Chalkline Updates VisiSpecs Keynote Manager

PORTLAND, ME, Feb 27, 2020 – Chalkline, Inc. has released a major update to the VisiSpecs Keynote Manager responding to demand for spec integration and coordination and keynotes. Working closely with users providing valuable input into the functionality, the update is available to all users in both VisiWord and VisiRevit applications.

Integrate and automate keynote selection with project specs with verification prior to submission of drawings.

Project Architects and Engineers have been manually typing text drawing notes which wasted a lot of time and did not provide any consistency in naming conventions. Further delays and issues were found assigning keynotes to model elements and materials without basic features like search, comments, and the ability to edit keynotes on the fly.

Additionally, the lack of coordination with the design specifications required manual and error prone coordination checking to determine which keynotes to provide the detailers. Otherwise, detailers were easily selecting the wrong keynotes from the master list resulting in further errors and omissions. Without automatic coordination with the project specifications, keynotes were a separate island of data to maintain with inevitable coordination errors introduced.

Designers wanted a consistent set of approved annotations integrated with the project specs ensuring repeatable high-quality product delivered to Owners.

VisiSpecs Keynote Assigner saves time with included search, comments, editing, and selection features.

Chalkline released the first available keynoting solution providing integration with the specifications, easy assignment to model elements and materials, and verification of placed keynotes on the drawings. The VisiSpecs Keynote Manager is directly in Autodesk Revit or Microsoft Word which users already have installed and use rather than learning a new tool set. Automatic filtering of master keynote files based on the project specifications provides huge time savings over manual processes.  Keynote comments assist management and detailers in tracking when and where certain keynotes should be used. As the project specs and modeling phases continue, the VisiSpecs Keynote Management provides fast and easy coordination checks tracking which keynotes have been assigned and which have been placed on the drawings.

All customers under subscription have access to the Keynote Management functionality which is integrated into all VisiSpecs licenses.

About Chalkline, Inc.

Chalkline is the developer of VisiSpecs, the next generation suite of applications to visually document, coordinate, and verify the BIM models and project specifications. VisiSpecs is a hybrid cloud solution where it’s desktop and mobile applications store and access the model and specification data on the company’s cloud servers for easy access and collaboration among distributed team members. VisiSpecs is built on the familiar applications already in use resulting in minimal training and setup time. Users can easily integrate their own masters and project documents with the project models to accomplish true BIM integration without learning to use complicated model applications and without a lengthy integration process. And for those that do use the model applications, VisiSpecs provides direct, integrated access to the project specifications and documentation.

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