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Stratasys Unveils Direct-to-Garment for J850 TechStyle

EDEN PRAIRIE, MN, & REHOVOT, Israel, Apr 18, 2024 – Stratasys Ltd. announced the launch of its Direct-to-Garment (D2G) solution for the J850 TechStyle printer, the newest offering in the Stratasys 3DFashion direct-to-textile printing technology. The first example of its application is an Urban Tattoo denim collection which will be revealed at the Texprocess exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany on April 23.

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The D2G solution is ideal for customization and personalization by enabling the application of full color multi-material 3D print directly on fully assembled garments of various fabric types including denim, cotton, polyester, and linen. It allows fashion brands to facilitate personalized and bespoke designs for customers, including the ability to tailor 3D prints according to individual preferences, sizes, and styles.

“Many brands are limited in how much they can mass produce denim clothing, while maintaining a level of personalization that has meaning to the wearer,” said Zehavit Reisin, senior vice president commercial solutions, Stratasys. “We are giving brands the opportunity to do something remarkable, to bring more character to their clothing line, while pushing a more sustainable business practice that appeals to multiple audiences across the consumer spectrum.”

Available in two sizes, the D2G tray kits facilitate the personalization of garments ranging from jeans to jackets, enabling designers and manufacturers to adopt more sustainable practices by reducing material waste. The seamless workflow delivers ease of calibration and compatibility with various garment sizes, streamlining the production process and fostering the creation of unique, personalized apparel.

Demonstrating this innovation, the Urban Tattoo collection showcases the potential and the ease of direct-to-garment 3D printing. Working with noted designers Karim Rashid, Travis Fitch, Zlatko Yanakiev at Meshroom along with Foraeva Studio, this distinctive collection shows the transformation of ordinary garments into extraordinary pieces of wearable art, imbuing them with personal identity and meaning.

Like body tattoos, Urban Tattoos promote a deeper emotional connection, encouraging the upcycling of existing garments and contributing to a more sustainable fashion ecosystem. This aligns with Stratasys’ strategy for Mindful Manufacturing. Stratasys has been able to create a new collection that will appeal to multiple brands that reach across diverse socio-economic backgrounds.

“With Urban Tattoos, we’re not just decorating a garment, we’re giving it more life and spirit,” said Naomi Kaempfer, Stratasys Creative Director. “By adding layers of stories and symbolism that resonate with the individuality of the wearer, these tattoos help consumers promote their identity, and celebrate their individuality. It is a testament to the transformative power of additive manufacturing technology in fashion.”

For more information about Stratasys 3DFashion technology, visit the website.

More information about sustainable Mindful Manufacturing, including an AMGTA Life Cycle Inventory and Research that reveals the benefits of our 3D Printing technology for streamlined fashion production, is available here.

About Stratasys

Stratasys is leading the global shift to additive manufacturing with innovative 3D printing solutions for industries such as aerospace, automotive, consumer products and healthcare. Through smart and connected 3D printers, polymer materials, a software ecosystem, and parts on demand, Stratasys solutions deliver competitive advantages at every stage in the product value chain. The world’s leading organizations turn to Stratasys to transform product design, bring agility to manufacturing and supply chains, and improve patient care.

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Formlabs Launches Form 4 3D Printer

SOMERVILLE, MA, Apr 18, 2024 – Formlabs, the leader in 3D printing, today unveiled the fastest, most reliable 3D printer for professionals with the launch of Form 4 and Form 4B. The new flagship resin 3D printers set a new standard for additive manufacturing with Formlabs’ proprietary new Low Force Display (LFD) print engine, updates to the company’s library of industry-leading resins, new automated post-processing, and an improved user experience. Form 4’s up to five times faster print speeds will unlock new levels of productivity for product designers, engineers, manufacturers, healthcare professionals, and innovators to take design risks and accelerate time to market.

“Form 4 is a huge leap not only for Formlabs and our customers, but also for the entire 3D printing world,” said Formlabs CEO and co-founder Max Lobovsky. “More than a decade ago, Formlabs created the desktop SLA 3D printer category and set a new standard for accuracy, reliability, ease of use, and affordability in 3D printing. We’ve built on the strength and insights gathered from more than 130,000 printers on the market and over 300 million parts printed to deliver the Form 4, our best SLA printer ever. Its reliability and new level of speed will transform how our customers develop new products.”

As the company’s fourth generation of desktop resin 3D printers, Form 4 takes performance to new levels by delivering blazing fast print speeds, extreme reliability, industry-leading material properties, excellent print quality, and intuitive operation.

Form 4 Highlights

  • Blazing fast print speeds: Prints two to five times faster than Form 3+ depending on material, enabling same-hour iteration or batch production with masked stereolithography (MSLA) technology.
    • Complete most prints in under two hours and small parts in minutes of cycle time.
    • Achieve maximum vertical print speeds of 100 mm per hour.
  • LFD Print Engine: A departure from laser and galvanometer technology, Form 4 features an ultra high power backlight (16 mw/cm2), proprietary release texture, Light Processing Unit 4 (LPU 4), and dual-layer, flexible film resin tank.
  • Unmatched reliability: Industry-leading print success thanks to validated print settings, precision heating, force sensing, and debris detection.
  • Stunning parts that always fit: With 50-micron pixels, highly collimated light, advanced pixel smoothing, and light touch supports, Form 4’s print quality is unmatched.
  • Intuitive to use: Anyone can learn to print in 15 minutes – featuring automatic resin handling, instant material changes, automated post-processing, and quick release build platform technology.
  • 40% lower cost per part: Delivering affordability with long-lasting resin tanks (75,000+ layers) and Light Processing Unit (1M+ layers), lower resin pricing, 30% larger print volume, and 3.5 times higher throughput.

“We support all hardware categories at Microsoft. Form 4 is our go-to choice for projects needing tight tolerances and engineering-grade materials,” said Mark Honschke, additive prototyping lead, Microsoft. “It produces high-performance parts with amazingly fast print times and makes it possible for our model makers to produce multiple iterations in a 24-hour period.”

“Form 4’s speed and materials versatility enable us to create multiple prototypes and manufacturing aids every day,” said Bruno Alves, Development Engineer AM/IM, Ford Motor Company. “The printer has already changed the way we design and produce parts, helping us drive efficiency in our product development.”

Industry-Leading Materials, Now Starting at $99 per Liter

In addition to the new printers, Formlabs is introducing six new resins to its industry-leading resin library, including:

  • Four newly reformulated General Purpose Resins that take advantage of the Form 4 ecosystem to print two to five times faster than Form 3 with improved toughness and color.
  • Fast Model Resin for high-speed prototypes and production of orthodontic models.
  • Precision Model Resin for highly accurate dental models that always fit.

Additionally, Form 4 is validated to use 17+ other performance materials from Formlabs’ materials library, with new materials to be added regularly. Form 4B, designed for innovative healthcare professionals in the dental and medical industries, is compatible with 15 additional biocompatible materials.

Form 4 (starting at $4,499) and Form 4B (starting at $6,299) are available today at

About Formlabs

Formlabs builds the tools that make it possible for anyone to bring their ideas to life. Headquartered in Somerville, MA with offices across the globe, Formlabs is the professional 3D printer of choice for engineers, designers, healthcare providers, manufacturers, and decision-makers. Formlabs’ products include SLA and SLS 3D printers, post-processing solutions, and Form Auto manufacturing solution for automatic part removal. The company also develops its own portfolio of industry-leading, high-performance materials and best-in-class 3D printing software. In 2024, Formlabs was named one of the world’s Most Innovative Companies in Manufacturing by Fast Company.

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Kubotek Kosmos Releases KeyCreator 2024 Service Pack 1

MARLBOROUGH, MA, Apr 18, 2024 – Kubotek Kosmos, a leader in engineering and manufacturing geometric software technology, announced the release of KeyCreator 2024 Service Pack 1.

Improved Translators

Updates to numerous CAD file formats are incorporated in the 2024 SP1 releases of all KeyCreator CAD apps. Dassault Systemes (DS) CATIA V5 and V6/3DX support for reading 3D CAD files across all programs has been updated to the 2024 (R34) versions. DS SolidWorks read of 3D and drawings, and DS Spatial Corp. read/write of 3D ACIS SAT, adds coverage for 2024 files. Siemens Digital Industries Software (DIS) NX 3D CAD and drawing files reading in all programs now supports the NX 2306 Series files. Siemens (DIS) Parasolid read/write has also been advanced to Version 36 and JT import advanced to 10.8. Siemens DIS Solid Edge read of 3D CAD and drawings files has been extended to the 2024 format. Support for read of Rhino 3DM files from Robert McNeil & Associates has been upgraded to version 8.

Performance Improvements

The speed of DWG/DXF import and export has been improved significantly for large files (over 250,000 entities) with layouts. Changes to default handling of assembly references in ISO standard file types STEP, IFC, and IGES has also reduced processing time when importing.

Minor Enhancements

The behavior of several assembly management functions has been adjusted for improved productivity in specific situations. Conversion of a part reference to entities in the active part will no longer be delayed by re-processing of impacted drawing layout views. New interface has been added to allow users to querry part references for associated insertion planes, positions, or rotations and a function provided to highlight all objects with these associations.

The added ability for users to select whole bodies from within a drawing view supports quickly hiding solid and surface entities that are unwanted without adjusting level attributes.

About Kubotek Kosmos

Kubotek Kosmos is the leading independent developer of precision geometry software technology – the foundation of CAD/CAM.

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Kollmorgen Updates Kollmorgen AKD2G Servo Drive

Kollmorgen announced the latest update to its AKD2G servo drive. With the introduction of these new features, Kollmorgen has broadened its offerings to additionally support PROFINET IRT and Ethernet/IP with CIP Sync alongside CANopen, EtherCAT, and FSoE time-synchronized communication protocols. Each protocol is rigorously tested with a variety of motion controllers and certified by industry standards organizations.

The AKD2G servo drive update allows for synchronized motion between multiple drives using a wide variety of control architectures. Thanks to its flexibility and high performance, AKD2G is the ideal drive for use in applications that require highly precise coordination across multiple axes of motion.

The drive features industry-leading power density in a compact package and is easy to mount — with one-and two-axis variants available. Engineers can leverage single-cable Smart Feedback Device (SFD) or HIPERFACE DSL connections or choose from a wide range of other feedback devices.

Finally, the drive features an optional SafeMotion Monitor (SMM) firmware with a safety level of SIL3/PLe to meet functional safety needs and enable a wider range of applications.

The AKD2G paired with AKM2G motors is part of the 2G Motion System, a suite of motion products designed to work together for ultimate ease of setup and higher performance. Engineers also can take advantage of the drive’s compatibility with a wider range of controllers and feedback devices — or with other motors, as needed.

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About Kollmorgen

Kollmorgen, a Regal Rexnord brand, has more than 100 years of motion experience, proven in the industry’s highest-performing, most reliable motors, drives, linear actuators, AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) control solutions, and automation control platforms. We deliver breakthrough solutions that combine exceptional performance, reliability and ease of use, giving machine builders an irrefutable marketplace advantage.

Emotors Selects Siemens’ Simcenter for NVH Testing

PLANO, TX, Apr 17, 2024 – Siemens Digital Industries Software announced that Emotors, an independent e-drive manufacturer, has taken advantage of test solutions from the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio of industry software to aid in the development and constant improvement of its e-drive systems for hybrids, plug-ins and full electric vehicles (EVs).

Headquartered in Carrières-sous-Poissy, France and formed in 2018 as a joint venture between Stellantis and Nidec Leroy-Somer, Emotors is an independent e-drive manufacturer. Emotors has created a series of next-generation electric drive (e-drives) units for Stellantis brands like Peugeot, Opel, DS Automobile and Jeep.

“A key part of our knowledge is not just about good development – being able to design and prototype next-generation e-drives for our EV customers, but also manufacturing them en masse. This is where platform development, a very well-known strategy in automotive, helps us be competitive,” said Cédric Plasse, CTO, Emotors. “We design many things digitally but cannot do everything with just our digital models. To be quick-to-market and accurate, we need to calibrate our models with test measurement data. Our NVH test engineers benchmarked all the tools on the market, and it appeared quite quickly that the Siemens tools were the best.”

One of Emotors’ many challenges is meeting stringent and changing customer specifications — especially in Noise Vibration Harshness (NVH) acoustic – when tailoring a whole new range of sounds for EVs, electric drivetrains and e-drives. These include customized interior and exterior soundscapes, enhanced “silent” driving experiences, and pedestrian warning systems (PWS) or acoustic vehicle alerting systems (AVAS).

To meet these challenges, Emotors is using a range of solutions from Siemens, including Simcenter Testlab software for test-based engineering, combining high-speed data acquisition with integrated testing, analytics and modeling tools, Simcenter SCADAS hardware which provides a broad range of test data acquisition solutions for multi-physics measurement for acoustic, vibration, and durability engineering. Emotors is also making use of a comprehensive suite of innovative sound and vibration excitation systems designed to measure driving points and structural and vibroacoustic frequency response functions.

“To meet our customers’ NVH requirements, we perform classic experimental modal analysis in Simcenter Testlab. We extract modal parameters, like frequency, modal shape, and damping. And provide this information to the simulation team to confidently predict the NVH behavior of our Emotors’ products. The Simcenter testing solution easily takes us through the main tasks, step-by-step, from the channel setup to final measurement analysis,” explains Bonaventure Ndong Gumedzoe, NVH Testing Manager, Emotors.

The future of NVH simulation at Emotors

“When I speak with my NVH team, they say that Siemens’ support is very professional and there is good communication. We are trying to use Siemens tools across all domains. This is a good thing because we can capitalize on having more people on both sides – the simulation and the test sides — talking to each other. This is a good driver to improve communication. We will capitalize on the success between Siemens and Emotors as we introduce more motors on the market in the future,” concludes Cédric Plasse, CTO, Emotors.

About Siemens Digital Industries Software

Siemens Digital Industries Software helps organizations of all sizes digitally transform using software, hardware and services from the Siemens Xcelerator business platform. Siemens’ software and the comprehensive digital twin enable companies to optimize their design, engineering and manufacturing processes to turn today’s ideas into the sustainable products of the future. From chips to entire systems, from product to process, across all industries. Siemens Digital Industries Software – Accelerating transformation.

Select Additive Partners with Stratasys

EDEN PRAIRIE, MN & REHOVOT, Israel, Apr 17, 2024 – Stratasys Ltd. announced that it has entered into an agreement to be the exclusive polymer 3D printing partner of Select Additive Technologies, a division of Morris Group, Inc, which is one of the largest importers and distributors of machine tools in the United States.

Leveraging over 80 years of experience serving the metalworking industry, Select Additive is well positioned to offer manufacturers the bridge they need from conventional metal removal methods to the swiftly evolving advantages of additive manufacturing. This partnership will offer their customer base a wide range of polymer 3D printing technology solutions that only Stratasys can deliver.

“Select Additive has a strong relationship with its large customer base, and we are thrilled to partner with them to bring the unique value of additive manufacturing to manufacturers looking for new solutions to improve efficiency and part performance,” said Brent Noonan, president, Americas Regions, Stratasys. “Polymer additive manufacturing continues to expand its impact across the manufacturing ecosystem and this partnership between two leaders in their fields will further accelerate adoption in this sector.”

“Our customers look to us for more than just manufacturing technology, they depend on us to provide solutions to their biggest challenges and the opportunity to make Stratasys available to them was an easy decision,” said Greg Bebbington, business unit manager, Select Additive Technologies. “Our customers are under incredible pressure to cut costs, overcome supply chain challenges and reduce their overall carbon footprint. We believe that the introduction of polymer additive manufacturing into their overall manufacturing strategy will ease those pressures.”

Select Additive is offering the full line suite of Stratasys 3D polymer printers, software, and materials. With these solutions, customers will be able to enhance their prototyping, machine new tools and do mass production of polymer parts. This will be more important, as additive manufacturing continues to grow and offers more opportunities as full solutions are being offered across the manufacturing lifecycle.

About Stratasys

Stratasys is leading the global shift to additive manufacturing with innovative 3D printing solutions for industries such as aerospace, automotive, consumer products and healthcare. Through smart and connected 3D printers, polymer materials, a software ecosystem, and parts on demand, Stratasys solutions deliver competitive advantages at every stage in the product value chain. The world’s leading organizations turn to Stratasys to transform product design, bring agility to manufacturing and supply chains, and improve patient care.

To learn more about Stratasys, visit

About Select Additive Technologies

Select Additive Technologies was established with the aim of providing manufacturers with a seamless transition from conventional CNC machining to cutting-edge additive manufacturing. Drawing upon over 80 years of expertise in serving the metalworking sector under Morris Group, Inc., Select Additive is committed to bridging the gap. Alongside polymer 3D printing solutions from the renowned industry leader Stratasys. Select Additive also offers metal 3D printing technologies utilizing bound metal deposition, binder jetting and powder bed fusion.

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Nemetschek Opens Office in Mumbai, India

MUNICH, Germany, Apr 17, 2024 – The Nemetschek Group, one of the leading software providers for the AEC/O and media industries, today announced the opening of a new office in Mumbai, India. The Mumbai office will drive business in India for the overall Nemetschek AEC/O products and solutions from the different brands. The initial focus will be on selected products and bundles from Allplan, Bluebeam, Graphisoft, RISA, Solibri and Vectorworks as well as the Digital Twin solution dTwin. Nemetschek India in Mumbai started operation as of April 1, 2024, and is managed by Nirmalya Chatterjee as country vice president. Mumbai is the second location for Nemetschek in India after Hyderabad, where the company operates a shared services, development and research center.

“India holds an immense market growth potential for us. We look forward to expanding our innovative solution offering into this dynamic market, driving growth, and delivering value to our customers,” says Yves Padrines, CEO of the Nemetschek Group. “Our aim is to work more closely with our customers throughout the entire building lifecycle by providing local support and helping them shape the world in all dimensions.”

The dedicated local Go-to-Market office and team will give Nemetschek the opportunity to build up closer relationships with customers and partners in the Indian market. The offering will be tailor-made to the demands of the Indian market, focusing on bundles for different stages of the building lifecycle process. They will cover different segments from small organizations to large enterprises and will help customers to find their preferred solution for the size and maturity of their business.

Building a strong team with diverse expertise

Nirmalya Chatterjee has a broad experience in launching brands and products in the Indian market. He previously worked for Trimble establishing Tekla India. Under his leadership, the Mumbai office will be staffed with sales, marketing, support and education experts. A prime focus will be adapting the product packaging to the Indian market and providing local customer support. Nemetschek India will continue to engage with the channel partners of the individual product brands and offer them to upgrade in the value chain ecosystem.

Nirmalya Chatterjee, country VP Nemetschek India adds: “I am delighted to be participating in this exciting new chapter for the Nemetschek Group. India is one of the largest construction markets in the world, showing a significant growth. We are very much looking forward to optimizing our offerings and embarking on this transformative journey. We believe the AEC segment of the Indian subcontinent needs a better alternative as well as affordable BIM technology solutions which address the whole building life cycle under one umbrella.”

About the Nemetschek Group

The Nemetschek Group is a forerunner of digital transformation in the AEC/O industry and covers the entire life cycle of construction and infrastructure projects. With intelligent software solutions, they lead their customers into the future of digitalization.

For more information, visit Nemetschek Group website.