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NITTENDORF/REGENSBURG, Germany, June 22, 2017 – Small and medium-sized plant design has now become digitalized and the demand is increasing for a 3D software suitable for day-to-day construction. Until now, there was no complete solution that could combine two applications: a cost-effective 3D CAD software on the one hand, and a software solution for 2/3D pipeline planning on the other hand, based on a comprehensive process chain for automated data transmission with centralized definition of pipe specifications. This gap has now been closed with the 3D CAD solution Smap3D Plant Design Studio.

Tim Frie, sales manager Smap3D Plant Design, on CAD Partner’s decision to offer a CAD for plant design at a lower cost: “There are a number of companies that have a CAD system with more than one functionality, but only a fraction of these functionalities are needed. At the same time, however, there is no CAD solution that is particularly suited for plant design by simplifying and partly automating pipeline planning.”

For a total of € 4,950.00 (plus VAT)* the user receives a CAD system with an integrated piping module along with Smap3D Plant Design Studio (basic version). The Isometric and P&ID modules can be purchased separately.

Feature of Smap3D Plant Design Studio: the Piping module from Smap3D Plant Design.

CAD basic version for direct modeling and complete parametric sequential construction/synchronous

Smap3D Plant Design Studio is the CAD system that not only has all essential functions for direct modeling, it is also very easy to use. In case of uncertainties, the integrated Help function features videos with instructions on many topics. The user interface itself is highly intuitive since it is similar to the interface of MS Office products.

Another feature is particularly advantageous for offices whose clients use different CAD systems: Smap3D Plant Design Studio can immediately import all established formats (e.g. Step, Iges, DXF, DWG, Microstation) at the touch of a button. This fast import ensures that the designer can begin working and process the data immediately. 2D data can also be transferred into the 3D CAD (incl. Wizard) with a mouse-click.

Comprehensive solution for plant and pipeline design

Through the combination of CAD with a pipeline design software, the user achieves consistent process reliability. At the same time, fast and stable construction is ensured: centralized, company-specific and project-specific pipe specifications are defined through the one-time input of data. The pipe specifications allocate components such as fittings or mountings to pipeline characteristics such as diameter or medium. Working with pipe specifications and the already integrated standard pipe specifications with over 120,000 standard parts enables immediate use of the software.

Digitalization: From 3D scan to Smap3D Studio

For CAD Partner, data transfer doesn’t end here: they offer the solution Smap3D ScanToCAD for fast transfer of data from the 3D scanner to Smap3D Plant Design Studio. The software transfers selected 3D geometries and, in an extraordinary feature, the entire high data volume from a point cloud.

Information about Smap3D Studio:

Information about Smap3D Plant Design:

About Smap3D Plant Design

Smap3D Plant Design provides three components in a single software solution for an integrated process chain: Smap3D P&ID, Smap3D Piping and Smap3D Isometrics. Depending on the individual requirements, the programs specialized for each process step can be flexibly adapted. Smap3D Plant Design transfers previously generated information and data via automatic connections between the individual programs. A separate export or import is not necessary. At the same time, Smap3D Plant Design enables centralized and unique – as well as company and project-specific – definition of pipe classes. With pipe classes, the conformity of components such as valves or fittings is defined to pipe characteristics such as diameter or medium.

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About CAD Partner GmbH

CAD Partner GmbH was founded in 1989 and has subsidiaries in the Czech Republic, USA, China and Hong Kong. The company is a partner for the design and implementation of integrated and sophisticated CAD and PDM solutions in companies. The staff’s many year of experience along with the professional marketing and knowledgeable user support enable comprehensive service and customer-specific individual solutions.

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*Prices for node-locked version.

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