Emerson Releases Paradigm v18

Emerson announces the release of the Paradigm 18 integrated software solution suite, running on a unifying platform for generating high-resolution images and models of the subsurface. This release includes advanced technologies that use reservoir intelligence to help customers improve performance, enhance operational certainty and support effective asset management.

The common UI in Paradigm 18 enables geoscientists to perform seismic interpretation, geologic interpretation and modeling in an integrated environment, for an enhanced user experience.

Designed to optimize result accuracy while allowing users to work faster and more productively, Paradigm 18 offers:

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities that enable quick and reliable identification of geologic facies from seismic data and wellbore data.
  • Seamless unification of the user interface and data management, from seismic processing to interpretation and modeling, enabling faster results with less effort.
  • Support for cloud hosting, making it easier than ever for remote teams to work together.
  • High-resolution processing, imaging, interpretation and modeling geoscience software, delivering more accurate subsurface models.

This release expands the options available to our customers, while helping them improve performance throughout the E&P process. Paradigm 18 uses machine learning as a data integrator and process automation tool to deliver advanced automation for accelerated interpretation and reservoir characterization processes.  New features include capabilities that improve user productivity in high-resolution seismic processing and imaging and interpretation, more options for quantitative seismic interpretation and reservoir characterization, new enhancements to geomechanics, well bore stability and production logging, and an extension of the petrophysical uncertainty functionality in Geolog.  This release also maintains and accelerates the company’s initiative to provide customers with open connectivity while maintaining data security.

“Oil and gas companies today are under great pressure to optimize their drilling results”, said Somesh Singh, chief product officer, E&P software business, Emerson Automation Solutions.  “The new enhancements in Paradigm 18 will enable our users to connect their subsurface technology to operational activities, helping them make the right decisions regarding their drilling strategies.”

To learn more about Paradigm 18, please visit www.pdgm.com/paradigm18. For more information, visit www.Emerson.com/Paradigm.

About Emerson

Emerson, headquartered in St. Louis, MO (USA), is a global technology and engineering company providing solutions for customers in industrial, commercial, and residential markets. Their Emerson Automation Solutions business helps process, hybrid, and discrete manufacturers maximize production, protect personnel and the environment while optimizing their energy and operating costs. Their Emerson Commercial and Residential Solutions business helps ensure human comfort and health, protect food quality and safety, advance energy efficiency, and create sustainable infrastructure.

For more information visit Emerson.com.

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