CCE Announces TrEND for Product Development

FARMINGTON HILLS, MI, June 6, 2018 – CCE, a leading engineering product development company, announced an innovative program, TrEND, that leverages technology to accelerate new product development using remote engineering teams.

TrEND (Trusted Engineer Next Door) establishes a system that fosters a natural sharing of design and engineering ideas in a way as if everyone is in the same room. “CCE understands the importance of communication between collaborators working on new product development. TrEND has redefined geography by leveraging advanced software to coordinate video, audio and screen sharing streams from both sides of the geographically dispersed conversation, to create a natural collaboration experience,” says Vinay Wagle, CCE’s VP sales & marketing.

CCE’s proprietary, Web-based Work Order Management System, PowerLink, is the perfect complement to TrEND. PowerLink provides total visibility and accountability of your projects by facilitating reliable and secure communications, with a single set of documents available to all stakeholders, worldwide. “TrEND and PowerLink provides all of the accessibility you need when working with remote teams on collaborative projects. Whether you’re sketching an initial concept during a new product ideation or discussing feedback on a physical part, location is no longer an issue and communication no longer a barrier. TrEND will certainly accelerate your new product development process,” adds Wagle.

CCE has successfully delivered engineering product development services to various industries including consumer appliance, semiconductor, industrial, off-highway, transportation, and construction equipment, for over 25 years.

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About CCE

CCE is a Michigan corporation in business since 1989. Their offices are located in Farmington Hills, MI and Fort Lee, NJ, as well as a state-of-the-art engineering development center in Chennai, India. CCE’s focus is in engineering product development, CAD interoperability and related services. The CCE group currently employs over 225 software and design professionals worldwide.

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