GARR TOOL Available on MachiningCloud

Over 10,500 GARR TOOL items are available on MachiningCloud — solid tools including drills, end mills, and reamers. GARR TOOL manufactures high-performance solid carbide cutting tools. MachiningCloud is a product data provider for cutting tools, CNC machines and workholding.

The GARR TOOL MachiningCloud partnership utilizes the convenience of cloud-based technology, which enables customers to optimize the way they gather information for their manufacturing operations by effortlessly searching for proper cutting tools that best fits their cutting conditions without having to search through catalogs or multiple websites.

Furthermore, GARR TOOL customers will be able to increase productivity and achieve greater accuracy by easily downloading descriptive, usage and geometric information directly into their shop floor software, such as CAM, simulation, and tool management systems.

About GARR TOOL Company

GARR TOOL, an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, manufactures high-performance solid carbide cutting tools in a 200,000+ sq. ft. facility located in Alma, MI. Founded in 1944, products are 100% made in the USA and include end mills, drills, reamers, roughers, and rotary files/burrs. As part of GARR TOOL’s unequaled customer service, standard tools are shipped from stock within 24 hours at a 99+% fill rate. GARR TOOL has opened a facility in the UK to maintain that same level of service for European customers. With state-of-the-art CNC grinding equipment run by experienced operators, Garr Tool Company continues to invest in new technology to meet the needs of its customers.

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About MachiningCloud 

MachiningCloud is a provider of digital shift within the discrete manufacturing industry. Cloud-based applications, resources, services, knowledge, and digital product data from the world’s leading manufacturers of cutting tools, machine tools, workholding and specialty products are providing efficiency improvements by facilitating the flow of data to and from today’s data intensive shop-floor.

For cutting tool manufacturers and their customers, the MachiningCloud app is an Industry 4.0 solution delivering up-to-date cutting tool manufacturers’ product knowledge and data, fast-tracking cutting tool selection, CNC programming, simulation and shop floor operations. By providing data from the world’s leading suppliers, MachiningCloud eliminates the hassles of searching through printed catalogs, telephone calls and multiple websites to find optimal tooling, while also removing the burden of manually typing tooling data into CAD/CAM software.

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