Weintek USA Announces cMT3151 Human Machine Interface

HMI (Human Machine Interface) provider, Weintek USA, has enhanced the remote access cMT line with the cMT3151 HMI, containing the cMT built in server which provides universal remote access and a 15” (1024 x 768) High Definition touch screen display with video capabilities.

The addition of a built in cMT server is intended to allow the cMT3151 to act as a gateway between the plant floor and the rest of the outside world. And the built in EasyAccess 2.0 option provides a VPN connection and encrypted data transmission between a remote PC (or a handheld device/tablet connected to a router) and the cMT3151.

The ability to act as a server allows the cMT3151 to provide engineers universal access to its control system. Via supporting more than 300 controller drivers and IIoT protocols like MQTT, OPC UA, SQL database and so on, the MT3151 provides connectivity to third party devices and management systems. And remote access through EasyAccess 2.0 or the cMT Viewer application on handheld devices connected to a router provides unlimited control and monitoring capabilities from a distance, saving travel time and costs, making for a more efficient work time experience and allowing access to previously dark data.

The cMT3151 15 inch analog resistive touchscreen has a 1024 x 768 display and is housed in an aluminum enclosure. IO capability includes dual Ethernet ports and two serial ports. Built in audio and video ports allow for the option of adding external speakers and video input devices.

For more information, visit Weintek USA website.

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