ASD Global Partners with Assemble Systems

SAN FRANCISCO, CA and BOSTON, MA, June 16, 2017 – ASD Global, the leader in knowledge-based engineering software solutions for front-end loading (FEL), front-end engineering design (FEED), early stage detail design, and construction planning of projects for the process, power, marine, and AEC industries; and Assemble Systems, the leading provider of construction data management solutions are proud to announce they are partnering to bring unique and innovative solutions for the early stage planning of projects to the industries they serve.

ASD Global and Assemble address the needs of both owner/operator (O/O) organizations, and design, engineering, and construction firms. In partnering, their customers will be able to visualize 5D models on the Web, collaborate across stakeholders and regions through the cloud and evaluate various options in order to determine the best solution in the early stage planning of a project. The joint solution enables visualization and analysis of an OptiPlant 3D Model integrated to Assemble’s costing and estimates through a simple and easy web collaboration solution. In so doing, customers will be able to determine the most cost effective and best solution to meet their project requirements, at the earliest stage in a project; when costs are still manageable, and changes can be made with little impact to cost and schedules.

Assemble Systems is known for its innovative approach to improving preconstruction and construction workflows through use of models and associated metadata. The company has earned numerous industry awards for being an industry leader in driving technology adoption in the construction industry. Assemble has become the platform of choice for construction companies to publish, condition, and share model data with all the personnel and subcontractors on their projects. Assemble licensing allows the customer to invite an unlimited number of users and to store an unlimited numbers of models, drawings, project data, and point cloud scans for a project.

“We are always looking to add more value to our customers by partnering with the best the industry has to offer,” said Mark Klusza, chief innovation officer for Assemble. “In this Partnership with ASD Global, we are confident that we will enable our joint customers to be able to select more optimum design and constructability options on a project; reducing costs, schedules, and enabling them to have higher confidence in the early stage decisions they are able to make as a result of this partnership.”

ASD’s Design Automation Suite, consisting of OptiPlant, Pipe Support Optimizer, and Pipe Router provides an integrated 3D design environment for the early stages of a project’s development. The 3D models and related database created in OptiPlant, is interfaced to Assemble Insight, enabling users to develop and evaluate early design concepts, evaluate the constructability and maintainability of those designs at that very early stage in the design process, and collaborate across stakeholders and office locations before major resources of manpower and material are committed to the project.

“It is exciting to now be working as a Partner of Assemble Systems,” Sonali Singh, president and CTO, ASD Global, stated. “ASD is committed to providing integrated 5D solutions to the marketplace, especially focusing on the early stage front-end planning phase of a project, enabling firms to start their projects earlier, enabling them to make better decisions earlier in a project’s lifecycle, while also having higher confidence in the final results. Working with Assemble will make that goal even easier to achieve for our customers.”

“We are always looking for ways to improve the routing of key systems. Not only does the optimization enabled by ASD save money through value engineering, it helps our design partners reduce labor hours compared to traditional engineering studies,” stated John Jurewicz, general manager at Walbridge. “Through the integration with Assemble’s cloud-based solution, our team can share the optimized model and metadata from ASD with the project team for improved visualization with the client, collaboration with engineers and estimating support. When you combine the fast option studies ASD offers with the speed and ease of viewing online; it really helps to more clearly show value to our clients.”

About Assemble Systems

Assemble Systems with offices in Boston and Houston provides construction data management solutions. Its core offering, Assemble Insight is a cloud-based platform allowing AEC firms to leverage 3D data for increased project insight, advanced project collaboration and data-driven decision making. Assemble is used today to manage over 8,000 projects.

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About ASD Global

ASD Global, Inc., is an established leader in providing Knowledge based engineering software and industry-focused business solutions; offering a wide range of solutions and services to all disciplines and phases of engineering, construction, and project management for AEC, Process, Power, and Offshore Plants globally. ASD was founded in 1984 to fulfill the immediate and long-term needs of the Power Industry by developing and applying cutting edge technologies to substantially reduce the total costs of commissioning major nuclear and fossil power plants. Today, ASD provides solutions and related services for the front-end loading (FEL), Front-end engineering design (FEED), detail design, and construction phases of any industrial plant project. ASD has steadily grown within the Industry as the leading provider of automation solutions to improve productivity. ASD’s solutions produce significant benefits related to quality, schedule and cost for our global customer base.

ASD products combined with our extensive domain knowledge help our clients optimize their critical work processes and significantly improve their efficiency and profitability. ASD also provides transforming advanced state-of-the-art application technology solutions for State and Federal Governments, as well as many Fortune 500 commercial enterprises.

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