Arena Introduces Requirements Management Software

FOSTER CITY, CAAug 7, 2018 – Arena Solutions, the leading cloud-based product realization platform for complex electronics and medical device companies, today announced Arena Requirements Management as part of its Summer 2018 software release.

Requirements Management complements the Arena Tickets issue management solution to bring design teams together, allowing them to manage new product development (NPD) requirements and issues, in addition to enhancements for future iterations and new product work—all connected to the existing product record and quality processes.

With this release, Arena capitalizes on the product record, product project management, and quality processes customers use within the platform by providing connected development requirements, as well as issue and enhancement management capabilities. With all NPD requirements managed within the context of the entire product record, customers gain transparency across product teams to collaborate and make proactive adjustments from early concept to new product introduction (NPI).

Successful NPI is the first strategic goal for all product companies, yet the latest LNS Research survey reveals only 56 percent of new products meet all NPI success criteria set by companies; 70 percent of NPIs experience delays and 67 percent exceed budget.* Requirements planning is a common challenge to NPI—with teams engaging too late, lacking consistent or formal processes, or operating with disparate systems and data sources.

Arena’s latest release addresses these challenges by expanding support of product realization processes to better document, analyze, trace, prioritize, and control changes throughout the NPD and NPI stages. With this support for collaborative NPD, product companies can make informed decisions, achieve higher quality, avoid cycle delays, and ensure compliance traceability.

“The Arena summer release of Requirements Management in conjunction with Tickets broadens Arena’s product realization platform to provide more collaborative solutions that help our customers reach strategic product goals of innovation, quality, compliance, and market timing,” said Arena CEO Craig Livingston. “Our customers can now employ the valuable product lifecycle management discipline with a single source of the product record back to the earliest concept and requirements management phases to improve transparency and control between all impacted stakeholders.”

“This latest release will help remove future obstacles in our new product development and introduction processes,” said Michelle J. Potvin, director of quality assurance and regulatory affairs at Swan Valley Medical. “By creating more transparency and collaboration between our development teams, we can achieve timely and successful NPI launches.”

About Arena Solutions

Arena Solutions helps innovative electronic high tech and medical device companies create products that change the world. Arena unifies product lifecycle (PLM) and quality management (QMS) processes, allowing every participant throughout the product realization process, from design to manufacturing, to work together. With Arena, teams accelerate product development and delivery to increase profits. For more information, visit

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