Aucotec Launches 3D Portal

With its new 3D portal, software developer Aucotec is standardizing the link between 2D and 3D engineering in mechanical and plant engineering. The interface also allows Web-based, client-independent data exchange between all common 3D applications and Aucotec’s cooperation platform Engineering Base (EB) at any time.

Aucotec’s new 3D portal simplifies the link from 2D to 3D engineering with a new standard and accelerates web service exchange (image: AUCOTEC AG)

The third dimension is always important in engineering when the optimal utilization of the given area or its adaptation is involved. Whether in large halls or in the cabinet: the tangible, physical route of pipes, cable trays or individual wires must be exactly calculated and reliably documented for manufacturing. However, the associated connections can be found in EB’s 2D design. In order to achieve continuous consistency, Aucotec has already implemented 3D connections for numerous customers. There are now two innovations that simplify the connection and speed up the exchange.

Fits any 3D system

The first innovation is EB’s own standardized link which simplifies 3D integration. This new “gateway” to the 3D data allows the export of 2D information to the 3D system and the import of relevant 3D data to EB via a tailored XML file. It is flexibly adaptable and can thus work with all common tools. Different templates can be defined because each 3D system needs different information. The basic XML structure always remains the same.

XML-enabled plug-in

The 3D side requires only one plug-in that can read XML. The neutral XML basis requires significantly less installation effort, and the plug-in is easier to maintain than traditional interfaces. 2D and 3D only have to agree on the same XML structure for the reading and writing of information to work and be comprehensible to both disciplines.

Web service facilitates independence

The second innovation is the web service for data exchange. Normally, an engineering system must be started in order to access its data. The 3D portal is one of the first microservices in EB, which means that it works in a client-independent manner via the web. The special 3D service is like an extra layer in EB’s architecture via which you can obtain data at any time – with the appropriate rights, of course. This is as much of interest for globally distributed disciplines as it is for internal networks. Waiting times for the specialist “at the other end” are passé. Thus, the 3D portal not only opens the door (gateway) to mutual “understanding” of the second and third engineering dimensions, but also to greater flexibility and efficiency in plant design.

About Aucotec AG – EN

Aucotec AG has over 30 years of experience in developing engineering software for the entire life cycle of machines, plants and mobile systems. The solutions range from flow diagrams through control and electrical engineering for large-scale plants to modular harness design in the automotive industry. Aucotec software is in use all over the world. In addition to its headquarters in Hanover, Aucotec operates six further sites in Germany as well as subsidiaries in China, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Austria, Poland, Sweden and the US. A global network of partners ensures local support throughout the world.

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