Altair Partner Alliance Adds Six Products for FEA

TROY, MI, July 7, 2020 – Altair, a global technology company providing solutions in product development, high-performance computing (HPC), and data analytics, is pleased to announce the addition of six new products to the Altair Partner Alliance (APA). The new additions extend the simulation and design capabilities of Altair’s customers towards finite-element analysis (FEA) for the marine industry, paint shop processes in the automotive industry, bolted joint analysis, electromagnetics, structural simulation, and the simulation of slender composite structures. With these additions, Altair customers will be able to further increase the efficiency of their development processes in various industries.

Only available through Altair, the APA provides access to a broad spectrum of complementary software products available through its licensing model at no additional cost. The APA’s continually expanding list of partner software, across a broad range of disciplines, serves the needs of thousands of companies ranging from automotive, aerospace, and defense to consumer products, biomedical and heavy equipment.

The recent additions to the APA include:

Merging of complex geometries like Body-In-White (BIW) with Alsim MERGE.

Alsim PAINT SHOP delivers full control over the paint shop process.

  • Alsim PAINT SHOP by Engineering Software Steyr (ESS), a toolbox delivering a scalable suite of products that cover the whole paint shop process from pre-treatment to baking, delivering full control over the most expensive process in automotive manufacturing.Alsim MERGE by Engineering Software Steyr (ESS), processes complex three-dimensional (3D) input data in a variety of formats and provides users with simulation-ready surface meshes. Key benefits include one-click data import and fast runtimes with no requirement for manual intervention.

µWave Wizard graphical user interface.

  • µWave Wizard by Mician, a software suite offering synthesis and optimization tools with built-in hybrid solvers that complement Altair’s electromagnetic solutions. The solvers subdivide complex structures into components, which are subsequently simulated individually. Instead of using the conventional approach of drawing a complex structure entirely in 3D, elements can be cascaded with predefined library elements.

MAESTRO can rapidly generate a finite element model of an entire ship.

  • MAESTRO by MAESTRO Marine, a structural design, analysis, and evaluation software fully dedicated to the specific needs of the shipbuilding and marine industries. The software includes graphic modeler MAESTRO Basic, MAESTRO Hydrodynamic Loading and Analysis, and MAESTRO Structural Optimization to support reviewing naval architecture and marine engineering.

Cobra addresses bolted joint design and failure analysis.

  • Cobra by Cetim, widely used in the gas, petroleum, agriculture and construction industries to address complex bolted and screwed joints with critical safety and security issues. The software contains unique experience in bolted-joint analysis, review, verification, failure analysis, and dimensioning, as well as analyzing dynamic assemblies of transportation vehicles.

VABS offers analysis for computing beam properties and 3D stresses and strains of composite beams.

  • VABS by AnalySwift, a powerful tool for helicopter and wind turbine rotor blades that is able to simulate slender composite structures, such as propellers, landing gear, or entire wing sections and is directly integrated with Altair’s environment for pre-processing and Finite Element Analysis (FEA). The cross-sectional analysis tool can calculate ply-level details with the accuracy of 3D FEA in a matter of seconds and reduce an original 3D slender solid into a simple engineering beam model.

“I am thrilled to welcome these five partners, all leaders in their respective fields, to the APA,” said Stephanie Buckner, senior vice president, corporate development at Altair. “The APA seeks strong and differentiated technologies that cover diverse domains and a vast array of industries to meet the specialized needs of our customers. Through the careful effort of identifying, evaluating, and offering the best software applications to our customers, more than 60 percent of our customers who access APA products use multiple technologies.”

As the APA continues to grow, the program’s success strengthens Altair’s presence in the market. The expansion of the APA is in line with Altair’s commitment to expand customers’ exposure to the tools they need for successful design and simulation through a single unified environment and licensing. For more information, please visit

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