FPX Partners with Catalog Data Solutions

Previously, B2B sales processes for complex products were driven by the seller, and required advanced spreadsheets and manual checks to assemble quotes and proposals. This partnership brings product designs together to illustrate actual products in real time in an ecommerce setting, reducing the risk of configuration errors and simplifying product creation. By introducing and combining multiple CAD files, the new feature allows customers to adjust and re-configure each product. Once complete, engineers can approve projects before being sent through the pricing and quoting steps. By offering these capabilities all within FPX’s platform, the company continues to streamline and improve the buyer experience.

“This partnership has stirred a lot of excitement among our customers – they love having the ability to visualize the products they’re building with FPX’s platform in front of their eyes,” said George Haenisch, VP of strategic alliances at FPX. “The integration of this technology provides a one of a kind, user-friendly CPQ experience, supporting our vision for the next wave of B2B ecommerce. Because they have a visual representation of the product they’re building, our customers also have more control and accuracy in the configuration process.”

Incorporating CDS’ technology into the FPX platform upgrades FPX’s existing innovative buyer solution. In a buying and selling journey, the incorporation of CPQ increases proposal production by 90 percent, and quote and order processes within the solution are 100 percent accurate. This impressive track record is a value-add for companies that build complex products, such as discrete and general manufacturers, distribution and solution providers.

“Our partnership with FPX allows B2B buyers to have a unique visual capability during the configuration process,” said John Major, CEO of CDS. “This feature is the first of its kind in the CPQ industry, and it’s revolutionizing the digital assembly process for B2B companies. This is exactly what today’s B2B digital commerce experience should look like.”

For more information on FPX’s CPQ solution, visit fpx.com/configure-price-quote.

About FPX

FPX simplifies the buying and selling experience to align enterprise businesses with the expectations of modern omnichannel customers. Powerful enough to handle any level of complexity, nimble enough to advance your commerce strategy, and simple enough to seamlessly extend and enhance the capabilities of direct and indirect sales, FPX is the business agility engine to power success in this era of Digital Transformation. With FPX enterprise CPQ, today’s leading organizations are optimizing the experience of buying and selling across their sales, partner, and ecommerce channels, driving increased revenue and profit margins, increased loyalty and engagement and a consolidated IT footprint.

More information is available at: http://www.fpx.com.

About CDS

CDS is a leading SaaS provider of product search, configuration, and online CAD solutions for manufacturers and distributors. Founded in 2005 with headquarters in San Jose, CA, CDS enables industrial part and building product manufacturers and their distributors to increase sales by enabling their products to be specified into new designs, improve website conversion rates, generate high quality sales leads, and improve customer service. CDS SaaS solutions include the CDS ModelServer, CDS Catalog, CDS CAD Configurator and CDS Content Manager. CDS’s skilled and experienced professional services team provides CAD modeling and implementation services for the successful deployment of CDS SaaS solutions. The company’s customers include the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors in the building products, high tech and industrial manufacturing industries.

For more information, visit http://www.go-cds.com.

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