capture of large areas has always been a challenge for indoor mapping systems. Now AEC professionals can use the Indoor Reality handheld mapping device IR-500 to capture and process arbitrarily large areas in chunks, by allowing Indoor Reality’s proprietary software to stitch the acquisitions together seamlessly. All the auto-generated data products such as interactive web visualization, point clouds, 3D mesh and floor plan, are generated as if there was one gigantic acquisition, rather than many smaller ones. Even the tagging and annotations made on smaller acquisitions will be seamlessly merged into the combined larger capture. This capability together with Indoor Reality’s Revit plug-in allows for rapid generation of BIM models for large areas with unprecedented speed and efficiency,” said founder and CEO, Avideh Zakhor.

Existing approaches prior to capturing large areas were prohibitively slow, time-consuming, and error-prone. “The Multi-Acquisition capability allows multiple users with multiple devices to capture a large area in a fraction of the time it would have taken for one person and one device. Even with one operator acquiring the data, the multi-acquisition capability allows the operator to scan a large area in multiple chunks, thereby increasing flexibility, reducing fatigue, and creating more accurate 3D models.” Zakhor said, “This is good news to owners, facility managers, general contractors, and other building professionals dealing with large interior spaces.”

Accessible within the Indoor Reality cloud processing platform, the Multi-Acquisition feature is available now to all customers currently using Indoor Reality’s IR-500 handheld device.

About Indoor Reality

Founded in 2015, Indoor Reality is headquartered in Berkeley, CA, USA. Indoor Reality’s patented hardware and software platforms provide a complete solution for fast, automated, and visual documentation/ 3D mapping of buildings and assets.

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