ASM Partners with Granta Design, Updates MIO Digital Databases

CAMBRIDGE, UK, July 17, 2018 – ASM International announces major upgrades to Materials Information Online (MIO) Digital Databases, taking advantage of enhancements to the underlying materials information technology platform with GRANTA MI version 11 and the GRANTA MI:Explore app. The upgrade will streamline the ASM Digital Database user experience and provide new consumption capabilities for users to access updated, peer-reviewed, and convenient information on a variety of cutting-edge materials science information databases.

In addition to improved search and browse capabilities due to the platform enhancements, ASM has added and updated over 14,500 records across the nine ASM Digital Databases.

Ron Aderhold, ASM’s chief operations and information officer, stated: “Our members have told us they desire a streamlined way to access ASM’s depth of content and requested improvements to the interface of our MIO offering. In cooperation with Granta, we have been able to respond quickly and affirmatively to those requirements. This response reflects the significantly higher IT and data management capabilities now resident in ASM due to our digital transformation.”

The release of ASM Digital Databases with GRANTA MI Version 11 and MI:Explore app will begin now with the ASM Medical Materials Database. All the ASM Digital Databases will roll out with this upgrade and functionalities within the third quarter. For more information and to subscribe to ASM’s Digital Databases visit, or contact their Digital Database manager at

According to ASM CEO, Bill Mahoney, “This new interface using GRANTA MI Version 11 and the MI:Explore app for our Materials Information Online offering exemplifies our strengthening collaboration with Granta. ASM intends to remain current and closely aligned with Granta, on a continuum from release levels to market strategies, for the foreseeable future.”

About Granta Design

Granta Design is the leading provider of software to manage and apply information about engineering materials. Granta helps hundreds of engineering enterprises to develop corporate ‘material intelligence’ by capturing vital data, analyzing it, and using the resulting knowledge to make smart material decisions. Granta serves sectors as diverse as aerospace, automotive, medical devices, consumer electronics, and industrial equipment. Customers realize multi-million dollar benefits in reduced cost, enhanced product performance, improved quality, and faster design turnaround. Granta also provides resources to support the teaching of materials in science, education, and design courses at over 1,000 universities and colleges worldwide. Granta was founded in 1994 as a spinout from the University of Cambridge.

For more information, visit

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