Canvas Launches Unlimited Subscriptions for Universities

BOSTON, MA, Apr 29, 2020 – Canvas GFX, Inc, the leading technical illustration software provider, announced the availability of Canvas Unlimited for Universities, an ‘all you can eat’ subscription plan for the education sector. The new plan has been launched to provide high-value support to university students and faculty forced to work remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Canvas is now offering unlimited licenses to every university in the world for a single, low-cost annual subscription. The offer is applicable to Canvas’ full product portfolio, which includes Canvas X, Canvas X3, Canvas X GEO, and Canvas X Draw for macOS.

The new plan makes Canvas software available for a matter of dollars per user. It comes in response to high demand for extra licenses from students and faculty worldwide who need to retain access to Canvas while working remotely.

Canvas software is used to teach and learn at hundreds of universities worldwide, including Havard, Boston College and Baylor University in the US, and numerous institutions throughout Europe and Asia Pacific.

The transition to remote learning and virtual classrooms due to the spread of COVID-19 has impacted many of these institutions, and Canvas, like many other companies offering solutions to the education sector, is committed to providing valuable support.

Patricia Hume, CEO at Canvas, commented: “Despite the uncertainty we must all now accept, we believe it is crucial that we strive to maintain normality wherever it is feasible and safe to do so. This is particularly important in the education sector, where the young people who will lead us to a brighter future need to retain access to the essential tools of learning.”

Hume continued: “Our new Canvas Unlimited offer for the education sector means that, for the same cost as 40 Canvas X licenses, universities can get Canvas for 400, 4,000 or even 40,000 users. We believe the potential of young people is unlimited and that’s why we’ve made Canvas Unlimited, too.”

About Canvas GFX

Canvas GFX provides the technical illustration software of choice at leading brands from verticals including aerospace, automotive, energy, and education. Designed specifically for technical users, Canvas software enables the creation of rich visual assets that express complex ideas with clarity, powering effective visual communication across organizations and ecosystems. Canvas GFX solutions are developed and refined according to the rigorous demands of thousands of customers, including over 250 Fortune 500 companies.

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