Datakit Unveils IFC Format Reader for BIM

datakit_logoLYON, France, Jan 4, 2017 – Datakit, a leading company in CAD data exchange, unveil its brand new interface: a library to read the IFC format (Industry Foundation Classes), the standard exchange format for BIM (building information modeling).


An IFC file, converted in 3D PDF with CrossManager. The file can thus be opened in Adobe Acrobat Reader to be viewed. The model tree and the properties are also converted. IFC model provided by Architect Building Designer Office (Cc-by-3.0 license)

“Thanks to this new interface, Datakit breaks down the barriers between BIM and CAD worlds,” explains Samad Elboustini CTO of Datakit, “Indeed, CAD software users can be required to work with IFC files coming from BIM applications (such as Revit, ArchiCAD, Allplan, SketchUp, Vectorworks), but can’t operate them if their CAD software can’t read them. By adding an IFC format reader to our standalone converter CrossManager, we give users the ability to convert .ifc and .ifcxml files in the numerous CAD formats that we can write. After conversion, these files can thus be opened in most CAD software or viewers.”

Software vendors can also take advantage of this interface in order to provide their users with interoperability with IFC format.

This is possible thanks to CrossCad/Ware: a SDK that can be integrated in a third-party software. By integrating CrossCad/Ware in their own application, software vendors benefit from Datakit’s technology, enabling them to access to IFC format data. They can thus read geometrical data along with model tree and metadata contained in this format. The API integration is easy and is seamless for end users.

CrossCad/Ware enables to support IFC files in your own application

CrossCad/Ware enables to support IFC files in your own application

This tool is dedicated to BIM software vendors, because their users need that the software can read the standard format of their field. But it is also intended to all other fields’ software vendors who want to offer their users the ability to import BIM data.

Many software vendors already have confidence in the robustness of CrossCad/Ware. Already more than a hundred of software from different fields of activity (CAM, ERP, PLM, visualization, simulation, control, metrology, BIM) rely on Datakit’s technology to read 3D data.

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About Datakit

Datakit is a leading company founded in 1994, specialized in CAD data exchange solutions and services. It offers standalone converters, plug-ins and SDK that import, analyze and export a large number of CAD formats. Datakit exposes a wide range of geometrical and semantic data (assemblies, annotations, metadata, PMI) through its varied range of products. It also provides support services for the migration of CAD databases to help customers choose the best data transfer solutions. It works closely together with independent software vendors that currently integrate its CAD data exchange solutions to their own software.

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