Electrode Focus Available in ZW3D 2020

GUANGZHOU, China, May 5, 2020 – Electrode Focus, a third-party plug-in developed by FOV, is now available in ZW3D 2020 (Version: Standard, Professional, and Premium), providing specialized tools to deal with electrode design with ease and higher efficiency.

Based out of South Korea, FOV is an innovative company dedicated to providing professional mold solutions to improve design efficiency and product quality. Electrode Focus is one of its outstanding solutions. Take a look at how it helps with your electrode design.

Get things done by one set of tools

With specialized functions for face checking, electrode modeling, blank creation, electrode BOM and drawings generation, replacement, inspection, etc., Electrode Focus can satisfy your needs for the whole process of electrode design, saving your time to switch between different design solutions.

The overview of Electrode Focus functions

Intuitively check interference faces

By using the Check electrode face command, you can intuitively check interference faces with the virtual tool and holder, which can be customized to match the actual machining condition. Besides, it enables you to check the interference by randomly moving the virtual tool or selecting a specific point. In this way, you are able to find out the face to burn and do roughing by electrode discharge machining with ease.

Interference checking with the virtual tool and holder at the specified position

Flexibly create electrodes with Auto or Block

There are two ways to generate electrode geometry by Electrode modeling command—Auto and Block. Auto helps create electrode geometry by automatically trimming based on the selected faces or edges; while Block by doing Boolean subtraction operation between the selected geometry and its bounding box. With the powerful modeling commands, you can easily create electrodes, even the complex ones.

Create electrodes with Auto or Block

Efficiently design electrodes with powerful tools

Packed with powerful editing commands, such as Split Shape, Smart trim to face, Face Offset, DE Face Offset, Simplify, etc., Electrode Focus helps you design ideal electrode geometry in a short time.

Edit irregular electrode geometry with Split Shape

Export point data for accuracy inspection

By Inspection Point command, point data can be exported in both TXT and Excel formats for CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) inspection, helping you ensure the quality of machined products, especially for those with high accuracy requirements.

With the above powerful features of Electrode Focus, ZW3D now gets much stronger in electrode design. “We are happy to cooperate with ZWSOFT. Developing specialized electrode solution is the first step. We will have further cooperation in electrode machining solution, delivering more convenience to users,” said Simon Kim, president of FOV.

Now, the Electrode Focus package is available online with 30-day free trial. If you are working on electrode design, don’t miss it. Download ZW3D 2020 and Electrode Focus now.

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